A PetSmart job application offers the opportunity to work at one of the over 1200 locations across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. With over 50,000 employees globally, this pet retail chain offers everything you need for pets and their owners including training instructional courses.

If you are going to be filling out a PetSmart job application online you will be expected to enjoy the company of pets or at least the idea of working with animals and providing pet owners with the best in customer care.

This company generally requires you to be at least 16 years of age before you can apply. The pay is very competitive and above average for the retail sector.

The following are the in-store jobs offered at PetSmart.

Assistant manager and store manager positions

If you are over 18 and have strong leadership skills this may be the career path for you. If you are a college graduate, you will have a distinct advantage in getting your foot in the door of success.

At PetSmart, store managers usually oversee approximately 25 hourly associates at a time. This is a very responsible position that requires a clear vision of accomplishing the goals set forth by PetSmart. One of the most important assets to have as a store manager here is to be able to keep up employee morale high which will in turn, encourage high productivity from them as well as excellent customer service.

They also have assistant manager positions available which, aside from working directly under the store manager supervision, requires that you will be responsible for helping out with the hiring process and making sure the store is up to standards.

Other managerial positions include pet care manager, pet products, pet salon, presentation, and PetsHotel manager.

Entry-Level Associate Jobs

A PetSmart job application is also a wise choice for people looking for entry-level jobs. The company holds these workers in the highest regard because they know they are the face of the company and the ones that customers will interact with most. If you have a very friendly attitude and good interpersonal skills, this is definitely a job you may want to consider.

As a cashier, you wiA PetSmart job application offers great opportunities for pet lovers.ll perform many other functions other than working the cash register. You are expected to sell the services of PetSmart to the customers, be proficient in basic math skills, answer phones, and have a thorough understanding of the products sold at the store.

As an associate, you will be responsible for placing the merchandise on the shelves and having great knowledge of the store’s inventory. You will be required to handle pets and offer services to the customers.

Other positions you can get using a Petsmart job application include being a pet trainer, working at the Pets Hotel and Doggy Camp, or being a grooming associate.

For young animal lovers, I can’t think of a better way to get into the work force. Generally, employees rave about how happy they are to be working in an environment they love. PetSmart makes it nice to wake up and enjoy going to work!

PetSmart Puerto Rico Jobs Application

If you live in Puerto Rico, you can submit your application here.