So, your wife broke the news to you. How does it feel to be a father in-the-making? A variety of feelings may be passing through you at this moment that it’s perfectly natural to experience some sort of anxiety and fear. Hopefully, you’re feeling plenty of excitement, too.

Those who are already fathers will usually tell you it’s the greatest feeling on the planet to be able to raise a child and watch them flourish into adulthood. The wonderful times you will experience with your children will easily become some of the greatest memories of your lifetime.

Personally, I can tell you I’ve raised three children and without a doubt, the best times of my life, have always come from being their father and spending time with them. Of course, it’s a little difficult at first when you’re only sleeping two or three hours a night. However, it gets better quickly and the course of one year flies by like you wouldn’t believe. Soon, your toddler is walking all over the house as you fight to try to save your child from bumping his or her head on something hard!

Preparing for Fatherhood the Smart Way

There are so many self-help Learn how to prepare for fatherhood through printed materials and get ready for the experience of your life.books available in bookstores regarding how to be a father that can explain what to expect. At the same time, there is a ton of free information scattered all over the Internet regarding great ideas about how to be a dad and how to prepare for fatherhood. By reading and studying all this new information, you will easily get a brighter picture of what to expect.

Another great idea is to talk to other family members who are fathers. You may want to start with your father himself. Ask as many questions as you can as far as what it was like to change diapers, what to expect during the first few months, tips on raising your child, etc.

Share information with your wife or significant other. Talk about the plans you will make, the excitement you feel, and anything else you can think of. This is an exciting time in both of your lives and one that you will cherish forever; so put some effort into preparation and enjoy the moment!