The start of the new year could mark the beginning of a happier you. It really isn’t that hard when you think about it. Indeed, happiness is a state of mind. If you really want it then you could have it.

2014 is still young and that means you have plenty of time to work for your own slice of happiness! The following are six things you could start working on in order to achieve a much more positive outlook in life.

Do Things Your Way

Stop seeking approval from others. Your happiness doesn’t depend on your friends, your partner or your parents. It depends on Y-O-U! The decision to change things lie on your own two hands. Free yourself from that personal cage you put around yourself and you will have an easier time doing things you really want in life.

In addition to that, you also need to realize that spending “alone time” is essential to your personal growth. Having your loved ones around you is good from time to time but you need to stand up on your own two feet and learn things on your own.

Stop Moping Around and Move On

Unhappy people tends to make a big fuss out of everything. They complicate simple things which eventually lead to them being depressed over matters they can’t “fix”. Avoid doing this by loosening up a little more. Learn the art of moving on when you’ve already given your best.

Do not get this tip wrong and say that you’re better off being a quitter. Always give your all in everything that you do. If things don’t work themselves out then maybe you’re destined for something better in the future.

Realize That the Blame Game Isn’t Worth It

Mature people own up to their shortcomings. Being able to grow a pair and say that something is indeed your fault will make you a thousand times happier than blaming a team mate. Keep in mind that the only way you’ll learn from your mistakes is by acknowledging them. Denial won’t get you anywhere!

In addition to that, see to it that you’re not being too hard on yourself. Admitting your flaws is going to take its toll on you. Beating yourself up is only counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve.

Set Goals and Have Concrete Plans for Them

What’s the biggest difference between a wHere are some wonderful tips to have a great 2014.inner and a loser? It’s their goals in life. Indeed, you can be happy once you decide to shrug off the negative things in your life. However, the only way you could keep that feeling from slipping away is by seeing to it that you’re actually improving as a person.

Of course, you need to set realistic goals for yourself. For starters, learning a new language or being able to travel to another country. Anything that can make you happy but won’t drive you insane or bankrupt is good.

Keep That Smile Plastered on Your Face

A smile a day keeps the grouches away. Flash those pearly whites when you have the chance! Frowning, cursing and ranting won’t do you any good. Just see to it that your wearing a genuine smile and not a homicidal-I-will-kill-you-grin.

Appreciate the Little Things in Life

As clich√©’ as it might sound, the ones that truly count are the small things. Open your eyes and be grateful for what you have. Remember that the tiny details in your everyday life such as the cup of delicious coffee you sip or that comfy chair where you usually sit in makes your daily grind a whole lot manageable.

People who claims that they don’t get what they truly want simply fail to realize that they have the things they need. Being satisfied is vital in achieving true happiness. Thus, you must appreciate a little more and complain a little less.

The first quarter of 2014 could mark the birth of a new you. According to a best essay I once read, Dalai Lama said that true happiness isn’t something ready made. It is produced by your own actions. What are you waiting for? Use the above mentioned tips and be a happier version of yourself!