Most men will never admit it but they wonder constantly if size matters to women. The absolute worst thing a woman can say to a man is to joke about the size of his penis, especially if the man is a little self-conscious about his size. For most men, their penis is tied to them like an umbilical cord feeding their manhood and self-esteem.

Far too many men worry about the length of their penises and whether or not size matters to women, and this can negatively affect and impact them throughout their lives. Worrying too much about this can lead to avoiding sexual relationships altogether, crippling any chance or hopes of finding the perfect mate out of fear that he may not be able to please her.

In truth, the average penis size around the globe is 5 to 6 inches and that’s a far cry from the average size of a male in the porno industry! Adolescent boys who get their sex education from porno movies these days mistakenly believe it’s normal to have a seven or eight inch penis and this eventually frustrates many who start suffering from penis envy.

This, in turn, makes men eventually consider the latest male enhancement supplement or a natural male enlargement product to even out the playing field. They simply want to be in the same league as all other men.

To Women, Size Matters in the Heart and Brain

When it comes to scientific studiesMen should relax and now worry too much about their size., the vast majority of women regularly state they are satisfied with their partner’s penis size as opposed to a significantly lower amount of man saying they are O.K. with the size of their member. The ridiculousness of using a penis pump is beyond mind-boggling yet these products sell very well. They are not without their side effects which include swelling and pain, the possibility of bleeding under the surface of your penis, and too many others to list here.

This is a significant difference in opinion that tells you everything you need to know; men worry far too much about their God-given packages when they should be worrying about other more important things such as how to really please a woman through mental and physical stimulation.

To women, size matters. No, not the size of a penis but the size of a heart big enough to reveal a caring, compassionate, and loving man determined to please her in every way imaginable.