I always enjoy reviewing products because I know my research today can help someone else trying to decide whether or not to invest their time or money tomorrow on something interesting they really don’t know much about. However, when my editor asked me to conduct a Snagajob review, I was a little hesitant because I was thinking along the lines of, “What, another job search engine review? What’s the big deal. There are so many of these out there and all a job seeker has to do is simply join one and start applying for jobs.”

Four weeks ago, I started my research into whether or not there had ever been a Snagajob scam floating around when I created my free account with them. After all, upon my initial research I kept seeing the word “scam” associated with virtually every job search site out there and soon realized these were keywords people routinely typed into the search engine box to see if a company was legitimate or not.

One of the first things I noticed about Snagajob.com was how useful the “job resources” section on their website was and I took advantage of reading through quite a few helpful articles to get informed and inspired. Next, I visited the Better Business Bureau to see what kind of rating this company had and I was pleasantly surprised when it said “A+.” It turns out Snagajob.com has had only 25 total complaints filed since 1999, a figure that was shockingly low for a company with well over a million members since the BBB tracked them many years ago. To get more information for yourself, it’s probably a good idea to read other Snagajob reviews as well as to conduct research on other job search engines before making your decision to use a job search site.

Does Snagajob.com Get ResulSnagajob was voted the best placd to work for in its hometown of Richmond, Virginia in 2011.ts?

This is the most important question of all. Since I have a job, I did not put forth any applications because it would be unethical for companies to waste time and money to call someone like me who is not really looking to get hired. I had to rely on word of mouth from one friend as well as the countless reviews scattered across the Internet.

My nephew, whom I will call “Andy” (not his real name), joined Snagajob.com for free as a favor to me in order to test out the service from a real-life perspective. Andy was an unemployed 25 year-old still living at home with his mom when he joined. He has his associate’s degree and is currently taking time off from college because he says he is “burned out” as far as school is concerned. Andy is looking for a career in business administration but he doesn’t really have a clear direction about where he sees himself in the next few years.

I warned Andy about how he should use a new email for each and every job search engine because these companies will often flood your email with the latest job-related offers and an assortment of relevant job-finding information, so Andy got himself a new AOL account before he signed up.

Andy’s experience was a positive one; he landed a job as a sales person at Advance Auto Parts within the 3rd week of signing up to Snagajob.com and applying to several places. Keep in mind you need to put this into perspective; we’re talking about just one person who had a good experience and by no means does this guarantee you will have the same results. If my suspicions are correct, I sincerely believe it comes down to how motivated a person is as to whether or not he or she will get hired by joining a job search engine. Still, Andy’s experience was excellent and probably puts the term “Snagajob scam” to rest, once and for all. I must say I was impressed and did not expect him to have success so soon.

I have read many reviews, both positive and negative on the Internet about this company, and for the most part, it appears many people have had success in finding employment while others have become frustrated with receiving constant emails. The biggest benefit when it comes to joining a job search engine like this one is that it does not cost a thing to start finding jobs in your area. Advertisers are the ones who foot the bill to find qualified job applicants.

My investigation would not be complete if I didn’t at least take a look at the Wikipedia entry for the company. I found this interesting; Shawn Boyer, the CEO of the company, won the small business person of the year award in 2008 and accepted the award from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Apparently, however, this is no small company. It has millions in assets and was named the best small business to work for in Virginia where its headquarters are located.

I hope you enjoyed this Snagajob and if you have had an experience with them, whether good or bad, please use the comments section to let us know.