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May 19th, 2016

How to Reverse and Cure Your Type-2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes  

Courtesy of Jonathan Henson

It was one of the worst days of my life; I woke up one morning and felt a slight numbness on the bottom of my feet. At first, I thought maybe I had a pinched nerve or a slight back problem that was causing my feet to feel like there was a glove and stocking covering them as I walked. 

I was very concerned!

After researching on the Internet for good 2 hours, I realized my worst fear; I probably had type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes just as my doctor had warned just three months earlier during a routine physical. My A1C levels back then were elevated at 5.7 and my doctor warned me to stop eating refined sugars and to exercise more. I ignored his advice like the bull-headed person that I am! Now, with my A1C levels at 6.0, I was in trouble!

For the last two months , I have quickly and vastly improved my A1C levels and I am left with only slight numbness on the bottom of my feet. By all accounts, I AM WELL ON THE WAY TO REVERSE MY TYPE-2 DIABETES. I know for certain now that I can do it. I bet you can, too!

How the heck am I doing it? How the heck are other people doing it?

The following is how many people, including me, are reversing their Type-2 diabetes:


These 3 Surprising Common Foods Will Worsen Your Type 2 Diabetes (Avoid Them)

Some of the so-called safe foods you believe are fine to eat can be making your Type-2 diabetes worse than ever.

You may have been staying away from foods with simple sugar, better known as "sweets," but there are many delicious foods that any unsuspecting person might think is perfectly alright to eat, when it really isn't.

But what if you could reverse your diabetes and say goodbye to your insulin shots or even prevent pre-diabetes from becoming full-blown?

Here are the 3 foods to avoid so you can be far more energetic throughout the day without having to beat those highs and lows:

1. Fruit Smoothies and Sugary Drinks

It's possible that you have been conditioned all your life to make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables. However, if you're like me, I'm sure by now you know our parents and family members left some important details out.

Most smoothies made with fruits contain more sugar than 3 cans of sugary soda.....think Coke, Sprite, etc. Can you imagine where those calories are going?

Fast-food restaurants are notorious for serving sugary drinks that can lead anyone down the diabetes lane in no time flat!

Luckily, there's a solution; make your own fruit smoothies using apples, blueberries, and/or strawberries. And make sure you don't add any sugar for extra sweetness!

Additionally, try your best to eliminate all drinks containing simple sugars. Switch to Crystal Light flavored drinks or some other artificially-sweetened drink if you need to taste that flavor. I prefer good old-fashioned water!

I stay away from diet sodas. They may taste great when the urge strikes but all they do is bloat my stomach up. Ouch! Diet sodas also slow down your metabolism.

This guide shows you how to say goodbye to type-2 diabetes forever.

2. Potatoes

Gasp! "Is he really going there," you might ask. Yes, but not the way you're probably thinking. You see, potatoes aren't exactly an unhealthy food.

"You mean I can't ever again eat french fries?" you ask.

Potatoes have plenty of vitamins and minerals but it's the portion size that gets people in trouble. Spuds can cause sharp insulin spikes because this type of food is absorbed through digestion super-quickly into the bloodstream.

To make your potatoes diabetes and pre-diabetes-friendly, stick to about just one-half cup of mashed potatoes or a computer mouse-sized portion of backed potatoes. Add healthy fat such as olive oil, low-glycemic veggies or leafy greans.

It's also wise to chill the potato and add a little lemon juice to slow the way it digests into your bloodstream.

The point is; go really easy on the potatoes so you can reverse your Type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Opt for leafy greens, green beans, or asparagus to go along with your protein sources.

I go to my local supermarket (Publix) and I do my best to pick out the smallest baked white potatoes for me and my entire family.

I actually prefer sweet potatoes because they are better-tasting and not as starchy. Sweet potatoes have less carbs and more fiber than white potatoes. I like baking or microwaving small sweet potatoes and I place a protein source on top such as lean ground beef or turkey. Sometimes I even top it off with cheese!

3. White Rice/White Bread

White rice and white flour are sugar's evil companions and an enemy to anybody with pre-diabetes or Type-2 diabetes. These are super-starchy food that can turn your bloodstream into a war-zone and you'll start to lose the battle with type 2 diabetes.

If you eat white rice or white bread regularly, you are placing yourself at great risk.

The good news is that white rice's cousin, brown rice, is the perfect solution and alhtough it doesn't usually taste quite as good as white rice, it is the smart choice for everyone! Whole wheat bread is the perfect alternative to white bread, too.

Brown rice and whole wheat bread, unlike their counterpart, have whole grains and this slows the way they are absorbed into the bloodstream. This gives you sustained energy and the coolest part of it all is that brown rice lowers your risk and also prevents type 2 diabetes if you eat it at least twice a week.

By the way, there have been a few documented studies which show ways to reverse type 2 diabetes; specifically, a study at Newcastle University revealed a medical breakthough that now gives us 3 Proven Steps to Reverse Type-2 diabetes.

Diabetes Destroyer gives you a lifelong plan on how to eat carbs and stay away from diabetes.

3 Ways to Get Your Type 2 Diabetes Under Control Pretty Quickly

Many of us have heard the same old thing for a while now from doctors and other experts; to manage your diabetes, take walks every day and cut out the sugary foods. But is it that easy?

Of course it's not.

We are tempted every single day. Whether we are too stressed and tired from work or if we are placed in a situation where the only thing your hosts are offering are sweets and sugary treats, it's really difficult to stay ahead of the Type-2 diabetes game. And it's so hard to lay off the delicious white rice and potatoes, isn't it?

Here's what works for me and it will probably work for you, too:

4. Eat More Good Fats

This may sound counterproductive but Omega-3 fats from sources such as eggs, fish or grass-fed beef actually will help your body absorb insulin much easier. These foods keep you so full, too!

I usually start out my day with three omega-3 enriched eggs (these are easy to find at your neighborhood supermarket). I like them either scrambled or in an omelet with American cheese.

I only include 1 yolk with the white part (albumin) and two egg whites. This alone has made a huge difference in my life and a big part of the reason my A1C level has shot down dramatically.

This morning egg meal, whith just one slice of whole wheat toast, fills me up until my mid-morning snack.

I also eat a lot of tuna fish now; I prefer the Bumble Bee flavored tuna in packets with with a fist-sized portion of brown rice. It doesn't taste as fishy or dry as the canned tuna.

I've eaten grass-fed beef on occasion but not enough to make a difference yet. I guess I need to work on this. Regular lean meats are perfect for me right now.

5. Do Strength Exercises

By throwing in a little resistance training into your routine, you can help to increase your insulin absorption. See the best exercises for eliminating Type-2 diabetes.

I exercise just like the doctor ordered, and it works! I'll do some pushups and walk right after for about 20 minutes around 4 or 5 blocks in my neighborhood.

For women, it's easier to do bent-knee pushups. Three to four sets every other day is fine.

You can also perform some body squats with just your own body weight, three times a week. The bottom line is; the tighter your muscles get and the leaner you are, the easier it will be for your body to absorb insulin. 

Although there is no need to go to a gym and lift weights, it's a great idea to keep on lifting is you already are! Just make sure you are eating sensibly and not overdoing it on carbs.

6. De-Stress Yourself


I know this sounds easy but it rarely, if never is!

Stress can obviously wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels so it's in your best interest to find a way to lower it!

Take some time each day to relax, meditate or to perform some breathing exercises.

Also, keep in mind when you are stressed you will tend to eat more than you usually do at each meal.

Here's a routine that works excellently and if you follow it, you WILL feel almost an immediate difference in your stress levels and you may even reduce your blood pressure:

Every two hours while I'm at work, I find a quiet place to collect my thoughts and throw them right out the window! I empty my brain by simply breathing slowly, relaxing my entire body, and picturing myself floating in the air!

I've done this in a bathroom stall, in a stairwell; you name it! Just be careful if you do it in the stairwell. Pick a safe area. LOL

It works.

7. Limit Your Carbohydrates

Try eating 5-6 times a day.

That's 3 full meals and 2 to 3 snacks.

(Full meals) For your breakfast, lunch and dinner, keep your total carbs under 50 grams for each meal. 

(Snacks) For your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, keep each one at less than 15 grams of carbs.

If you can eat less than 200 grams of carbs a day consisting of whole grain foods and if you couple that with exercise at least 5 times a week, you will place yourself in a great position to reverse your Type-2 diabetes.

You can do it! Take control of your life and start reversing your Type 2 diabetes like I am doing!


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