During lunch time, there’s nothing more yummy than a favorite Subway sandwich with all the fixings. Sandwich artists, as they are commonly referred to at Subway, are usually well-versed in pouring that mustard and mayo, salt-and-pepper, and vinegar and oil at the end. When you bite into one of these double decker monster 12 inch masterpieces, it brings a sense of relief and almost immediately kills that hunger that was about to kill you.

But how healthy is the Subway Sandwich?

Subway has been around as long as I can remember and I must admit I used to be a regular customer. I remember how the token spokesmodel for Subway, the not-so-skinny man Jared, would talk about how he lost over 100 pounds eating at America’s favorite sub shop, transforming his life. I have no doubt this is true as long as he was sticking to 6 inch subs and he wasn’t pouring on all those extra calories through the use of condiments and extra cheese. Truth is, he would have lost the weight quicker and in a healthier fashion if he would have eaten Nature’s Own Sugar Free whole wheat bread and low sodium turkey from his favorite deli. I guess he was hooked on the taste and convenience of Subway sandwiches.

Why the Best Subway Sandwich is None At All

You see, the biggest problem with someone trying to lose weight while eating what they think is the healthiest subway sandwich even if they don’t have any cheese or fattening condiments on them, is that the breads they bake fresh every day are made from refined carbohydrates. Anyone who knows about nutrition knows better and will stick to whole-grain breads if they want to lose the pounds.

As a matter of fact, most every type of sub sandwich shop drops the ball when it comes to offering healthy breads for their sandwiches. Some try to dupe us into thinking some of their wraps and flatbreads are an extremely healthy choice and they are almost always, NOT!

What good is flatbread if it’s made out of enriched flour? How healthy is a wrap if it’s not one made from whole wheat or classified as a low carb wrap?  The Subway sandwich menu pushes enough refined carb simple sugars to completely ruin the day of the average diabetic person.

Imagine how awesome Subway would be if they offered a just a handful of truly healthy food choices containing low amounts of sodium and low glycemic foods. In my opinion, they would drastically improve sales because all the health nuts would go there in a pinch. It doesn’t really take much effort at the corporate level to get this done but I guess they are resting on their laurels thinking, “Let’s not fix what ain’t broken.”

It’s about time for Subway to come oThe Subway sandwich menu is not all it's cracked up to be.ut with at least one real healthy choice when it comes to their breads. It’s long overdue. People are starting to catch on and without a doubt, they are excluding a healthy-conscious segment of consumers like myself who go elsewhere to eat healthily. It’s completely true how everything in life that tastes really good is bad for you. I guarantee you I would visit Subway regularly if they gave me a good reason so I could look like that non-liking-extra-condiments-on-his-sandwich-yo-yo-dieting Jared!