The Associated General Contractors of America says approximately 31% of construction companies are planning to hire more workers this year. This comes in the face of the 9% of companies stating they have no choice but to cut jobs.

Just a year ago, approximately 37% of companies made plans to hire while 31% of them were planning on cutting employees so this definitely means 2013 shows a potential marked improvement for the those looking for a construction job.

However, when 1300 firms were surveyed, 56% of them said they have no expectations for the overall construction market to grow until 2015, at the very least.

Without a doubt, the industry hit hardest by the jobs crisis was the construction industry. Roughly 1/4 of all jobs lost in the United States were from construction and they have yet to come back. A measly 18,000 workers were hired last year by construction firms and it left one out of every five construction laborers out of a job.

Even though the construction industry should be much healthier in 2013, many are cautiously optimistic. Contractors are still facing tough challenges including higher insurance costs, much less demand for projects, and higher prices for materials.

In certain parts of the country such aThe construction job market is thankfully on the rise.s the San Francisco Bay area, you would never notice there is an economic problem in the United States; there are plenty of construction jobs. However, if you move up the coast towards Sacramento, the story changes.

This is a common scene in America right now but it also shows a glimmer of hope in an otherwise stagnant industry that’s been severely hurting for the last few years.

This may also indicate the construction market is rebounding and many construction company officials have mentioned how they have seen an increase in demand for construction in their areas.

We hope they are right; construction jobs are as American as apple pie and Chevrolet and we need to bring much-needed relief to those construction workers and their families who have taken such a huge hit.