Many of us have already been in a situation where something went wrong while at work and somebody has had to shoulder the blame. Of course, the right thing to do if you are at fault is to stand up and take full responsibility for your own actions and move forward while learning from your mistake in the process, so you can minimize the chance of it occurring ever again. The only problem is; not everybody does admit wrongdoing, and oftentimes, people blame an innocent person.

If you are not self-employed or the owner of a company yourself, what kind of boss do you have?

I have been fortunate to have worked under some of the best and scrupulous supervisors who have regularly made a conscious choice to stand up for me and shoulder the blame in the face of their supervisors or bosses whenever something went wrong. These same people used excellent management techniques by quietly expressing their displeasure behind closed doors and introducing solutions for his subordinates instead of pointing fingers. I have always appreciated it and at the same time, if I have been at fault, I have always taken responsibility and let the truth be known.

Why Is a Spineless Person So…Umm…Spineless?

Some people are born with a passive temperament and for them, it’s difficult to be assertive and to stand up for themselves or somebody else. This is a serious character flaw sometimes fueled by being raised in a household where being assertive was not acceptable. When a person is not being allowed to express themselves without facing negative consequences, they begin to fear making a mistake and never take responsibility and/or blame others so they don’t get in trouble.

What Does This Mean?

It means you shouldn’t let these so-called ‘spinelessTaking full responsibility is not that hard to do when you are an assertive person. people’ get under your skin and frustrate or infuriate you because, to put it quite simply, it’s who they are! Personally, I pity people who are in the habit of not taking full responsibility or ones that don’t stand up for themselves and others because they are totally disrespected and they inevitably become the butt of many jokes in any workplace. These people are usually in need of professional counseling to give them a fighting chance to change their ways.

So, the next time somebody blames you for their errors try your best to understand the place this person is coming from but make sure you set the record straight without confronting them and by never resorting to violence.