Child abandonment is a serious issue which can quickly turn criminal if a parent neglects to perform his or her duties as a parent to care for the child.

An abandoned child, also referred to as a foundling, can experience serious pain and suffering when his or her parent neglects him or her and the chances of that child growing up to later engage in criminal activity and substance-abuse increases drastically.

Abandoned children often times suffer from extreme insecurity and lack of self-esteem. These children experience retardation in mental growth and run the risk of never recovering from such harm.

What Are the Main Causes of Child Abandonment Issues?

At its most common and basic level, parents who don’t take the time to communicate or be involved in their children’s lives whether intentionally or not, are abandoning their children. You can be a parent providing your child with basic food and shelter but if you are not interacting with your child, bonding with your child, and simply spending time with your child, you are running the risk of abandoning your child and subjecting him or her to some serious consequences in the future. A typical scenario is where a parent intentionally and continually ignores important events in a child’s life such as a simple soccer game or awards ceremony.

Families living in poverty can eChild abandonment issues are serious and should be reported immediately.asily fall into the trap of experiencing child abandonment issues. You have to understand that no matter what type of financial situation you are in, children understand one language only; whether or not they are receiving love from their parents and family members. If you don’t bond with your children and give them the loving support they desperately need, they could suffer from serious self-esteem issues as well as carrying a sense of shame.

If you think you know of a child who is suffering from child abandonment issues, it’s your moral responsibility to report it. Here are some of the symptoms to look for:

  1. The child appears physically or mentally harmed.
  2. You witness a parent or parents abandon their children and leaving them behind in any type of setting.
  3. Any other circumstance where the child being left alone may be subject to harm.

If you believe a child is suffering from child abandonment issues you can call your local or state child services bureau and anonymously report your findings.