Guest Post by Lisa Morton…
When the time comes to look for the ideal provider to supply and install a conservatory, it suddenly becomes clear just how many there are to choose from. And with one and all gunning for your business and the cash you have to offer, it’s hardly surprising that most aren’t willing to advertise their downfalls and shortcomings.

Instead, it’s your job to find out which of the bunch is the best and not take chances with any of the others. It sounds like quite a job, but to be honest you only really need to ask the following three questions for a good dose of peace of mind:

Why You?

This is the question that you should ask first and should in theory prompt a response that wins you over pretty quickly. The thing is though, answers like “We are the best” or “They are rubbish” are completely unacceptable – you need to know why they are good and why others are rubbish, or whatever they choose to call them. They should be able to spell out for you all of the genuine reasons why they are the best choice for the job above and beyond all others you’re considering.

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

This should always be a deal-breaker for anyone looking to take home a decent conservatory at the right price. If they are proud of their work and know for a fact that their prices cannot be beaten, it should be no problem for them to offer 100% all-encompassing guarantees for your peace of mind. If they beat around the bush or refuse, the only logical reason is that they know you could get a better deal elsewhere, so why bother?

Can I Think About it For a While?

And finally, this is something of a test to slip in toward the end of your questioning. Put simply, you’re trying to find out whether they’re confident enough to let you go away and ponder the decision, or whether to the contrary they try and pressure you into making your mind up there and then. This is always a great way of finding out who is and isn’t confident in their work.

By Lisa Morton

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