Most people I know are continually trying to find more and more ways to save money in the face of this global economic mess we are going through. I know a few people who work for the local government who haven’t had a raise within the last five years. You can imagine with expenses skyrocketing the way quality-of-life has taken a turn for the worst for many.

You will find that it is possible to cut back on certain expenses if you keep a record of what you spend your money on throughout one month. Without a doubt, some fixed expenses cannot be cut back at all but you will probably be able to find a few ways to trim the fat.

How to Save Money on Electric Bills

Make it a household habit and remind yourself and other family members, if necessary, to turn off the lights whenever they exit a room. This one is so easy yet we take it for granted that we’re not wasting that much electricity. The truth is, everything adds up after a while.

You should also unplug some of the appliances which are raining low levels of current continuously.

If you’re used to sleeping with the thermostat set on 65, why not turn it up a few notches and see if you can accustom yourself to sleeping comfortably in temperature that is 3° higher at night? Also, why not consider buying an electric thermostat if you don’t have one already, so that you can time the way your thermostat operates. If all of the houses’ occupants leave at 8 o’clock in the morning and your AC is still running at 70° when it can easily be set to 76 or 77, then you are wasting tons of electricity throughout the month.

How to Save Money on Grocery Bills

Make sure you take advantage of your supermarket’s disFind ways to save money on bills.count cards; most grocery stores offer these. When you are buying non-perishable items, don’t be afraid to stock up on those items if they are on sale. Join coupon clubs for free and check out some websites that offer purchases of discounted coupons which can help you save anywhere between 25 to 75% off the regular price of an item.

You can also use your supermarket’s weekly ads to find buy one get one free items and buy those products in bulk.