I firmly believe parents should never underestimate the importance of family time for their own good as well as for the immense benefit gained by their children and other family members. You only get one life to live and for your little ones, they only get to see one “go-round” when it comes to the type of childhood you as a parent, allow them to have.

What in the heck is quality family time, anyway? We hear it all the time as if it were something everybody does and is easily accomplished even in the busiest of households. However, we know that’s not true. I’m certain no two people will ever come up with the same definition but I am sure it has to do with some of the most important activities family members can share with each other to define their time spent together as ‘quality time.’

Due to my busy schedule, I find myself constantly trying and fighting to spend more time with the family and I try to focus on a few basic things. As with many of you, it’s not always easy ti make the time. When I do, no matter where we are together, I interact with them in a respectful and loving manner and I try to get them to share their thoughts and feelings with me. This seems to come natural to me, probably because I am such a happy jokester and I am easily approachable. It has also taken a lot of practice to get to this point. A long time ago, I made it a point as an adult to do my best to spend quality time with my family members knowing it was one of the keys to a fulfilling life.

I connect well with my children and without a doubt, we all learn something new about each other or about life in general when we spend quality family time with each other. That’s what it’s all about. Focusing on each other, enjoying fun activities together, and trying our best to live a happy life by including one another in our own lives!

One of my greatest goals in life is for my children to grow up anSpending quality family time should become effortless with a little bit of practice.d be able to say they had a wonderful childhood. I know I did. My parents were the best human beings this planet has ever known, in my opinion. I learned everything I know about bonding with my family from them and this gives me the confidence to carry the torch high above my head knowing my family is in good hands. I want them to know that a family who plays together will always stay together and I want them to pass on that same torch to their kids when they become parents.

What does spending quality family time mean to you? I would love to know.