If you ask the average person what men look for in women, you’ll usually hear a response saying men are after just one thing and the answer has to be ‘good looks.’

Although looks are very important for some men to make that initial attraction, they take a serious back seat to other more important qualities once a man dives deeper.

Here are five important qualities men are constantly searching for in women:

1. Is She Clean and Well Groomed?

A huge turnoff for a man is a woman who doesn’t practice good personal hygiene. If a man doesn’t feel like the woman he is talking to is a clean person he will run for the hills! Men love women with manicures, pretty pedicures, and clean-smelling skin. They are drawn to women who take care of themselves and ones who care about their appearance.

2. Is She Feminine?

Nothing makes a man feel more masculine than to be with a girl who is very feminine. That’s not to say that some men don’t like tomboyish girls; it’s just that for most men, role-playing is extremely important. They want to be the man in charge and they want to take a lady out for a night on the town, not their best buddy.

3. Is She Well Spoken and Intelligent?

There’s a time and a place to be plaWhat men look for in women is probably not what you think.yful and somewhat immature but when it comes down to it, men love a woman who can carry herself well and engage in an intelligent conversation once in a while. What’s the point in having a conversation with a woman when all you ever talk about is the latest make up kit you bought and how you plan on telling your girlfriend to quit nagging you about which color you should use for fingernail polish?

4. Does She Have a Sense of Humor?

Men are not attracted to women who are dull and boring. If a woman can’t laugh at his jokes or laugh at him or herself from time to time, men take it as being with a woman who is so miserable there’s no way to have fun with her. No one likes to be around someone who is negative all the time or a person who refuses to enjoy life.

5. Does She Seem Compassionate and Understanding?

Men love unselfish women who are caring enough to lend a helping hand to others. It tells them you can take care of them, too! They like women who are respectful, kind, and thoughtful of others while being understanding of enough to give them the space they need.