If you want to know how to turn your man on, you may want to consider starting it before you get into the bedroom if you want maximum results. Most men need a good dose of mental stimulation before their shorts come off. In other words, you’ll have to blow his mind with your sexiness if you really want to hook him.

When a man finds a woman extremely desirable before getting to the nitty gritty, his senses are heightened to the point where he literally cannot wait to get her into the sack. But not so fast; we women have some work to do before we get there!

Let Him Know You Find Him Sexy

Turning a man on begins with subtly letting him know he is sexy to you. You don’t have to blurt out that he is desirable; instead, say something to him like, “Hey, Sexy,” once in a while and it will work wonders because he knows you find him attractive and desirable.

Give Him a Call

If you don’t live with him, give him a call late at night and tell him you are thinking of him. If the call progresses into phone sex, well…..that’s wonderful, too, and a huge turn on for him!

Nail Him

french-pedicureMen are seriously turned on by women with nice manicures and sexy pedicures. This is one area where you don’t want to drop the ball, ever! For fingernails, choose trendy colors and don’t be afraid to experiment because you may come across a color that drives him mad. For toenails, a french pedicure goes together with just about any manicure color and men seem to go nuts over it!

Anticipate How You Will Make Out

When you are out on a date or even on a couch, find a way to make the atmosphere sensual and engage in a long make out session complete with heavy petting (in private) if you like. Let’s say you are in a club; pull him towards you and give him just one deep kiss and grasp his upper lip with your upper lip and tongue as you pull away while looking into his eyes as if he is your whole world at that moment. With this approach, by the time you reach the bedroom, he will not be able to contain himself.

Sporadically and Sparingly Touch Him

If you are out with him at a sporting event or dinner date, you don’t want to be continuously touching him because you run the risk of crowding him. However, if you touch him every now and then while saying something funny or sexy, he will want you to touch him some more. As an example, if you are having dinner, ask him to pass the pepper and reach across and stroke his hand when he passes it to you while saying thanks or something humorous.

The art of seduction is only limited by your imagination. After a while, you will know exactly what turns your man on but you should also begin to introduce a variety of techniques in this area to keep his interest in you and the relationship fresh.