It’s hard to argue that there is no way you are going to meet the love of your life at Joe’s Tavern on a 25 cent beer night. You just never know where that special someone will appear but one thing is certain; if you make it a habit to frequent bars thinking it’s the best place to meet women, you may want to think again!

Women who go to bars generally have their defenses up, knowing they will be hounded by men who usually want one thing; good conversation…err…just kidding. You know what they are after!  They know men are looking to have a great time like they are and most would love nothing more than a one-night stand. Of course, there are some women who are looking for the same thing which is probably why bars and clubs are so popular and successful. Most men understand not every woman who regularly goes to bars is there to hook up and sleep with a guy. However, many men miss the point when it comes to approaching woman in an optimal setting so they can start connecting intellectually. What kind of conversation are you going to have with the latest Rihanna song thumping in your ears?

If you really want to know where to meet single women, you don’t have to look further than your immediate surroundings. Here are the top 3 places to meet your future honey:

1. The neighborhood mall. If you want to meet more trendy chicks, you may want to visit the mall on a Saturday. This is the day when most young women are out shopping for that special night out on Saturday night and you just might catch them at the right place and right time. The best place to go while you are there to meet women is in any women’s specialty clothing store. For example, if you visit a “The Limited” or “Express” store, you will find a variety of women of all ages but mostly ones in their mid to late twenties and early thirties.

An easy way to approach a woman in a settinKnowing where to meet women is the first step to making a special connection.g such as this one is to ask for some advice on clothing you are picking out for your mother or favorite cousin. After connecting with her for a few minutes, thank her for the help and maybe the conversation will lead to the fact that you are having coffee at the “Starbucks” about 7 stores down and you would love to buy her a cup of coffee, nothing more. She will either say yes or no but at the very least, you may be able to leave with her phone number. If she doesn’t want to join you for a cup of Joe and turns around to leave, you can always go and meet cougars hanging out at Dillard’s or Macy’s!

2. At a book store. In my hometown, the Barnes and Nobles book store comes complete with a Starbucks attached to it, making it a no-brainer for people looking for the best places on where to meet women. It helps to be very outgoing in places like these because women will usually be deep into a book they are reading. To approach them, you can ask for their opinion on a book or author, you can play as if you are looking to buy a book for your female cousin who is roughly the same age as her, or you can ask her to watch your laptop for a second and thank her moments later by introducing yourself and offering to buy her a cup of coffee.

3. Your local supermarket. This is the least threatening of all places to meet women because chances are, many women you come into contact with will have already seen you while you have shopped at their grocery store. To give yourself a good chance here, you don’t really have to wait until she tries to pick out a good cucumber; shame on you, that’s too obvious!

Instead, say something humorous as you make it look like you passed each other in the aisle by chance. “Are you following me?” or “There has got to be an easier way,” works wonders as an icebreaker. You can also ask her for help and thank her for saving your day or night with her advice. A word of caution; make sure her husband didn’t excuse himself to go to the bodybuilding protein shakes section!