Right about now, many people are scratching their heads and wondering, “What is it that some people have that I haven’t got,” because others are making money on the Internet while they continue to struggle to find a way.

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and explain how I make money on the Internet and how a few select friends do the same. Keep in mind I do not make a full time income online but I definitely make enough money to make a huge difference in my finances.

You may have already read about how the biggest reason the majority of people fail to make any money online is because they are not persistent enough and they give up too soon. This is true but it goes deeper than that. Most of those same people who quit before they can see the fruits of their labor also don’t concentrate on or master one money-making area at a time.

When I started this journey about 5 years ago, I got my hands on just about anything and everything out there that resembled a “guru” Internet money-making guide. After a year, I was left disappointed, angry, and hurt, but I never gave up. You see, all these guides were nothing but rehashed garbage with one sole purpose; to make money for the creator of the guide!

Fast forward to today and I am about to give you an overview of the methods my friends and I use to make money online as well as tips on how to build a substantial full-time or side income.

These are the methods:

1. Through Google Adsense ads. You can creaDo you know who makes money on the Internet?te a website, post articles regularly, and place Google ads so that when visitors come to your site they can find what they are looking for and click on your ads. You get paid anywhere between .20 to 2.00 on average, for every click, depending on the niche. There is an art form when it comes to placement of these ads on your website to get the maximum clicks, so you may want to research this. My best method is to place a 336×280 ad above and beneath each post as well as the main page.

Many experts will read this and disagree, saying you can make money with Cost Per Action (CPA) leads or affiliate marketing (more on those in a second). For this to work well, you need to pick a niche or topic that advertisers are placing ads on in Google and you should whittle it down to a sub-niche. For example, instead of starting an awesome blog on “Getting Rid of Cellulite” you should consider a smaller segment of people and start a blog with a topic such as “Cellulite for Women Over 50”. You can easily write post after post on this topic and use at least 5 different categories for those posts such as; weight loss, cellulite creams, home remedies for cellulite, product reviews for cellulite removal, etc.

The whole idea is to build a website or blog and write posts that offer real value to your visitors. You can even capture emails, open up a Facebook, G+, and Twitter account for the website and truly engage with your audience. You should start with at least 20 articles before your website goes live and you need to post regular articles (at least twice a week) for this to work well. If you can’t write well, you can outsource your articles but it’s going to cost between 5-10 dollars for a decent 500 word article. If you add a Youtube account linked to your website so you can create videos and post them on your website as well, you can have a money-making machine within just one year if you do it right.

If you can write a good quality article almost every day of the week, you will have over 200 articles written by the end of the first year. That’s 200 opportunities on the Web to be found for which equals many visitors to your site. By the end of the following year, your website can really be on fire and attracting tons of visitors.

Make no mistake; people are making thousands of dollars every month using this method. I am making well over a thousand five-hundred bucks a month doing it!

2. Through affiliate marketing. Here, you can either develop a digital product or sell somebody else’s creation. Since true affiliate marketing means you are going to sell another person’s product on your site or through ads, I’ll focus on this one.

You can go to Clickbank.com and see how many successful digital products are sold. What you can do is pick a product, build a website on the niche of that product, place the Clickbank.com links on your website so people can buy the products, and within a few months you should start seeing progress. It is not an overnight thing! There are so many variables to work with here as far as strategy such as collecting emails and placing ads on Bing instead of building a website.

Feel free to conduct a little more research on this topic; if I were to give you a guide, I would have to write a 50 page book so you could do it right and that is beyond the scope of this article.

I make several hundred dollars a month with this method and so can you! However, it took me three years to master this and start seeing real progress.

3. Through CPA lead marketing. In this area, you also build authority websites (100 pages or more) on specific niches so you can place email optin offers that certain companies are giving out through companies such as Maxbounty.com or Peerfly.com.

So, for example, if one offer is a free Walmart gift card and all it requires is for the person to enter their name and email address, you will get about $1.50after they perform the action and confirm their email! This really adds up after a while; if you get 10 of these leads a day, that’s $15.00! You can also place ads on Bing and Facebook and a few others for $5.00 to $10.00 trial offer leads but this is more advanced as you have to track your ads using certain tools and you have to figure out which ones are converting and which ones aren’t. Then you simply drop the non-converting ones and add others while the ones that are converting continue to make money. Without a doubt, there are some people making thousands of dollars every month using this method but keep in mind most of them have to spend $1,000 a day to make $1, 500!

There is not enough real estate on this website to go over these three money-making methods in detail so I encourage you to conduct research on each method for free on the Internet if you are interested.

So, who makes money on the Internet? People who pick one of the above methods and stick with it until they see progress they can build upon, that’s who. Also, people who build their own product and sell it on their own site. In other words, if you can make just $1.00 a day from your Internet business, you can make $5.00, $10.00, then 20 and even 50 bucks a day within a relatively short period of time as long as you scale up your efforts. You simply have to stick with one method until you have mastered it and are making money with it and not quit! Then and only then, should you move onto the next method.