Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide fill out and submit a Mcdonald’s application every year in hopes of landing a job working in a fun, fast-paced fast food atmosphere offered by this successful chain. What is it about this huge chain that people are so attracted to?  Haven’t we all heard getting a job at a fast food restaurant is a ticket to nowhere?

They do it for different reasons; some are just looking to pay their bills, many teens use a first job at Mcdonald’s as a stepping stone to bigger and better things through work experience, some are seniors looking to make some extra money because their retirement simply doesn’t cut it, some folks are in between careers looking for a fresh start, and there are actually many young professionals getting into the management aspect of the retail business. Depending on the unavailability of college-targeted positions in their areas, there are many college grads who have taken an entry-level position just to break into the business world and get their careers underway.

For many teenagers, a Mcdonald’s application is their first ticket to gaining some financial freedom in their households. They can earn their own money and usually spend it the way they see fit. They can also learn the value of being compensated for their efforts; in case you’re wondering, it’s fairly difficult to “skate by” in a job at a fast food joint. Managers are responsible for the utmost efficiency in every restaurant and they don’t have much time to babysit a teen who can’t pull his or her own weight. This means a teenager who works at Mcdonald’s is usually working very hard! Still, Mcd’s remains one of the most popular jobs for adolescents looking for their first part-time job and it doesn’t disappoint. Fact is, many successful golden-arched franchise owners got their start by working as a team member in the trenches; they learned the business inside and out and placed themselves in a position where they could buy into the franchise program. How’s that for a reason to fill out a Mcdonald’s application?

There are countless seniors who have found a There's more under the hood of a Mcdonalds application than meets the eye.home as team members in virtually every Mickey D’s on the planet. It’s almost as if it were the law of this fast food chain; thou shalt employ one senior at every location! This is wonderful news for seniors because opportunity abounds just about anywhere you go. People who are at the sunset of their working lives are generally more responsible than the average worker for two simple reasons; they really need the extra income and they have learned enough in life to know how important it is to provide the greatest customer service possible in order to make store operations smooth and profitable. Seniors also love mentoring younger workers and are without a doubt, one of Mickey D’s biggest company-wide assets!

People who are switching careers often find themselves at their desktops filling out a Mcdonald’s application. They may not have planned it this way but many soon find it’s a better bet to drop back, punt the ball, and try to land a job they can handle to get their careers back on track. Those who are college-educated can handily land an assistant manager position and work their way to restaurant manager fairly quickly, and from there, the sky is the limit!

Young adults attend college so they can graduate with a degree that can take them straight into the “world of the professionally employed.” However, many soon find out the business world is not all it was cracked up to be and they find themselves having to settle for a lesser position. Truth is; there is nothing wrong with this approach. Everybody has to start somewhere and if you don’t have the right connections to get that job you have always wanted it doesn’t mean all is lost. A Mcdonald’s job application in these cases, may be all you need to get the ball rolling in your favor. Imagine how many college grads are sitting at home right now, jobless and penniless while living off Mom and Dad, while others have started a journey to reach their ultimate career destination, taking what’s theirs!

So, at first glance, a Mcdonald’s job doesn’t look very appetizing, does it? I remember my high school days when a handful of students in my circle of friends constantly mentioned they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a MD’s uniform and taking orders from “pain in the rear” customers for minimum wage. Where are these people now? I wonder if they ever made anything of themselves. One thing I know for certain; they were dead wrong when they sarcastically asked, “Why in the world would anybody ever fill out and submit a Mcdonald’s application?” For them, I have one word repeated several times; opportunity, opportunity, opportunity!

There’s nothing wrong with getting a job at a fast food place as long as you know what you are getting into and whether or not it suits your short and long term goals. It would be foolish to get a job at MD’s at the age of 19, thinking you will be a crew member for the rest of your life. Hopefully, those who apply would have more lofty goals than to be content flipping burgers and cleaning restrooms forever.

The greatest opportunity one can have by working at the golden arches is to learn the business from the ground up by starting as an entry-level worker and working their way up the success ladder. Without a doubt, there are going to be some twists and turns along the way and some of the rungs on the ladder will rot away causing you to fall and reassess your career from time to time. However, if you keep your eyes on the prize you just might be able to get to your desired career path sooner than you think. You will also place yourself in a favorable position to start your own Mcdonald’s franchise if that’s what you desire.

The point is, a Mcdonald’s application is worthwhile and has the potential to open the door to ultimate success if you merely open it and see what’s inside!