Now I finally understand how I can catch 4 to 5 colds a year while my wife sits back and laughs at how supposedly weak my immune system and defenses are because I don’t take care of myself.

The latest medical research shows women live longer than men because their immune systems stay stronger than men’s do over the long haul.

The Japanese study responsible for these findings concluded certain cells in our bodies that protect us from infection and secrete antibodies are different in men and women as they age. Without wanting to go into a complicated at scientific explanation, this means it appears women’s immune systems age at a slower rate than men’s do. This indicates a woman’s body is able to defend itself much better from diseases such as cancer as well as infections.

Scientists have surmised for the longest time how testosterone plays a huge part in the disparity between men and women when it comes to living a long life.

For example, due to the high testosterone level in males, they tend to be a little more regular reckless than women are, especially during their teen years well into their early 30s. This results in far more traffic-related and homicide deaths in males than women and all of this data is included when determining life expectancy.

Furthermore, depressed men are far more likely to commit suicide than women who are depressed because they take action more often than women do.

Smoking is also a major contributor to why woWomen outlive men for a variety of live longer than men. Men are four times more likely to smoke than women but the good news is; there’s been a steady decline over the last few years in men who smoke. This may be able to level out the playing field sooner than we think. As a matter of fact, British studies conclude if women continue to smoke the way they do now compared to the apparent downward trend in men who smoke, life expectancy may even out in the next few years.

I’ve always believed my wife is going to outlive me by the world average of 5 years; she doesn’t smoke and her occasional nagging is not detrimental to her health. Come to think of it, I want scientists to conduct a study on the negative effects of women nagging their husbands because if it proves to be detrimental to my longevity, I can shave off another 5 years from my life expectancy!