Dwyane Wade tweeted a message that got him in a little bit of trouble with the New York and New Jersey residents on Thursday evening. His tweet appeared to refer to the frustration o being on a bus and waiting three hours in traffic just to get to New York City. Three tweets later, Dwyane Wade had set the record straight about how he could not stop thinking about the families who were devastated and the ones without food, water, or power after after this horrible disaster. Many people viewed those last two tweets as Wade trying to merely conduct some damage control after supposedly putting his foot in his mouth as many people do when they misuse social media.

To back up his sentiment, Wade is going to donate his game check to the relief efforts for hurricane Sandy victims. Wade goes on to talk about how he personally knows many people in the New York area and how we can’t believe the devastation they’ve gone through. Wade, a Miami Florida resident, should know just as well as anyone how scary and impactful the threat of a hurricane can be.

Whatever you want to believe, one thing is for sure; Dwyane Wade has consistently been a pillar of strength in his community and will probably continue to be the same hero he has always been to many in South Florida and beyond. We must not forget how in 2010, Wade and teammate Alonzo mourning joined forces in helping with the recovery effort after the huge Haiti earthquake. Their combined efforts helped raise over a million dollars. Many people also don’t know about how Wade founded his Wade’s World Foundation in 2003 to focus on the promotion of children’s education where the motto is, “every child deserves a shot.”  The foundation services communities in the south Florida area, Chicago, in Milwaukee. Recently, he released a very personal book detailing his life and the joys and struggles of fatherhood.

Wade went onto say he doesn’t agree with having to play basketball game in the wake of this disaster. He feels a game of professional basketball has no significance whatsoever on a day like today.

Still, the confusion that led to all the questioning of Wade’s true feelings regarding the events that have unfolded in New York stems from the all too common scenario these days; celebrities tweeting messages without stopping to think about what they’re saying for just a moment. Wade may have initially put his foot in his mouth, albeit unintentionally, but either way if you ask anybody who knows him; Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr. is a wonderful human being who truly cares about other people. This is why he is donating his check tonight, not because he wants to save face!