As a healthy male who’s been pretty fortunate all his life, from time to time, I must admit I still sometimes stop what I am doing to give thanks to the female human species!

My appreciation for the opposite sex began when I fell in love with my first girlfriend at the age of 12. I couldn’t believe the insane adoration I was feeling and I have always been thankful to her, wherever she is, for the amazing experience of an average boy being head over heels for such a beautiful creature at such a young age. Little did I know years later that feeling would pale in comparison to the love I feel for my wife whom I truly and completely worship and respect.

My wife is an angel sent from heaven. She kind of reminds me of my mother in how she cares for and loves our children. I often think of how difficult it was for her to carry both of my kids to full term and how horrifying and painful it must have been to give birth to two children. I think of how all women got the short end of the stick, too. I can’t imagine a world where men give birth and have to deal with menstruation. Can you imagine that? We’d be the biggest whiners on the planet.

As I hurried through my teen years, I started to appreciate my mother on an entirely different level altogether. Of course, I counted on her for virtually everything when I was barely out of diapers and I realized how important she was in my life but I was experiencing a newfound comprehension of the challenges a woman must go through in her life, and I began putting the pieces of life’s puzzle together. I paid more attention to how she would wake up sleepy-eyed at 5:30 A.M. every weekday morning so she could cook us all breakfast, how she would see us off to school, and how she would go to work as a seamstress in a nearby factory to supplement my dad’s income. By dinner time, she always had a great meal waiting for us and man, could she cook! It took me fourteen years to realize my mother worked harder and a few more hours a day than my father!

She always had our backs when it came tThose who worship women truly understand the trials and tribulations they endure.o clean clothes, the house was always sparkling clean, and she always had our lunch boxes ready for school with our favorite foods, sandwiches, and treats.

My mother is the biggest reason I worship women.

For those of you females looking for a lifelong mate, if I were you, I’d try to find someone who respects women like I do. There are plenty of men out there with the same feelings I have for women. You can’t lose if you fall in love with a partner who thinks women are the most precious beings on this planet!