It seems every time I visit a Target store I see mostly youngsters working the cashiers and stocking shelves; this tells me a lot of what I need to know before even beginning to research the company itself as it applies to finding a job and establishing a career at one of America’s most beloved retail chains.

Why shouldn’t a young person apply at Target? Heck, while we’re at it, why shouldn’t anyone at any age apply there?

I’ve been shopping at this retail store for many years now and I can honestly say I have never been disappointed with their customer service. In fact, I would venture to say this company has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to failure of employees to provide the best customer service possible. Taking a look at their official website, I see the core of their mission lies in giving their customers the best shopping experience possible. So, if you are hoping to be hired for one of the Target jobs, you must be prepared to show you have what it takes to treat customers right, or you can probably forget it!

Entry-level workers especially find jobs at Target both rewarding and challenging. There are many hourly positions to consider at this retail giant and they include:

Sales Floor – with this position, you will be entrusted to keep the store in tip-top shape as well as assisting customers with their shopping.

Grocery department – here, you will assist in preparing certain types of food and keep the store well-maintained as it applies to food presentation. The types of roles you can expect include working at the bakery, deli, being a produce team member, and a cake decorator.

Front end guest services – you will also assist in keeping the store clean and resolving guest concerns.

Assets protection and loss prevention – you will work in the security department of the store to minimize thefts and liability.

Food service job – you will be following strict standWorking at Target is the way to go for many teenagers looking for an excellent job opportunity these days.ards while preparing and serving food to guests.

Pharmacy positions – positions include team member, technician, and pharmacy student. Here, you will be the front line in helping all customers with their medication needs in an accurate and confidential manner.

Store leader jobs – As a sales floor, presentation, or guest services team leader, you will be able to guide and coach other employees to success in a fun and challenging atmosphere. These are supervisory positions that carry plenty of responsibility.

Logistics – every store has this department in charge of keeping all the shelves stocked as well as responding to requests from team members for products on behalf of Target’s customers.

Human resources – this is an extremely important part of the retail chain where you will work as a human resources team member or leader in charge of training and development as well as overseeing the application process for your store.

Other hourly Target jobs include those at their distribution centers with positions such as; administrative/clerical, facilities operations, human resources, packing operations, warehouse ops, food distribution, and assets protection.

There are also many management and corporate job opportunities and they include; distribution center jobs, pharmacy, administrative support, advertising & marketing, assets protection & loss prevention, brand management, buying & planning, communications, distribution center & supply chain management, engineering, finance & accounting, financial & retail services & call center, food product development & quality assurance, global sourcing & planning, human resources, information technology, law, pharmacy leadership & operations, product design & development, real estate, design & property management, strategy, clinic, and commercial interiors.

While you are considering one of the Target jobs you may be interested to know there are plenty of openings for those seeking MBA internship opportunities. You can work as a store executive, in the distribution, pharmacy, or one of the many other jobs offered so you can acquire the career development skills you need to reach your ultimate goals.

As you can see, with the amazing array of job opportunities, there’s a Target job for just about anybody with any type of credentials.

How do you apply?

It’s fairly easy. All you have to do is visit their official careers web site and follow the instructions. Basically, in a nutshell, you will search for all the available positions of your choice in your area stores. Chances are, there are tons of Target jobs ripe for the picking in your area right now. The only thing you need to do now is to get started.