I can’t think of a bigger responsibility than being a parent. Along with the joy you will share with your kids, you’re destined to share some heart breaks, too; it’s this thing called life.

However, if you share your life with your kids and get involved in theirs, your relationship with them will continue to grow by leaps and bounds to a wonderful place you would have never imagined. You will create a bond with them so strong the whole world could not break through it!

The biggest mistake parents make these days is to not bond with their kids. It’s easy for this to occur, especially when you’re working long hours trying to make a living so you can have the best things in life for yourself and your family. The problem with this is; many parents overlook the most obvious and important part of a child’s upbringing while they are getting there; parental influence!

Your children are like sponges who will absorb the way you are with them, the values you instill, and the lessons you teach; these will all be a part of their make-up for the rest of their lives. It’s very difficult to do this when you are not having success balancing work and life.

If you find it difficult to balance life with work, both your home life and your work life will suffer. You need to place your priorities in order if you want to effectively lead a healthy and fulfilling life at both.

There are many initial adjustments you can make right off the bat that won’t require much work at all. For example, if you have a job that requires flexible hours, why not approach your boss and ask about working a different shift to accommodate your family’s needs? You be surprised at how many bosses will bend over backwards for an employee who performs well and one they want to retain. While you’re at work, it makes sense to make it known to your friends and co-workers you are a family person. Believe me, word will spread to the point where your boss will eventually think twice about assigning you a task that interferes with your home life.

Even the worst and most inflexible bosses will ofYou can have better work and life balance if you put forth the effort and remain consistent.tentimes put up with a worker who needs to fend for his or her family in lieu of sacrificing themselves at their job. It’s all about communication and influence relating to the way you carry yourself while you were performing your work. It also has to do with establishing a good working relationship with your supervisor.

If you are a business owner you should take advantage of all the technology available at your fingertips. You will probably find you can perform much of the work at home that you regularly complete in the office. Take advantage of this so you can spend more time with your kids, even if it’s only minutes a day.

Depending on the age of your children, you may want to involve them in some aspects of your work. For example, you can easily get your nine-year-old kid to help you file important papers or your 12 year old to accompany you to Office Max to help pick out office equipment. Think of the sense of accomplishment and self-worth your child will feel knowing he or she assisted Daddy or Mommy in something of extreme importance for the company and for the family.

Finally, when you come home from work don’t just go straight to the shower and collapse in bed, or even hop on your laptop so you can finish more work. Heck, don’t even go to the kitchen to start cooking yet, either! Spend ten minutes with your family first and use your time wisely so you can reconnect after a hard day’s work. Go where your kids are, spend time with your spouse, feed the dog and pet him. You’d also be surprised at the amount of stress you can relieve by partaking in the life of your loved ones. If you make an effort, you will persevere and work and life will balance out beautifully.