We all want to get ahead in life and for the most part, making big bucks equates to working long hours and sacrificing a large part of family and home life. On the extreme end, ask Oprah Winfrey how many hours of work she has put in every day for the last 20 years or so and you will be shocked when she tells you she worked ’round the clock! On a smaller scale, ask the average salaried professional manager how often they are able to work only 8 hours a day and they will look at you as if you are a Martian. Folks, if you want to make more money, you more than likely have to work more hours than the next person. That’s how it’s always been and will always be!

Certainly, there are exceptions to the rule. you may have an awesome, well-paying job that only requires you to work 40 hours a week. You may be one of the lucky few who have struck gold with an Internet business which allows you to work at home.

While it’s a great feeling to make more money and not have to worry about your bills and whether or not you’ll make the rent, car or mortgage payment on time, the drawbacks to working so many hours are concerning.

For one, if you have children or even if you only have a significant other, I don’t have to tell you how too much work cuts deeply into your personal life. You are going to miss that little league baseball game more often than not, you will miss a few honor student ceremonies, you will be late for family get-togethers, and you will disappoint your loved ones on occasion. When you make a great living, that’s part of the process.

Secondly, recent studies have indicated people who work 10 hour shifts are over 60% more likely to experience heart problems than those who don’t. Breast cancer, ulcers, and depression are some of the other problems associated with those who work extremely long hours on a consistent basis.

Other studies (ughh…what’s up with tWorking too much can cause a worl of health problems for you.hese studies?) have shown working over 40 hours a week increases the chances of getting ‘burn-out’ by 6 times over those who work less than 35 hours. Furthermore, those who work long hours are more than twice as likely to be injured on the job.

What’s the solution? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem. Many of us will continue a juggling act and we will try our best to balance out life and work but one thing is clear; if you want to make a change, you can do it as long as it is not going to hurt your current standing at your place of employment, or if you are a business owner, as long as the small amount of lost revenue is worth your personal time or time with your family.