Women in the U.S. are nowhere near where they should be when it comes to economic equality in the the workforce. However, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has released a report stating the United States is more developed than many countries around the globe when it comes to economic opportunity for females. The WEF is an international organization dedicated to improving the world by helping academic, business, and political leaders take action regarding global, regional, and industry agendas.

Although there is much room for improvement, this latest study indicates the US is much more developed in the female workforce then most other countries.

On October 23, 2012, WEF released the global gender gap report; it ranked 135 nations based on four categories of equality between males and females. The four categories were; educational attainment, health and survival, economic participation and opportunity, and political empowerment.

The ranking at number 22 is a little bit misleading, however. This is because the survey didn’t take into account how wealthy any country was; it merely takes into account how politically equal the countries are to each other in terms of social and civil rights for all people within those countries.

The study reveals that women are lagging way behind in two categories; health and survival and political environment. Women in the US placed 53rd when it came to healthy life expectancy. Even though on average they outlive mails by four years, women don’t outlive men in the U.S. by as many years as many other countries. This is probably due in large part to males dying in other countries from disease as well as war.

The biggest concern for women is the political empowerment category. Due to the sexism that has continued plaguing the electoral system, women in the US ranked 55th in this area. Even though you can find many females working as elite professionals in the medical field, finance, and law, their family obligations usually slow them down and they choose not to pursue reaching the highest levels in these fields.

By world standards, women are not doing too badly here in the United States but that does not mean we men and women who believe in equality should let our guard down and remain silent.