It appears there may be an unavoidable reason why certain people have extreme difficulties trying to lose weight. Scientists have singled out a gene that may be responsible for making people eat more than they should because it causes them to feel hungry even after they eat.

Apparently, roughly one out of every six people carry this FTO gene variant and those who do, are 70% more likely to become overweight than those who don’t have the gene.

Scientists have known for quite a while now that a certain gene is directly linked to obesity but it wasn’t until recently that they found out the reason why. Although the results are not conclusive because more research needs to be carried out, the findings are a significant start to helping determine reasons why people are increasingly becoming obese.

Scientists also go on to explain how they believe evolution is responsible for this gene affecting so many people. They say humans have had trouble gathering food throughout time and this gene may have developed to offer them an advantage when it came to survival as it helped them eat more and store the food as fat.

Doctors are cautioning people how thisFTO gene may be partly responsible for the obesity epidemic. gene is not the only thing responsible for the obesity epidemic people are suffering today. They believe there are many other factors to consider and are intent on finding out more about what causes an individual to gain far more weight than the next person. Furthermore, they stress there is no reason to believe an overweight person is helpless against becoming obese due to these findings.

Eating a diet rich in protein, as well as engaging in cardiovascular fitness can significantly reduce the tendency of this gene to make a person gain weight.

I guess it’s time to get back into the gym and start neutralizing that FTO gene in order to lose weight!