How Much Does AutoZone Pay?

Here is the answer to, "How much does AutoZone pay its employees?

I am always amazed at how certain companies refuse to take the time to find the absolute best candidates during the hiring process and pay them appropriately. If more companies did this, they would be able to invest more money in the form of hourly pay and training in order to retain those employees as long as possible.

This, in turn, would save them tons of money by lowering the turnover rate for employees.

AutoZone appears to be one of those companies that have not taken the leap forward to adequately compensate their entry-level workers. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a solid career here with excellent pay and benefits. 

It simply means you’ll have to really struggle at the beginning!

AutoZone Starting Pay

Overall, Autozone salaries are competitive in the automotive parts industry but the starting pay is another story.

The starting pay for entry-level AutoZone workers is approximately $8.75 on average. This is really low but it is consistent with other stores in the retail automotive parts industry.

Even if an employee worked 40 hours a week at this rate, he or she would only earn $350 a week before taxes. If that same employee worked every single scheduled day of the year, the yearly salary would only be $18,200.

AutoZone Full-Time Hours

Full-time hours at AutoZone are usually between 32 to 40 hours a week. One good thing I can say about this company is that many employees report that they’ve been given authorization by their management to regularly work over 40 hours a week.

This makes sense because a person working at $8.75 an hour can augment their salary and make an extra $2,000-$4,000 a year with this type of policy.

AutoZone Retail Sales Associate Pay

On average, a typical hourly wage for this position after a couple of years is $10.20 an hour. This would mean approximately $408 a week and a yearly salary of $21,216.

With a little occasional overtime on a yearly basis, an experienced employee at this position can make approximately $24,500.

AutoZone Delivery Driver Pay

Delivery drivers at AutoZone make approximately $11.25 an hour. These associates get paid more than regular retail sales associates because of the liability involved in having to transport products in a company-owned or personal vehicle.

This comes out to about $450 a week and $23,400 a year.

AutoZone Hub Driver Pay

Hub drivers for AutoZone can make approximately $10.35 an hour. This equals approximately $414 a week and $21,528 in yearly salary.

Remember, this job has a few differences from being a parts delivery driver, including the fact that you have to be at least 21 years of age to get this position.

AutoZone Parts Pro Pay

The parts pro job on average pays employees approximately $15.70 an hour. This means you can earn about $628 a week and a yearly salary of $32,656.

This is a specialist job so don’t be surprised if you are asked to pull in a few overtime hours whenever management believes it’s necessary.

AutoZone Manager Trainee Pay

A manager in training can expect to make approximately $17 an hour. That’s the equivalent of $680 a week and $35,360 a year.

This salary is short-lived, however, if the manager in training gets promoted within 8 to 12 weeks to store manager. As a manager, he or she would get a bump in pay equaling approximately $10,000 a year.

AutoZone Assistant Manager Salary

An assistant manager at AutoZone makes approximately $15.75 an hour. This amounts to $630 a week and $32,760 a year.

Since assistant managers are paid on an hourly basis, they can rack up plenty of overtime with their manager’s approval. This can sometimes allow a person in this position to make approximately $37,000-$39,000 a year.

AutoZone Store Manager Salary

An AutoZone store manager makes approximately $53,700 a year. This is about average for this industry and the job brings with it much more responsibility than your typical retail management Job.

This is because aside from having to supervise your entire staff, you must oversee the commercial management aspect of this job where relationships with local companies are so important for your store’s profitability.

AutoZone Warehouse Associate Pay

The average salary for a warehouse worker at one of the distribution centers is $15.50 an hour. This would make it about $620 a week and a yearly pay of $32,240 plus any overtime earnings.

Some warehouse employees have reported they have been able to consistently work some overtime hours every month. This varies by location, so check with your management staff once you are hired.

You can see more warehouse positions at the careers website.

Does AutoZone pay weekly?

Most employees report they are paid on a biweekly basis. However, there are some who say they have been paid on a weekly basis at their store. 

Getting paid weekly is actually good for people who are earning just a little bit above minimum-wage because it helps them keep up with their bills in a more efficient manner. Consult with your store to find out exactly when the pay period starts, ends, and how often you are paid.

Does AutoZone give raises?

Employees receive a performance evaluation after every year. Then, they are considered for raises, and those usually come in increments of $.20-$.50.

Even though that doesn’t sound like very much, the good thing is that all associates are eligible to be promoted to a higher position based on their performance.

Break Policy

Usually, an AutoZone worker gets a 15-minute paid break after every 4 hours of work performed. It’s important to work out your unpaid meal breaks as well as your paid breaks with your management staff because each state has different laws regarding this subject. 

Dress Code

AutoZone has a strict dress code but it is very simple. You have to wear a red shirt with black pants, a black belt, and a name tag. The exception to this is that drivers are allowed to wear shorts.

This company issues you only a name tag. You are required to purchase your own uniforms and the company instructs you on how and where to buy them. 

Other things to worry about are that this company does allow tattoos but is very picky when it comes to ear piercings due to the hazards Involving handling auto parts.

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