The Best Paying Retail Jobs In Your Area Are Available Right Now

The best paying retail jobs are usually right there in your hometown and companies are ready to hire you. It’s important to have up-to-date information and the right advice to have the best chance to get hired. is complete, current, and accurate. It can guide you through the process and make finding a job much easier.

Which are the Best Paying Retail Jobs?

The following retail stores have the highest starting hourly wage for entry-level workers with no experience:

  1. Costco ($17/hr.)
  2. Target ($15 to $24/hr., depending on location)
  3. Best Buy ($15/hr.)
  4. Walgreens ($15/hr.)
  5. CVS ($15/hr.)
  6. Aldi ($15 to $19 an hour)
  7. H-E-B ($14/hr. except for Baggers, who earn $10/hr.) (Warehouse starts at 17.50/hr.)
  8. Hobby Lobby ($11/hr. part-time, then $18.50/hr. full-time)***
  9. Walmart ($12/hr., in some stores it can go as high as $17/hr.)
  10. Home Depot ($12 to $16/hr.)
  11. Lowe’s ($11/hr.)
  12. Publix ($10 to $12/hr.)

***Many past and present Hobby Lobby employees say it’s hard to get hired as a full-time entry-level worker. You are usually hired part-time until you prove you are an exceptional employee, then you are considered for a possible full-time position.

Important things to consider when applying for a job are:

  • What is the hourly pay or salary?
  • Does the company offer the opportunity to grow professionally?
  • Are there fair working conditions in the workplace?
  • What types of raises can you get?
  • Can you picture yourself being happy working at that particular retail store?
  • Is there fair and consistent treatment of employees?
  • What about the benefits? Are they any good?
  • Does the company know how to schedule employees effectively?

How to Get a Retail Job With No Experience

It’s easy to learn how to apply for retail jobs. Additionally, you can easily apply to fast food, restaurant, or banking jobs because almost every single company allows you to visit their website, research the company, register on their website, and begin the application process.

Many companies are always looking for entry-level workers who are motivated and ready to be trained. In most cases, they want employees who are specifically looking for a career with their company, not just another worker who wants to collect a paycheck.

So, in the retail as well as other businesses, there are many:

  • Jobs that will train you with no experience
  • Jobs that require no experience but pay well
  • Many positions are available that can help you advance to a higher position

Recently, a few major retail stores such as Costco, Target, Best Buy, CVS, and Walgreens have raised their minimum pay for inexperienced workers substantially, compared to many other retail chains.

10 Steps to Get Hired for Best Paying Retail Jobs With No Experience

  1. Visit the “Job Applications” or “Hourly Pay” pages and take a look around.
  2. Pick at least 3 companies you might want to work for and list the names of those stores on a piece of paper or notepad on your computer.
  3. Start researching one retail company at a time and write notes under each store heading.
  4. Include the history of the retail chain, the salary structure (starting and average hourly pay for each position), and employee feedback from each company that you’re going to research here.
  5. Register with each company online and follow simple instructions to apply for a job.
  6. Make sure you have your work history information, personal references, and social security number before you start the application process.
  7. When you get to the part of the application where you are asked about your work hours and days preferences, indicate you are available to work ALL shifts and days.
  8. Find the instructions on how to follow up on your application with each company and make sure you complete that part of the process within 2 weeks. If you are not making progress with the usual follow-up over the phone or via email, dress nicely and visit each store in person. Once you are there, ask to speak with someone in a management position and inquire about your completed application.
  9. Leave the manager your business card with your name, phone number, and email.
  10. Repeat the process after 3 weeks with 3 more companies until you get hired.

Prepare for Job Interview Questions and Answers

While you are waiting to get the callback for an interview, it’s time to get yourself ready for the actual interview.

Let’s break down what you have to do:

  1. Review the common questions and the general guides on how to answer each one. Remember, an interviewer is usually very experienced and can tell when you are not answering a question sincerely. Therefore, adopt the mindset of answering each question truthfully.
  2. Practice asking and answering questions either by yourself or with a partner. Record yourself on your cell phone video if that’s possible. Try not to laugh too much at yourself when reviewing the video and do everything you can to see what you can improve. Then, practice some more!
  3. Find something neat and nice to wear to your job interview.

What to Wear to a Job Interview MALE

For hourly positions, you can wear slacks with a long or short sleeve button-down shirt. Although it’s best to tuck your shirt in and wear a belt, it is accepted that you can opt for the shirt over the pants as long as you look neat.

Shoes always should be clean and at least somewhat polished. You’ll want to look as sharp as possible while maintaining a clean, casual look. Pay attention to your grooming. Trim your fingernails, your mustache, or beard if you have one, and get a nice haircut.

For salaried positions, or if you want to look your best during an hourly job interview, dress up a bit. Either wear a suit and tie or a blazer or sports jacket and dark-colored slacks. Make certain your long-sleeve button-down shirt is very neatly pressed. It’s very simple!

What to Wear For an Interview FEMALE

If you want to keep it simple, a knee-length dress with stockings and close-toed shoes will do just fine. Alternatively, you can try wearing slacks and a button-down blouse or a sweater. A cardigan over a simple blouse and slacks would also make a good impression.

Whether looking for an hourly or a salaried position, women have a little more freedom on what to wear during an interview. There is no right or wrong way to dress as long as you look neat and clean and not overly provocative. Think “just a little conservative’ and you’ll be alright.

As mentioned for men, women also need to make sure they pay attention to their grooming. You should have a nice manicure or at least nicely trimmed nails. If you are working an hourly job that happens to be physical such as a stocker position, be aware that really long fingernails will not make a good impression.

This is a great guide with plenty of cool suggestions for female interview attire.

What Not to Wear to An Interview

For men and women, DON’T show up wearing these:

  • Torn or ripped clothing
  • Jeans
  • Overly revealing shirts or blouses
  • Body jewelry (includes nose rings and excessive earrings)
  • Shorts (don’t look like you’re lazy and on vacation!)
  • Messy looking hair unless it’s part of your hairstyle
  • Bad body odor or dirty clothes
  • Perfume or cologne (this could offend the interviewer)
  • Excessive tattoos (cover them if possible)
  • Sneakers or tennis shoes

Minimum Working Age By State

There is always an age requirement for jobs in retail, and they always differ across the country as well as internationally.

There are always retail jobs for minors available throughout the U.S. and there is a good chance the same applies to your local area.

Consult with the child labor laws in your state so you can proceed with finding a job as a teenager.

What Are the Best Retail Companies to Work For?

The best retail companies to find employment with have a balance of:

  • Above-average starting pay for entry-level workers
  • A company that gives regular raises
  • Plenty of working hours available
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Good working conditions
  • Managers who treat their employees right
  • Companies who care about their team members and show it
  • A chance for advancement within the company
  • Generally happy employees