Starting Pay for Walmart Cashier

What is the starting pay for Walmart cashier?

The exact starting pay for Walmart cashier will vary depending on the state and location of the store, and is anywhere between $12 to $12.50 an hour. Walmart cashiers earn an average annual salary of $24,960. However, the starting pay averages about $12.25 an hour. In states that have a minimum wage of over $14 …

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Applebee’s Job Application and Career Guide

See how to fill out an Applebee's job application and have the best chance to get hired.

Applebee’s is a restaurant chain that serves American food in a casual environment. In this Applebee’s job application and careers guide, you’ll have all the information you need to put your best foot forward in trying to get hired. The company hires for all levels of employment, from entry-level to management positions. The application process …

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Popeyes Job Application and Careers Guide

A Popeyes job application can open the door to gaining fast-food experience while working in a pleasant atmosphere.

If you’ve been thinking about submitting a Popeyes job application, you should know jobs offered at this chain are mainly intended for younger workers who are more active and energetic. It’s also a good place to work for individuals with limited work experience, middle-aged workers, or even seniors who need a side income and are …

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Olive Garden Job Application and Careers Guide

See Olive Garden job application tips to help you get hired quicker.

Olive Garden is a casual dining restaurant chain that has become part of the fabric of America. It specializes in Italian-American food and has around 800 locations spread throughout all 50 States, as well as many other countries, such as Canada and Brazil. Initially, Olive Garden was unpopular because many people claimed they did not …

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Barnes & Noble Careers and Job Application Guide

See the Barnes & Noble careers available in your area.

If you like reading books and a quiet, peaceful atmosphere to work in, Barnes & Noble careers may be worth considering.  Working at Barnes & Noble Like every retail store, a job here has its pluses and minuses. This company gets above-average ratings from its past and present employees in categories such as work culture, …

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How to Get a Full-Time Job at UPS

Learn how to get a full-time job at UPS.

Many people ask how to get a full-time job at UPS because it’s well-known that this company hires seasonal employees for full-time and part-time work during the holidays. The following information will contain some of the most common questions to help you get hired permanently as a full-time employee. You’ll see: If it’s difficult to …

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How Much Does UPS Pay?

UPS offers good hourly pay and plenty of opportunities for people who want a secure future by working hard and becoming part of a team environment. Here’s what you will see below: What the starting pay is Package delivery driver pay Driver’s helper hourly pay Salaries and hourly pay for all other jobs Seasonal jobs available …

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Ups Hiring Process Guide

The UPS hiring process is different for package delivery drivers.

The hiring process at UPS is straightforward with a few exceptions, such as package delivery drivers having to attend extra training. Some workers are hired very quickly due to the need for new employees while some have to be more patient and wait a few weeks. Below, you’ll see: UPS requirements to apply for a …

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How to Become a UPS Driver 

Here's how to become a UPS driver in your hometown.

If you’ve been wondering how to become a UPS delivery driver, you’re on the right track to finding a good-paying and rewarding career. Being a driver for this company is regarded by many people as a privilege for many different reasons, including the ability to make a great living, excellent benefits, and job security. Use …

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Little Caesars Application and Careers Guide

A Little Caesars application doesn't provide a good starting pay but offers a chance at being promoted to a management position rather quickly.

If you are considering an opportunity to fill out and submit a Little Caesars application, there are a few important points to consider. The following will provide you important information to give you a much clearer picture of what to expect as you consider applying. Working at Little Caesars What is it like working at …

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Chipotle Careers and Job Application Guide

Chipotle careers as team members can lead to managment positions in a short amount of time.

Many people who look for hourly fast-food restaurant jobs are looking for a steady paycheck and 40 hours of work each week. There are many Chipotle careers you can consider to fill this need and to help you carve out a nice future that can be very rewarding. Working at Chipotle Chipotle employees give this …

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Arby’s Careers and Job Application Guide

Arby's careers are not high-paying but management positions are in demand.

If you’re looking for long-term employment you’re probably not considering one of Arby’s careers as the number one choice for your future. Most fast-food jobs are a stepping stone to a better-paying position whether it’s with the same company or a different business altogether. However, as you’ll see, many opportunities can move your career in …

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KFC Careers and Job Application Guide

See why KFC careers are geared toward a certain segment of the population.

KFC careers are mostly intended for younger workers looking for their first job as well as retirees hoping to make extra money to supplement their retirement income. Most of these restaurants are individually franchise-owned so there are a few differences in the way each restaurant location operates and this can be both good and bad. …

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Michaels Careers and Job Application Guide

Michaels careers are best for people who want a long-term, high-paying career in management but it also offers other great opportunities.

Michaels has a wide variety of careers to choose from within its stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices. Like many retail stores, this company has its pros and cons and while it performs very well in certain aspects according to employees, it needs improvement in others. Working at Michaels Employees who have worked at Michaels …

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