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The hiring process at UPS is straightforward with a few exceptions, such as package delivery drivers having to attend extra training. Some workers are hired very quickly due to the need for new employees while some have to be more patient and wait a few weeks.

Below, you’ll see:

UPS Employment Requirements

Warehouse workers such as package handlers and drivers should preferably have a high school diploma or GED but it is not required. The biggest requirement for UPS warehouse and driver personnel is having motivation, a great personality, and a desire to succeed and help the company grow and operate at its maximum level.

Many salaried positions such as those in management require at least a bachelor’s degree while other professional positions only require certain certifications. 

How long does it take to get hired at UPS?

After you apply online, your application will remain in active status for 60 days. A UPS recruiter will call you or text you on the phone number you provided within the first two weeks after applying if the company intends to put you through the hiring process.

You will be given a specific date and time to come in for an interview or a tour of the facility where you will work. It’s also possible to check for the scheduled interview date and time on the account you created on the UPS careers website using your secret passcode.

Sometimes, a job candidate will go through the interview process before taking the tour. For others, the tour of the facility will be the first thing you do before the interview. For warehouse and driver positions, one interview is usually conducted by one or two people either in human resources and/or in management.

For salaried and many other professional positions, you may have to go through up to three interviews before you are considered for the job.

For warehouse or driver positions, the questions asked are very simple and the interview shouldn’t last more than 15 to 20 minutes or so. See the possible list of UPS interview questions and tips to pass the interview, here.

UPS Hiring Process Background Check

UPS conducts a background check on most applicants once they’ve passed the interview. These are full criminal history checks for felony and misdemeanors in order to consistently select the highest quality employees.

Drivers for this company can expect a driver’s history check to make sure they haven’t had any negative history that affects their potential employment.

How long does a background check take for UPS?

Background checks at UPS usually take 2 to 3 days but can take as long as 2 weeks, depending on the number of applicants who have to be screened.

It isn’t unusual for background checks at one location to be delayed, so be prepared for the possibility and don’t automatically think you’ve been disqualified because it’s taking so long!

UPS Hiring Process Drug Test

UPS drug tests many warehouse workers before they are hired but in some cases, they do not. This all depends on your location and whether the management staff is currently using the drug test as part of the hiring process.

If you are applying for a driver, salaried, or other professional UPS position, there’s a great chance you will be tested once you pass your interview and background check.

When do you get scheduled for the pre-employment drug test?

As soon as your background check is completed, you will usually be scheduled for your drug test. However, in some instances, you will be drug tested before the background check.

How long does it take to get the pre-employment drug test results?

UPS can actually request that the 5-panel urine drug test results be returned on the same day by the company that administers the test. However, usually, the drug tests come back within 2 to 5 days.

How do I check my UPS application status?

Recruiters are always very busy due to the high volume of applications and UPS does not have a system in place to call everyone back who has not been selected to proceed to the interview process. Therefore, some applicants will not know if they have not been selected or the reason why. 

UPS recommends that you check back on the site to see available opportunities that you are qualified for and interested in, so this would be your first step to following up.

What can you do if you don’t receive a callback within the first two weeks?

There’s no need to get upset or anxious. Stay calm and begin the same process countless others have had to go through to get an interview by following a proven method explained below.

A phone call is usually not going to help you make progress but you can try. Occasionally, this method can quickly get you set up for an interview and eventually hired if you’re able to impress the interviewer.

How do I follow up on a UPS application?

The best and most logical thing to do if you can’t get anything accomplished on the phone is to visit the UPS location you applied for in person and speak with the human resources department. 

Once you are able to speak with someone who can help, let that person know you are highly interested in a career with UPS. Do not give the impression that you just need a job!

Make sure you dress up in comfortable casual business wear and try to make a good first impression when you visit the HR department. 

Some people report they have taken the above steps with much success. Some have even been hired on the spot for warehouse positions such as package handlers.

How do you know when you are hired?

A UPS representative will sometimes call you to let you know you are hired. However, there have been occasions where the company has failed to contact the hired employee, and this can create some confusion. Additionally, there are times when an applicant doesn’t answer the phone call or doesn’t receive the message for one reason or another.

UPS will also usually send you an official welcome email that says you are hired and gives you an official start date.

In order to avoid any confusion, it’s important to check your UPS careers profile with your passcode at least twice a day during the hiring process. It’s as simple as logging in and looking for any changes or email messages from the company or requests to fill out information for your background search, W2 information, etc.

By checking the website every day, you will be able to stay on top of your application. You’ve taken the time to get hired by one of the best companies, so making an effort to not miss out on anything should be rather easy.

Does UPS pay for orientation?

Not all people get paid for the UPS orientation.

Only applicants who have been hired already get paid to attend the orientation. If you are already an employee, you will be paid the hourly wage you were offered in order to attend the orientation or any other kind of training at UPS.

However, sometimes applicants who have not been hired are asked to come in for an orientation. Although this seems unfair, it’s perfectly legal.

How long is UPS orientation?

Warehouse personnel members have a thorough orientation conducted by a human resources employee that lasts 4 to 5 hours and it covers lifting techniques and many other safety procedures. Some locations use this time to make sure applicants have submitted all their paperwork. Therefore, stay on top of your personal information in order to be hired quickly if you haven’t been already!

What to Wear For the Orientation

When you show up for the orientation, dress up in business casual wear. Additionally, take some blue jeans, a polo shirt, and your work boots just in case they put you on the floor to start working.

Try your best to dress up sharply and not look like a slob for your training. Remember, all eyes are on you and if you are looking to get promoted in the future, you need to start making a great impression from the beginning.

UPS Hiring Process for Driver

The process for package delivery drivers is slightly different from other positions.

A UPS driver is usually hired from within, after working for months to years as a package handler or another warehouse position. This doesn’t mean you can’t get hired for this job if you’re new to the company.

After the usual application process described above, these prospective employees attend a 40-hour training course, followed by a 30-day probationary period where they have to prove they are good enough to drive and deliver packages for the company.

A supervisor can either approve or disapprove of your driving skills, so pay close attention to this area and make sure you are prepared.

Does UPS hire veterans?

If you’ve worked in the military, chances are, your local UPS has many open positions for you. UPS is always looking for veterans for the following fields:

  • Package delivery drivers
  • Tractor-trailer drivers
  • Automotive technicians and supervisors
  • Pilots
  • On-road supervisors
  • Plant engineering mechanics and supervisors

Of course, there are many other positions available for our country’s heroes and all it takes is visiting the UPS Military webpage to get you started.

Does UPS hire seniors?

Seniors who can handle the physical work and pressure of working in a fast-paced environment can find work at UPS either full-time or as seasonal part-time workers. This gives retirees a chance to earn a nice amount of extra income to add to their retirement.

UPS has been known to recruit their retired package delivery drivers to meet the needs of the holiday season as the number of packages to be delivered usually doubles in volume.

UPS Resignation Policy

If you need to quit your job at UPS for any reason, talk to your supervisor and let him or her know you will be turning in a letter of resignation. Give the company at least two weeks’ notice so that you can stay on the positive UPS rehire list.

Be absolutely certain this is what you want to do. It’s not easy to get a job back as a package delivery driver, for example, and there are few driver delivery jobs that pay that much.

Does UPS rehire former employees?

As described above with plenty of retirees being rehired, UPS certainly does rehire former employees but it’s to fill the company’s needs.

The unofficial UPS rehire policy is one where if you leave without a valid reason or if you’re fired, you can probably forget about ever applying again, according to many people who have experienced this.

UPS employees can transfer to another state if their spouse is transferred while serving in the military. If you would like to transfer to another state or location for reasons such as relocation of your family or attending college in a different state, speak with your manager and human resources department.

If you are a good, dependable employee they would hate to lose, they will usually try to retain your services and accommodate you.

See the UPS careers and job application guide, here.

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