Wells Fargo Application Online Employment and Careers Guide

These are Wells Fargo application online tips to get hired quickly.

Of all the jobs available dealing with providing customer service, it’s hard to find a job more pleasant and professional than a career in banking. If counting money and assisting customers in a very dynamic and rapidly changing environment is your strength, then you are well suited to fill out a Wells Fargo application online.

Wells Fargo was founded and opened in 1852. At the time, they provided basic banking solutions. As the brand grew bigger and bigger, it gained a lot of trust from the public and it has remained this way.

Today, Wells Fargo offers a variety of services to the community including mortgages, safety deposit boxes, loans, and other financial instruments.

Working at Wells Fargo

According to many reviews from people who have worked at Wells Fargo, being an employee there, is an exhilarating experience. The atmosphere is positive, and the attitude is pleasant and fairly stress-free, considering how busy a bank can get during peak hours.

There is plenty of room for advancement, too. You may start your career at an entry-level position such as a teller and then progress to becoming a mortgage consultant or even a manager.

Many employees say you are in total control of how far you want to go within this company. You can control your own destiny and progress through the ranks of different career opportunities.

If you think you can thrive in a financial institution that offers banking services to people, then a career at Wells Fargo may be just what you need.

Wells Fargo Bank History

Before you apply, you may need to know a little more about the history of this company. Where it came from and where it is today can say a lot about a company. It can give you an idea of whether it is a career worth considering for the long haul.

Wells Fargo is an American multinational company that specializes in offering financial services to the people. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has offices scattered all across the United States.

It is renowned as the fourth largest bank by metric of market capitalization and the fourth largest by metric of total assets in the US.

The primary subsidiary of this bank is known as Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

This bank has its main offices in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This company today is a result of a merger between the San Francisco based Wells Fargo & Company and Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation. This merger took place in 1998 and then came a subsequent acquisition of Wachovia, which was Charlotte-based.

Following these major events, the company moved its headquarters to its new headquarters in San Francisco and its operating subsidiary to Sioux Falls in the vicinity of JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup.

This banking institution is known as one of the big four in the banking sector of America. As of June 2018, it already had well over 8000 branches and 13000 ATMs. By 2018, the company boasted of operations in 35 countries and over 70 million customers globally.

This company employs over 260,000 workers and well over 5400 branches in the United States alone.

How to Apply For a Job at Wells Fargo

Use the “Our Hiring Process” page to see exactly how to apply.

This is quite easy and all you have to do is visit their careers website and search for open job positions that interest you in their jobs database.

Register and set up your profile, so you can have access to the available openings. You will have to update all the necessary information before you can apply for any positions. Recruiters will also be able to seek you out whenever there is an opening that suits you.

Be mindful of saving the information you enter into the secure website because it will log you out occasionally for security purposes.

You can also save your search so that you get an alert when there is an open position that matches your criteria. 

Once you submit your Wells Fargo application online, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. A recruiter or someone in management will then look at your profile and if it matches what they are looking for at that time, you will be contacted.

Wells Fargo Disability Job Openings

Wells Fargo makes it possible for job seekers with special accessibility needs to take part in the application process. These special needs may be hearing, vision, or mobility-related.

If you are a jobseeker with any of these disabilities, or currently assisting someone with a disability that requires accessibility assistance, then you can apply for any of the jobs. All you have to do is submit your request via phone (1-877-255-1606) or contact Wells Fargo via email ([email protected]).

You must include your contact information and specific details about the kind of accommodation you will need to support you during the application process.

Jobs at Wells Fargo

The following jobs are the most common positions applicants apply for. If you have banking experience, make sure you look at the variety of careers offered within this company. Chances are, there is a perfect career to match your qualifications and your work experience.

Wells Fargo Teller Job Description

As a teller, you are responsible for interacting with customers and your focus is on providing excellent services and building customer relationships. You will engage customers in conversations and offer them the help they need to meet their financial needs.

Your roles will include:

  • Talking to customers, listening to them, and helping them meet their financial needs
  • Asking questions to better understand customers
  • Introducing customers to the latest developments and bank services
  • Working with a team of people to help customers get what they want
  • Following policies and guidelines to minimize and possibly eliminate any risks
  • Process transactions accurately
  • Maintain a cash drawer that includes taking in and giving out cash and balancing

Customer Success Specialist

This specialist carries a very important position in the organization and is responsible for the following:

  • Delivering top-notch customer service and making sure customers get the bests services while following all rules, guidelines, and regulations
  • Promptly responding to customer inquiries via phone
  • Acting fast and excelling in a very fast-paced and collaborative environment requiring efficiency and accuracy
  • Skillfully navigating different systems on the computer, reassessing the needs of customers, and resolving issues that arise
  • Responding to customer inquiries via the chat platform

The compensation for this role typically starts at about $17 per hour and it comes with other benefits such as the contact center incentive compensation plan that allows you to earn quarterly incentives.

Wells Fargo Personal Banker Job Description

As a personal banker with the company, you will be expected to offer cutting-edge customer experience and build relationships with customers. For example, you will engage with a small business owner so that all parties get the best out of the partnership.

You’ll talk to customers and ask them questions about the things that are most important and relevant to them and this will enable you to make their experience with the bank a very pleasurable one.

Your roles will include: 

  • Building rapport with customers through listening, asking the right questions, and learning about their needs
  • Understanding all the products the bank offers and making this easily accessible and understandable to the customers
  • Working seamlessly in a group or team of other individuals
  • Opening new accounts and completing customer service requests
  • Informing customers of various digital products and other offerings
  • Assessing risk

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Consultant Job Description

A mortgage consultant is in charge of generating mortgage business with a strategy that combines inbound and outbound lead generation. They carry out this responsibility in a highly equipped sales center.

All leads and marketing material is made available. These consultants are trained to do very well with customer interactions and they never miss an opportunity to foster deeper and more meaningful customer relationships.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Executing loan applications and communicating all the relevant knowledge of the loan to the customer
  • Building relationships and showcasing your sales skills by assisting clients to reach their set financial goals
  • Providing high-end consultation services by educating borrowers on all available products and the loan process. You’ll generate business via relationships, direct-to-consumer marketing, and various other third-party means. Additional responsibilities may also include seeking out business from other affiliated business partners

Wells Fargo Branch Manager Job Description

Your role as a branch manager would be to lead the team to achieve its highest potential possible. This will involve team management, risk management, coaching, motivation, and direction of the activities of the team to meet business objectives.

Your roles will include:

  • Leading the team to serve as a role model for the kind of service that is expected of all employees, which is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction as the priority
  • Managing risks and work proactively to ensure all activities are done within the guidelines and parameters of the company
  • Recruiting, training, and developing top talent
  • Understanding all financial products on offer
  • Ensuring customers are kept abreast of all necessary information as it pertains to Wells Fargo
  • Providing proactive leadership to the team
  • Manage staffing, scheduling, and workflow

Requirements to Work at Wells Fargo

There are strict requirements to get hired at this banking institution. Here are some things to consider as you are looking to submit your Wells Fargo application online:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • A high school diploma or an equivalent is necessary
  • It’s preferable to have at least 1 year of customer service
  • If you have any banking experience, it will be advantageous for you

Internships are Available

Wells Fargo offers a broad spectrum of internship and development programs designed for undergraduates and postgraduate students who are looking to build a career in banking. These internships represent a variety of career paths that prospective employees can take in the future.

It will give you a sense and understanding of what to expect should you choose to pursue a career in banking.

When you join their team, you are coming into a fun and diverse environment that exposes you to the world of banking at its finest. Some of these benefits will be:

  • Specialized training
  • Networking with different Wells Fargo staff
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Attending exclusive events
  • Internships and full-time opportunities nationwide

How to Follow Up on Your Wells Fargo Application Online

If Wells Fargo shows interest in hiring you as an employee, they will notify you either via phone or email.

What if you never receive a callback? Does it mean they are not interested or that you don’t meet their qualifications?

Be aware that sometimes you may not match the type of candidate they are looking for at that specific time. It’s nothing on you and it doesn’t mean that you are not qualified.

Your application may have also been overlooked. Remember, human beings make mistakes, and this applies to personnel weeding through the hundreds of applications they receive weekly.

A great way to follow up on your application and give the company a little push towards you so that you can be considered a more serious candidate is as follows:

  • If you haven’t received a call back within one week, call the hiring manager
  • If you can’t reach someone in management, dress up in business attire and visit the place of business or branch you applied for
  • Introduce yourself to the employee at the customer service desk and state your purpose
  • Chances are, somebody will be able to assist you and give you guidance as to how you may proceed during the application process
  • If you’re able to speak to a manager in person, make sure you put your best foot forward and leave a business card with your name, address, email, and phone number

By doing the above, you will accomplish two things. First, you’ll show them that you are more interested in this position than most other applicants. Second, they will have a chance to see you in person and if you make a good impression, you may have an edge over your competition.

Wells Fargo Interview Process

The interview process at this banking institution is usually a lengthy one. From the time you submit your application to the time you are hired, it’s not unusual for one to two months to pass by.

Your first interview is usually over the phone. At this point, hiring personnel are trying to determine whether or not you have interpersonal skills and are qualified for the job, so they ask you a series of questions.

If you do well during your phone interview, you will be asked to come in to interview in person.

Since this is a banking job, you are expected to dress in business wear. This is your chance to really shine and knock the socks off of the interviewer!

For men, show up in a business suit with a long sleeve shirt and tie. For women, wear dress pants with a blouse or some type of statement dress.

Whether a man or woman, try not to dress in anything that’s too flashy or highly colorful.

You may be asked to participate in a panel interview, where a group of people asks you a variety of questions. At this point, you are considered a very serious candidate, so it’s important to prepare well.

Here are some questions they may ask:

  • Why do you want to work for Wells Fargo?
  • Can you tell us about a time you went above and beyond to help a customer out with some type of problem or issue they had?
  • Why did you leave your previous employer?
  • Based on what you have researched about this company, what is it that you like most about Wells Fargo?
  • Where do you see yourself in your career in five years?

Of course, there are many other questions that may be asked. At this point, you can conduct plenty of research that’s available for free on the Internet to find out the most popular questions asked during interviews. Here’s a great interview question guide that shows the questions and how to answer them.

Does Wells Fargo Drug Test During the Hiring Process?

Most employees who gave reviews on Indeed.com indicated Wells Fargo does not drug test during the employee screening process. They do, however, conduct background checks.

The results from these background investigations of individuals seeking employment usually take somewhere around 2 to 3 weeks to come back.

Wells Fargo Job benefits

As expected, Wells Fargo offers comprehensive health benefits that include medical, dental, vision benefits, prescription drugs, mental health, and substance-abuse coverage.

It also provides parental leave for any primary caregiver for a maximum of 16 weeks. 

The paid time off is very generous. You can accrue up to 18 days a year, even in your first year. As expected, you also have 12 paid holidays as well as personal holidays due to religious, cultural, or other diversity reasons.

The 401(k) plan is above average. It matches your contributions 100%, and it does so for a maximum of 6% of your salary.

There are also adoption reimbursement benefits, which give you a maximum of $5,000 for adoption-related expenses.

The tuition reimbursement program they have pays you back up to $5,000 every year for eligible tuition costs. 

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