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See the Bojangles pay reviewed by past and present employees.

Employees have mixed opinions about Bojangles Pay. The company says it offers competitive pay, benefits, and a fun work environment to create a great place to work. “The Bojangles culture is very family-oriented,” one employee said. “There is an emphasis on family values which is not found in many corporations.”

That may be a good indication that there is more to a job here than just the salary, which is typically low in a fast-food restaurant. Employee reviews on indicate the compensation and benefits are rated as “average”.

Bojangles Minimum Wage for Entry-level Workers

Bojangles offers a minimum hourly pay of $8.50 to $9.50 for entry-level workers. This is nowhere enough money to be a living wage, but it can certainly help people such as young adults, people needing extra income, or seniors.

Also, some states have a higher minimum wage, so you’d be more fortunate to get hired in D.C., for example, where the minimum wage is currently $15.20 per hour.

Bojangles Average Pay

The average pay for a Bojangles worker, when you take managerial staff into account, is roughly $13.95 an hour. This is a good way for entry-level workers to measure the prospect of what they can possibly earn if they set their sights on a managerial position in the future.

However, if you’re talking strictly about hourly workers, the figure drops to approximately $11.45 an hour. Keep in mind, that this average would include employees who have worked many years, as well as employees who’ve been there for a couple of years.

Bojangles Hourly Pay for Crew Members

Crew members can make an average hourly pay of $10.00 and $12.89. Bojangles is constantly looking for people to fill this position, so it’s relatively easy to get hired without any experience.

There are some locations that pay at least $10 an hour to start, so consult with the jobs available in your area to decide if you want to apply.

Bojangles Pay Rate For Cooks

Cooks at Bojangles earn an average of between $10.05 and $12.88 an hour, after a few years of experience. Remember, in order to become a Bojangles cook, you don’t need to have previous cooking experience.

Of course, you are encouraged to apply if you do have cooking experience, but many crew members are trained on the job for this position.

Bojangles Pay Per Hour for Shift Manager

Shift managers carry many responsibilities and for this, they earn between $12.20 and $15.81 an hour.

These shift managers will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of all aspects of the shift. They will also be training new employees, handling customer complaints, scheduling work shifts, and more.

Additionally, entry-level workers are usually the ones who are promoted to this position.

Bojangles Salary For Managers

Assistant managers earn between approximately $26,900 and $44,300 a year. A typical employee in this position will have started out as an entry-level crew member and progressed their way up the ladder to this position.

Only the best employees who are dedicated and talented get promotions to management positions in Bojangles, and any other fast food restaurant, for that matter.

General managers carry the greatest responsibility for the success of any Bojangles location, and they make between $35,750 and $69,200 a year.

These managers are responsible for training and managing all employees, maintaining high customer service standards, and ensuring customers have a great experience every time they visit. Additionally, they report to their district managers for guidance on making their stores as successful as possible in every way.

Does Bojangles Pay Weekly?

Bojangles pays either biweekly or weekly, depending on the location of your fast food restaurant. Franchisee-owned locations tend to favor a weekly check, while company-owned stores usually pay biweekly.

This is not always the case, however. Therefore, check with your management during the hiring process, so there are no surprises.

Bojangles Pay Period

The pay period typically begins on a Sunday and ends on the following Saturday, or the Saturday after that. After the pay period ends, you will get paid for the hours worked during the previous pay period.

This is why it may seem like a delayed process at the beginning after you get hired. You only get paid the hours worked during a certain timeframe after joining the company, on the next payday.

There is no such thing as a company holding your first paycheck because that would be illegal in the United States.

Bojangles Pay Day

The payday at Bojangles is typically on a Friday, but some locations choose to pay on a Monday. Some employees who have a difficult time controlling their finances prefer getting paid on a Monday.

This helps them avoid spending too much money on the weekends!

Bojangles Pay Card for Employees

The Bojangles employee pay card is a program that was created to make it easier for employees to get paid. The card is an alternative to the traditional paper check.

It is a reloadable card that can be used anywhere debit cards are accepted. It’s a more convenient way for employees to get paid, and it also eliminates the need for checks or cash.

Bojangles Paycheck

You have the option of receiving a paper check for your wages instead of using the pay card. It is much more convenient to use a pay card because it is issued electronically and immediately in your possession.

With paper checks, you sometimes have to wait for management to physically write out the checks. This makes life a little more difficult, especially in situations when you are in a hurry to get paid.

Bojangles Pay Every Week

The decision to work for Bojangles is a difficult one, but the working conditions and pay are worth the effort. It has many locations that offer a “pay-every-week” system, in which they pay employees every week instead of biweekly. This system is beneficial because it allows people to save money and plan ahead for things like rent, bills, and groceries.

An hourly job at this fast-food restaurant is a great opportunity for those who are looking to make some extra money. It is a great opportunity to have a job to help out with your household finances or any other extra expenses you may have.

Unless you are looking to get promoted to a manager position, it’s not the ideal career for most people who choose the fast-food industry as their profession.

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