Circle K Careers and Job Application Guide

Circle K careers are great for people looking to eventually get a management position.

With over 16,000 stores worldwide and over 130,000 employees, you can imagine how Circle K has to continually hire people in hopes that they will turn out to be good workers. This gives anyone who has the right mindset a chance to join a company and either have a steady job in one position or to climb up the ladder of success to management or a corporate job.

Working at Circle K

Employees at Circle K give this convenience store chain a slightly below-average overall rating when it comes to areas such as compensation, job security, management, and company culture.

The following are the pros and cons:


  • The stores have a professional and friendly work environment
  • A productive workplace ensures that entry-level associates will receive a great experience that will prepare them for a management career
  • Employees are generally happy with their management teams
  • The entry-level customer service representative job is very easy to learn
  • Some stores give workers plenty of overtime hours
  • Managers are willing to help you with your weekly scheduling


  • The pay is extremely low for entry-level and experienced customer service reps
  • You get very short breaks if any
  • Sometimes you end up working as a customer service rep all by yourself in the store
  • Customers are problematic on weekends and during night shifts
  • The pay raises are unfair and very low
  • Working there is tiring because you have to stand on your feet all day

Circle K Starting Pay

Circle K pays its entry-level workers approximately $8.50 an hour to start. This averages to about just barely over your state’s minimum wage.

The biggest complaint from employees is that entry-level salaries are nowhere near enough to live on. They also say even some workers with anywhere between 3 to 5 years of experience are barely making anything past $9 an hour.

This is troubling and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that companies who pay their employees this poorly have a very difficult time retaining them.

Basically, Circle K expects their customer service reps to gain experience and advance within their system so they can receive higher pay. 

Circle K Positions

Each Circle K store usually has a few customer service representative positions, sometimes a lead CSR, one or two assistant managers, and a store manager. Some stores also hire stockers and sandwich preparation artists for their on-site Subway stores.

Market Managers are assigned to different districts, so each store has its own employee in this position who oversees the operations of approximately 15 to 20 stores.

Circle K Customer Service Representative

And this job, you will usually be assigned to a certain assignment for a few hours at a time. For example, your team leader or assistant manager might ask you to work as the cashier for the first 4 hours of your shift.

Later, they may ask you to stock the shelves with products or to mop sections of the store to maintain its cleanliness.

If you are asked to become an overnight customer service representative, you’ll receive an additional $1.25 an hour. This 3rd shift job requires you to be very active both inside and outside the store.

There are no minimum requirements other than the ability to read and count, as well as to carry up to 30 pounds overhead and 60 pounds to waist level.

These strength requirements ensure that you’ll be able to stock shelves properly with merchandise that comes in from the delivery trucks.

Circle K Lead Customer Service Representative

If your store features this position, you’ll be the one leading your team of customer service reps. You will assume many of the duties of an assistant manager because this job is preparing you for a management career.

This is a very active job because you will be filling in for employees who called out sick while leading your store to success. Management is going to keep a close eye on you because they are looking to see if you have the capabilities of a true leader.

This job’s minimum requirements are the same as a customer service representative.

Circle K Assistant Manager

As a Circle K assistant manager, you can expect to be doing some of the hirings of new personnel as well as taking over bookkeeping duties to ensure the store’s profitability. Your leadership skills are of the utmost importance here because you will be dealing with employees who are generally not content with their low pay, which causes them to call out sick quite often.

Therefore, it’s crucial to place emphasis on motivating and teaching your new customer service reps and solving problems quickly with your people skills.

You can start out as a customer service rep and advance of this position within the first couple of years if you work hard and prove yourself. There or no minimum qualifications for this position other than showing management that you have what it takes to lead your team of employees.

Circle K Manager

As a Circle K store manager, you need to be an extraordinary multitasker. You have to be able to develop relationships with your suppliers, resolve customer complaints in a professional manner, and work with your community to maintain a positive image of the store and brand.

Additionally, you’re in charge of preparing performance evaluations for your employees and determining pay raises. Practicing safety measures is also very important in your store and you will constantly be on the lookout for hazards and retrain your personnel if necessary.

You’ll also be in charge of planning and organizing, analyzing your sales and forecasting profits, and communicating effectively with your associates.

This job requires you to work at least 50 hours per week and the minimal requirements are that you will have proven that you have exceptional leadership experience.

Circle K Market Manager

A market manager at Circle K, also known as a district manager, oversees up to 20 stores in a designated area. In this position, you’re in charge of duties such as: 

  • maximizing store sales
  • delegating responsibilities to store managers
  • watching trends and opportunities in your areas and reporting them to your company
  • overseeing store expenses
  • preparing annual budgets
  • providing leadership to your store managers and this includes recruiting, hiring, and firing

Other Circle K Careers – Corporate Jobs

Circle K has a variety of corporate jobs available and they include:

  • Information technology
  • Real estate
  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Operations
  • Business development

How to Apply for Circle K

To apply at Circle K, you must do so online. Here then, are the steps you can take to begin this process:

  1. Visit the official Circle K careers website.
  2. Look through all the navigation headings such as “Our Stores,” “Our Offices,” “Available Jobs,” etc.
  3. Once you are familiarized with the Circle K convenience store chain, return to the main page and click the “All Circle K Jobs“ button.
  4. Choose your category, location, and look through the job listings when the results are shown.
  5. Choose a job that interests you, and read the job description. When you are ready, click the “Apply” button.
  6. On the redirected page, you can create your free account to begin the Circle K application process.

Circle K Hiring Process

Once you submit your Circle K job application online, you are usually going to receive a call within the first week. Some people report it only takes 1 to 2 days to receive a call back for an interview.

Make sure you dress in nice business casual clothing when you attend your interview. They’re going to ask you simple questions such as, “Why do you want to work at Circle K?” and, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?“

After the interview, you may be asked to participate in a quick behavior assessment test right there at the store. Your interview will end and you will be subjected to a background check and if everything comes back OK, you will be hired within that same week and the store will issue you your start date.

On average, it takes anywhere between 5 days to 2 weeks to get hired.

Circle K Hiring Age

Circle K only hires people who are 18 years of age or older. This is common when it comes to convenience stores because of the selling of alcohol and tobacco products as well as the inherent danger of working a cash register on weekends and late nights.

Does Circle K drug test?

Generally, Circle K does not conduct a drug test as part of the hiring process for entry-level employees. However, you will be subjected to a background search.

Additionally, salaried workers can expect a background search as well as a drug test. If you do get a drug test, it will usually be a urine test.

Does this company hire felons?

Circle K does hire felons but it depends on the time elapsed since the last conviction and the kind of felony the person was convicted of. This company can’t be too picky when they are considering job applicants.

This is because the pay is very low and some employees are expected to work late nights as well as weekends, handling cash in front of customers who can be very difficult.

Circle K is known for giving felons second chances and opportunities to turn their lives around.


Circle K full-time employees receive a comprehensive health benefits plan that includes regular medical, dental, and vision. It also includes life insurance and short-term disability.

This company also offers a 401(k) with a company match, flexible spending account, health savings account, and tuition reimbursement.

Employees who work on the management teams also receive incentive and performance bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Circle K is another company that can offer the right person a stable environment where they can start out as a customer service representative and work their way up to management within a short period of time.

For those of you who simply want a steady job, I don’t know if the minimum hourly pay is going to be able to carry you through. It’s hard to work for such a low hourly wage, work as hard as any person does in a convenience store, and feel appreciated.

For those who want a steady job, I would tell them to look elsewhere in perhaps a larger box store or another retail chain. There are quite a few stores that presently offer $11-$15 an hour to start.

A job at Circle K is not a good one for the average senior. For one, you have to stand on your feet all day and the risks associated with handling cash in front of tough crowds on weekends and late nights, far outweigh the positives.

A job here is well-suited for someone who has their eyes set on a managerial position in the near-future. 

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  1. I just want to add. I am hoping my background comes back quickly. As I have been hired on as management. In hopes of being beneficial to both the brand and future employee’s. Most importantly. Most are people skilled. Some are born for retail. If you enjoy people of all walks including the many types of personality and or mood’s of customers and definitely want to or know how to solve conflict or problem solving. Then yes Circle K is a great job. But you Must like people. Be outgoing. And mostly have drive to make someone’s day that much easier. While being a great addition to the team.

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