How Much Does Applebee’s Pay?

How much does Applebee's pay? See the answer and find out other important details before you apply.

Few casual dining restaurant chains can brag about how successful they continue to be across the United States and worldwide. With close to 1,800 locations and over 28,000 employees, this is quite a large company.

If you’re wondering how much Applebee’s pays its employees, so that you can consider applying, the following information will help you make a decision.

Here’s what you’ll see:

Applebee’s Starting Pay

See the Applebee's starting pay to help you decide if a job at this casual dining restaurant is for you.

The starting pay for the lowest-paying jobs at Applebee’s that don’t require any experience is usually $1 to $2 dollars above the state’s minimum wage. These are jobs such as host/hostess, dishwasher, sanitation specialist, food expediter, carside to go, and line cook. 

Keep in mind, some of these positions carry a tipped employee base pay and these employees end up earning slightly more than minimum wage in their respective states.

Applebee’s Host Pay

The host at this restaurant chain settles for one of the lowest entry-level positions, and it pays an average of $11.08 an hour. 

If you work about 25 hours a week at this job, you’ll earn approximately $277 weekly. This will total approximately $14,404 a year. While this may not seem like much, it’s actually a great job for a teenager or someone who needs a part-time job to make extra money.

Applebee’s Server Pay

The average server at Applebee’s makes about $16.95 an hour, and this includes tips earned during the shift. This is a respectable hourly wage for this type of establishment, and it equates to $678 a week if you work a full 40-hour workweek.

Your yearly salary at this rate would be approximately $35,256. 

Applebee’s Sanitation Specialist Pay

This is another low-paying entry-level or experienced position, and it pays an average of $10.57 per hour. If you work full-time at 40 hours a week in this position, you’ll earn about $422 a week.

The yearly salary would be barely above $21,000, making this job one that does not offer a living wage. Still, if you have two people in your household working a job that pays just above $20,000 a year, you can both earn enough to pool your money together and at least have necessities and a roof over your head.

Applebee’s Dishwasher Pay

A dishwasher at this restaurant chain makes approximately $12.78 an hour. This equals about $511 a week and a yearly salary of $26,582. 

This is a great position for someone who wants to possibly move into the position of line cook or prep cook, and eventually be a full-fledged cook. With this job, you’ll get to see exactly how an efficient kitchen, providing excellent food service, operates.

Applebee’s Carside Pay

A carside to-go specialist at Applebee’s is a great entry-level job for someone who has great communication skills. This job pays approximately $11.08 an hour.

By working 40 hours a week, you’ll earn $443. This will amount to $23,046 a year. 

Applebee’s Bartender Pay

This is a job where, naturally, your daily pay is going to fluctuate based on the number of tips you receive. However, on average, a bartender at Applebee’s makes about $15.65 an hour.

So, you can make approximately $626 a week and a yearly salary of about $32,552.

Applebee’s Food Expediter Pay

This job, also known as the “expo” position, will pay you approximately $11.73 an hour, and this means you would earn $469 a week. If you work a consistent 40-hour weekly schedule, you can make approximately $24,388 a year.

Remember, this is a fast-paced job that’s going to require you to help with the efficiency of all the orders that have been placed by customers. Therefore, get ready to burn some calories and make money!

Applebee’s Prep Cook Pay

A prep cook at Applebee’s makes approximately $13.80 an hour. A full 40 hours a week schedule will let you earn approximately $552 every week. 

This means your yearly salary would be about $28,704. This can be an entry-level position, and you will be trained on the job.

Applebee’s Line Cook Pay

A line cook’s hourly pay is slightly above that of a prep cook. The hourly pay averages at around $14.50 an hour.

The weekly salary would be approximately $580 and this amounts to a yearly salary of $30,160.

Applebee’s Shift Supervisor Salary

This job, also commonly referred to as a shift leader, is worth approximately $33,750 a year.

This job will have you leading each shift of employees as you assign specific tasks and make sure that all the employees are prepared to provide the best service possible. It’s the perfect job to help train you to become an assistant manager.

Applebee’s Assistant Manager Salary

An assistant manager at Applebee’s makes approximately $56,220 a year. 

A major complaint from people working this position is that you can sometimes work 60 or more hours a week and not get compensated for the extra time because you are a salaried employee.

Applebee’s General Manager Salary

The general manager at Applebee’s makes over $58,000 a year, on average. 

Applebee’s is always looking for general managers with 3 to 5 years of managerial experience under their belt in a casual dining atmosphere. This job carries the possibility of earning a very lucrative yearly bonus.

Does Applebee’s pay weekly or biweekly?

Applebee’s pays biweekly in most locations. The pay period can begin on a Wednesday and end on the second Tuesday after that, for a total of 14 days. After that, you should get paid on the following Tuesday.

However, some locations have their pay periods begin on a Monday and end two Sundays after that.

Then, your paycheck is given to you on the following Friday.

Most locations give tipped employees the tip money earned for their shift on a daily basis. On payday, these same employees receive a very small check to cover their low hourly wages.

How often does Applebee’s give raises?

While some present and past employees say they have received a raise in pay after every one year of service, others say they have not received a raise at all for quite some time.

This indicates the importance of communicating with your management staff to let them know you appreciate a raise and compensation for your hard work. 

Full-Time Hours at Applebee’s

If you average 35 or more hours a week, you will be considered a full-time employee at Applebee’s.

Usually, a full-time worker at this restaurant will put in about 35 to 40 hours every week.

Part-Time hours

Part-time Applebee’s workers are usually assigned anywhere between 15 and 30 hours of work every week.

Most managers are very flexible with part-time workers with regard to the number of hours they can work.

Shift Hours

The following are some examples of the types of shifts you will work at Applebee’s.

  • 6 AM to 11 AM
  • 8 AM to 2 PM
  • 9 AM to 3 PM
  • 10 AM to 4 PM
  • 11 AM to 5 PM
  • 11 AM to 7 PM
  • 4 PM to midnight
  • 5 PM to midnight

Applebee’s Sick Leave Policy

Applebee’s doesn’t offer any sick days for hourly employees. If you are going to take a sick day and need someone to replace you for your shift, make sure you call your management staff at least three hours in advance.

Does Applebee’s hire felons?

Applebee’s will hire felons, but some people have mentioned that they weren’t given a chance to apply because of their felony past. Therefore, it is likely that this all depends on the hiring manager and the way your particular location operates.

Either way, don’t let that stop you from applying. It is a fact that many people are able to be rehabilitated and continue on with their lives and move forward positively. Companies know this and many are willing to give someone a second chance.

Break Policy

Breaks at Applebee’s are hit or miss, depending on the location. Usually, when business is slow, managers will allow you to take a 10 to 15-minute paid break during your shift.

If you’re going to be working a full eight-hour shift, you will be entitled to a 30-minute lunch break, as well.

Dress Code

The dress code for Applebee’s consists of an all-black uniform, such as a polo shirt, jeans or slacks, and non-resistant shoes.

You are allowed to wear earrings and tattoos, and depending on the location of your restaurant, you may not be able to wear body piercings.

Additionally, in some locations, you are not allowed to have unnaturally colored hair while in some locations, you can. Some managers are ok with black headbands, while others will not allow it.

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