How Much Does Burger King Pay?

Working at a fast food restaurant is a great opportunity for a teenager, a retired worker, and anyone else who wants to take a crack at providing customer service and working in a fast food place.

What follows is plenty of information that will prove to be helpful for you as you’re trying to figure out if you want to apply for a job at Burger King, and if so, what type of job you would apply for.

Here’s the information contained:

  • Burger King starting pay
  • how many hours they give you to work full-time
  • the part-time pay
  • how many part-time hours you get to work
  • the starting and average team member pay
  • hourly shift coordinator salary
  • assistant manager salary
  • Burger King general manager salary
  • whether Burger King gives raises
  • the dress code
  • break policy
  • how to call out sick without getting in trouble
  • the answer to “Does Burger King pay weekly or biweekly?”

Burger King Starting Pay

Find out what the Burger King salaries are in your area.
Burger King salaries will differ depending on the location and whether it’s company-owned or a franchise.

The minimum pay for an entry-level employee varies by location and franchise owner. Usually, it is stuck somewhere between $8 and $9 per hour. 

By contrast, fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s are already contemplating raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour in many locations. You may want to stay tuned for that!

Burger King full time hours

Full-time employees usually get somewhere around 30 to 45 hours a week and have two days off every week. If a worker passes the 40 hour a week mark, he or she will collect time and a half for those hours worked.

This happens at some locations where workers call in sick and missed their shifts. Keep in mind to get overtime, it usually has to be approved by your management staff in writing, per policy.

Burger King part time pay

The part-time pay is the same as the hourly full-time salary. As a part-time employee at Burger King, you can expect to be the one filling in for people who miss work, and you will work shifts in short spurts, such as 3 to 5 consecutive hours a day.

Part-time hours for Burger King

As a part-time worker at BK, you’ll be lucky if you get anywhere between 15 to 25 hours of work every week and you’ll most likely have 2-3 days off a week. 

If you are hoping to become a full-time worker as quickly as possible, you need to be “on point!” Show up to work on time, all the time. Also, be ready and willing to fill-in for any available slot that is open due to somebody missing work or any other reason.

The whole idea is to prove to management that you were worth keeping as a permanent employee.

Burger King Salaries

Taking all the salaries into account, starting with the team member pay, I would say Burger King lags behind many fast-food restaurants. There is no reason for the third-largest fast-food restaurant in the world to be paying its workers such low pay.

Now, in the defense of franchise owners as well as the parent company, there are a lot of expenses due to the constant employee turnover rate. Of course, hiring, firing, and seeing employees move onto better things costs owners quite a bit of money. All of these costs negatively affect how much employees get paid.

With that said,  I have listed the jobs available at Burger King fast-food restaurants along with the salaries you can expect.

Burger King Team Member Pay

Team members usually start out anywhere between $8 or $9 an hour, depending on the location. This also usually depends on the salary offered by the franchise owner of your store.

Based on $8 an hour, a full-time worker stands a chance of making only $16,640 a year without overtime. The average team member makes approximately $8.75, and this means they stand to make approximately $18,200 a year.

Burger King Shift Coordinator pay

The hourly shift coordinator at Burger King makes approximately $11.40 per hour. This job comes with a lot of responsibility, especially for the amount of and lack of adequate pay that’s involved.

As a matter of fact, the compensation for this job is approximately 22% below the national average, according to

Based on the average figure, a worker in this position can earn approximately $23,712 a year.

Burger King Assistant Manager pay

The average salary for an assistant manager at Burger King is approximately $35,450 a year.

Once again, the pay is below the national average for this type of position. A lot of complaints by present and former employees is how the pay is incredibly low for the types of things you have to do and accomplish every day at the restaurant.

How much does a Burger King manager make?

A Burger King general manager stands to make approximately $44,500 per year. This is also well below the national average for a position of this type.

Taking all the jobs into consideration, it leaves any person scratching their head wondering why the pay is so low for jobs within this company.

A BK manager is expected to work very long hours and with this type of pay, he or she will probably end up making far less than $20 an hour. A better choice for managers would be Chick-Fil-A, where the average salary for this position is much higher.

Does Burger King give raises?

While Burger King itself will claim they do give raises to its employees, even to entry-level team members, reports from employees say something different. 

Some employees say they have worked at least one and a half years without getting a raise. If you find yourself in this position, calmly ask your management staff to have a meeting with you.

During this meeting, explain how happy you are to be an employee and that you have done everything you believe was expected of you. Let your management staff know that you are hopeful that they will consider giving you a raise in pay.

On the flipside, if you do nothing and remain silent, you will probably never even be considered for a raise in pay.

If you don’t get a raise after you’ve been an exceptional employee and after asking to be considered for one, you may want to think about going to another company. In that case, it would be their loss and a great opportunity for you to keep advancing your career and your life.

Dress code

The latest uniform BK employees have been wearing is a gray shirt with a few stripes on them that represent the ingredients contained in the whopper and black pants.

While every franchise differs in the way they require uniforms, you can bet that you will be wearing the prescribed uniform shirt and pants, and some type of anti-skid work shoes.

Some franchise owners provide some parts of the uniform for employees. Others require you to buy them.

Burger King break policy

Since employees can get a 50% discount off certain items of one meal every day, many workers take advantage of it.

Full-time employees who work 8 hours get an unpaid 30-minute break for meals and 2 10-minute breaks during their shift. You’ll have to consult with your supervisor to work this out.

Be aware that your meal breaks are unpaid while you’re 10-minute rest breaks are covered.

The meal breaks have to be taken within the first 5 hours of an 8-hour shift. If a person is going to work only 6 hours, that employee doesn’t have to take that meal break. 

By the way, for every 3.5 hours you work, you are entitled to a 10-minute break at Burger King. For mothers who are nursing their children, you would have to consult with the human resources department to work something out to take care of your baby’s needs.Burger

Call out sick policy

If you’re going to be missing work on any particular day, you will have to call your supervisor 4 hours in advance before the start of your shift. 

If you are absent for at least 3 days, you’ll have to provide an excuse in the form of a written statement from your doctor.

Do Burger King employees get paid weekly?

BK employees get paid biweekly. The pay period will usually start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday. Then, you would get paid on the following Friday, every two weeks. Check with your store during or after the application process. You might have a different pay period schedule.

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