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There are various job openings at Kroger and you can search for them based on title or location. Before you see how to fill out a Kroger application online, here’s an important piece of information to keep in mind.

This company gives you different options across industries, and they can be categorized based on profession, salary, and skill level. Additionally, they recently raised the starting pay and pledged to continue making their retail chain competitive in wages.

You can also filter a specific employment opportunity from one of the many job openings in their online application system. If you don’t immediately find an opportunity that suits you, you can also join their Talent Community. This system sends you email adverts to job openings that are tailored according to your qualifications and experience.

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Kroger Employee Reviews

Kroger employee reviews mention the company tries hard to take care of their employees and it creates a positive working atmosphere.
Kroger’s recent pay raises across the board in 2018 have set the tone for their employees’ futures.

There are so many upsides to working at Kroger. This is the same feedback that’s continually echoed from many of its employees. Kroger has created an environment that is conducive and nurturing to your professional growth and financial freedom.

They have a comprehensive and competitive employee benefit program that caters to the needs of its employees. Their bonus program is also qualifications and performance-based.

Employees have reported various benefits such as medical insurance plans, retirement packages, vacations, and holidays. This company also looks after your physical and mental health. It offers lifestyle benefits such as gym membership, coaching programs, and much more.

History of Kroger

The Kroger Company was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. It is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

In its formative years, it went through a lot of rocky moments before it became the giant that it is today.

The first Kroger Marketplace in Arkansas opened a decade ago back in 2010. The first one in Virginia opened in 2012.

Kroger’s list of facilities includes convenience stores, departmental stores, malls, supermarkets, and jewelry stores. It operates a very friendly and welcoming system. Here, employees are mandated to be very friendly with customers in a bid to gain new ones.

This shows it is invested in the intercommunication skills of its employees.

How Many Stores Does Kroger Have?

Currently, Kroger Company now operates over 2700 stores in different locations across the country. It is currently the twenty-third largest company in the world.

In the US, it ranks the second-largest general retailer just behind the popular Walmart.

In most Kroger-owned stores, you will find different departments mainly based on the grocery department. You will also find toy stores, furnishings, bed and bath, jewelry, Starbucks, pizza places, and more.

Kroger is not exclusive to regional brand products. They also create their private-labeled products with the help of multiple partnership agreements.

It currently markets three brand categories:

  • one brand offers the lowest price possible
  • the second offers premium organic products
  • the last brand makes products that can compete with the leading national brands in the market

Are There Any Kroger Jobs Near Me?

Chances are, you have a Kroger store near you. You can use this link to find out.

Once you verify there is a location near you, it’s time to set your sights on finding a job at that particular location.

How Old Do You Have to Be To Work at Kroger?

The minimum age to work here is 14-years-old. You can usually get a stocker or bagger job at this age. Be aware you need to find out your state laws, as they differ depending on where you live.


This position is one of the most available jobs at the Kroger stores. Baggers have a wide array of responsibilities they have to carry out daily.

These responsibilities include packing purchased items in grocery bags and assisting clients with their bags to their vehicles. Workers here can also help customers make up their minds about purchases and shopping decisions.

As a Kroger bagger, additional responsibilities may include

  • encouraging sales
  • retrieving shopping carts
  • returning unwanted goods to their original aisles and shelves

When new merchandise is delivered to the store, baggers may also be called upon to assist with placement. A bagger will typically earn around $10.50 per hour.

In addition to this wage, baggers will also partake in 401(k) retirement plans. They will also get medical coverage, and insurance, and company-sponsored educational programs.

This is the ideal position for youngsters looking to gain experience in the work world. It’s also great for seniors looking for a solid and dependable part-time job.

Can Kroger baggers accept tips?

It is against policy to accept tips as a Kroger employee. The company does not want to place any strain on a person’s finances by making them feel obligated to tip you after taking their cart to their vehicle and unloading their groceries into their cars.

Still, there are many baggers who accept tips against company policy just to supplement their income. This is dangerous and can get you fired!

Kroger cashier positions

This is another popular entry-level position. Anyone over 16 can apply for this position and work as a cashier.

The primary responsibilities of the cashier include:

  • greeting customers
  • processing payments (both cash and card)
  • ringing up purchases
  • answering any questions about goods and services, promotions, rewards, and programs currently running in the store

The cashier will have to be acquainted with all product descriptions and locations. Sometimes the cashier is called upon to assist with bagging and making sure the store is clean and in proper order.

To be considered for a role as a cashier, you don’t need to have any prior experience or background even though it can be an added advantage in your application. However, you are required to know basic arithmetic and know how to operate cash registers.

Other requirements include your ability to stand for a prolonged period and interact with customers. The pay for this position starts at $10 per hour and can get as high as $14 to $18 per hour.

It also comes with the benefits that come with the previously described position of baggers.

Kroger clerk

Clerks are an essential part of the Kroger workforce, and they are called upon to support and organize every department in the Kroger distribution network. Their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • organizing and stocking shelves
  • providing customer service
  • sweeping floors
  • maintaining general orderliness in the store

People who wish to become store clerks do not need any significant work experience. There is extensive training in place to train them for this position.

The pay for this position starts out at minimum pay of $10 per hour. However, the average pay for this position is currently $11.50.

With experience, you can make up to $16 to $17 an hour.

Kroger Management Jobs

There are various management positions offered at Kroger. If you are qualified and interested, I encourage you to submit your application here. Once you do that, you should get feedback from the hiring department within a week or two of your application.

The management positions come with responsibilities that include scheduling workers, overseeing their activities, and motivating employees to perform their best.

Some of the titles that are associated with management positions are:

  • Team leader
  • Shift supervisor
  • Department manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Store manager

Salaries for managers usually start at around $27,000 and go up to $85,000. This will largely depend on your qualifications, work experience, and educational background. Some Kroger managers hit the six-figure salary mark!

Finding a Kroger career as a manager is a great way of moving up the professional career ladder in the retail business.

Move up in ranks

The corporate office is always on the lookout for eager and qualified managers that can meet the company’s expectations. The financial benefits and packages are very enticing and you can make a good living in any of these positions.

For floor supervisors, the rates usually start at around $12 to $14 per hour. Store managers start at around $17 per hour. The hourly wage can get as high as $60.

Based on your skill and experience, you can earn an attractive amount of money working as a Kroger manager.

Experienced managers will also have the benefit of great salaries coupled with:

  • holiday bonuses
  • gift cards
  • retirement benefits
  • health care coverage
  • a host of other benefits

If you’re looking for a management position, then you want to make sure you itemize all of your previous work experience that is relevant to the position. For those of you who have any prior grocery store experience, you have to include it in your resume.

People who have some education in the areas of management and administration will always have an added advantage.

Fill Out Kroger Application Online

The Kroger application is not available in a printable version. You can apply online and fill out all the necessary information on the online portal.

It is always advisable to get as much information about the role you are applying for before filling out your application. You should also get acquainted with Kroger’s organizational values, diversity, benefits, and responsibilities.

If you want to get a position at Kroger, all you have to do is log on to the website and fill out the forms. There are full-time and part-time positions available and the openings will largely depend on your location and the Kroger store you are applying to work at.

From the portal, you will be able to access the locations with suitable openings as well as the subsidiaries that welcome your background and education. Scroll to the bottom of the page and proceed to click on the careers/job section just below the company information heading.

How to Apply at Kroger Online

To fill out the application online, you will be required to create an online candidate profile where you can proceed to upload your resume and cover letter, if necessary. You can also keep track of the progress of your application from this portal.

If you are seeking an hourly position, submitting a resume is not required. However, if you take the time to create a resume and CV, it can improve your chances of being taken more seriously during the hiring process.

Once registered on the platform, you can review your profile and make changes at any time. This is also the time you can also search for new job openings and indicate your interests in specific job openings.

There is also an option to allow recruiters to get in touch with you when they have openings they think will suit you best.

How to Ace the Application Assessment Test

During the Kroger application online, you will be given an assessment test. This is a fairly long test that’s about 17 pages long and has about five questions you have to answer on each page.

This test has been put in place so that Kroger can determine if you are the right candidate for them. Although the test may be frustrating, if you simply take the time to answer them honestly and intelligently, you should have no problem.

When a question is given, pause for a moment and think of the most positive answer that would reflect well on you and the way you would affect Kroger as an employee.

Follow Up on Your Kroger Application Online

The best thing you can do after you apply online is to call the hiring manager after 2 to 3 days so you can touch base with the company.

This will give you a distinct advantage and maybe place your application on the top of the pile. If a manager knows about you, he or she is more likely to jump on the fact an applicant expressed more interest in getting hired than most other applicants.

Alternatively, why not visit the store you applied for? Once you get there, you can do your best to make an awesome first impression by introducing yourself and speaking with a manager in person.

The Kroger Pay Rate Continues to Improve

Obviously, Kroger’s pay depends largely on the position you are hired for. The pay for the most popular positions has been previously talked about in this article.

However, to give you a basic summary, based on information out there, employees in the business operations will earn around $76,000 annually and this is well above average.

Those working in the manufacturing warehouse also earn an average of around $52,000 annually. On the lower end of the pay scale, you will earn around $20,000 to $26,000 annually for jobs in sales and retail, restaurant, and hospitality functions.

Remember that in 2018, Kroger improved wages across the board, and in the process, the employee turnaround decreased substantially. They also improved their retirement plans and their benefits.

Does Kroger Drug Test Before Hiring?

Drug testing can vary from store to store. There is no general policy that dictates if, when, and how it is done. Some stores will drug test before employment and others might not. All the same, you should prepare your mind for this if it is required.

Even if a particular store doesn’t drug test before hiring, an employee who takes illicit drugs probably won’t last very long. The moment someone sees an employee appear under the influence of an unknown substance, the company can send you to immediately get drug tested.

Does Kroger hire felons?

Finding work anywhere with a conviction can be very challenging and we know how difficult this can get. At this time, there is no definitive feedback from Kroger on their hiring policy for felons and people with misdemeanors. Every application is treated on a case-by-case basis.

Online reports show that Kroger has hired people with misdemeanors as well as felons. As with other retail stores, I believe the best policy is to be straightforward and honest from the beginning.

Felony convictions that will probably disqualify you are crimes that may have a negative effect on the store, customers, and fellow employees. It also depends on the time that has elapsed since the conviction.

For example, if you’ve been convicted of an armed robbery 3 years before applying, you will have difficulty getting hired anywhere!

Everyone deserves a second chance, but it has to be within reason for any company! They have to really believe that someone is rehabilitated and is worth hiring.

Featured image courtesy of Dwight Burdette, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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