Gap Job Descriptions

The Gap job descriptions will give you details on the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications for an open position in this company. It’s important for this or any company to provide this information with their hiring process.

It not only helps the company with recruiting, but also helps ensure that all employees have similar expectations and understand what is required from them.

Gap Job Requirements

For hourly workers, there are no minimum educational requirements. You just have to be someone who can show a good personality to be able to effectively interact with customers and coworkers.

You also don’t need a bachelor’s degree to be able to advance to a store management position at Gap, but it’s preferable, and it gives you an advantage over other applicants.

Many entry-level associates at this company have gone on to higher management positions by working hard, being dependable, and learning the ins and outs of the company.

Gap Core Values

Gap bases its core values on equality and environmental issues.

Here they are:

Equality & Belonging

The company believes in always being open to every possibility. This allows it to gather people from different walks of life and work towards creating a stronger and better future for everyone.

Gender Equality & Empowerment

The company is happy to offer equal pay for equal work. This is something American culture values, as people are all created with equality embedded into the way the world should function.


Gap cares about environmental issues and is integrating them into its sustainability practices. As far as renewable energy, they’re hoping to reach 100% by 2030.

Gap Sales Associate Job Description

The Gap sales associate is responsible for successfully selling and delivering the company’s products to customers. This includes creating and maintaining strong relationships with customers, providing exceptional customer service, and meeting sales objectives.

Other duties and responsibilities:

  • Greet customers in a friendly, professional manner
  • Actively listen to customers and provide appropriate product recommendations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the current trends in fashion, styling, and design
  • Maintain professional appearance while on the sales floor
  • Handle customer returns with care
  • Follow up with customers after every sale to ensure satisfaction
  • Assist in other areas of the store as needed

Gap Cashier Job Description

The Gap cashier is responsible for assisting customers with their purchases, providing a positive experience, and handling transactions.

Other responsibilities:

  • Be friendly and helpful to customers while they are in the store
  • Provide information about the store to customers
  • Perform duties related to the cash register, such as verifying prices and scanning items
  • Assist in maintaining store appearance, such as sweeping floors and emptying trash cans
  • Assist with product placement and merchandising as needed
  • Maintain a safe environment in the store
  • Assist with customer service issues as needed
  • Other duties as assigned by management

Gap Stocker Job Description

The Gap stocker will be responsible for the care of all store products. This includes ensuring the store is in pristine condition, that the shelves are stocked with the right product, and that all products are placed in their correct locations.

This worker will also be responsible for ensuring that all items are properly tagged and that they are visible to customers.

Other responsibilities:

  • Pick and stock merchandise on shelves and in displays throughout the store
  • Maintain inventory levels for assigned departments
  • Ensure that all products are accurately represented and placed according to the company’s policies
  • Assure that all product is properly maintained, labeled, and priced before leaving the floor
  • Follow company guidelines for inventory management, including backroom stock rotation procedures
  • Ensure that produce is properly merchandised and priced according to company policies
  • Monitor products on the floor for pricing discrepancies and ensure they are fixed as quickly as possible
  • Assist store associates and managers on the floor with any questions or issues they may have regarding inventory or pricing

Gap Assistant Manager Job Description

The Gap assistant manager is responsible for the daily operations of the store. This includes managing all aspects of store operations, including merchandising, budgeting, inventory, and customer service. This manager is also responsible for retail, marketing, and public relations efforts.

Other duties and responsibilities:

  • Work with the store manager to deliver a successful store experience
  • Manage all aspects of store operations
  • Develop and implement strategies for marketing and PR
  • Manage inventory control system and ensure accuracy
  • Monitor daily sales reports to ensure accuracy
  • Develop marketing plans and execute them according to plan
  • Monitor social media activity
  • Deliver regular reports on performance metrics, including inventory changes and sales trends

Gap General Manager Job Description

The general manager at Gap stores is responsible for the day-to-day operations and all aspects of marketing, merchandising, and store management. This includes working with the assistant managers to ensure a successful launch of new products, maintenance and repairs, and budgeting for the future.

The GM will also work with the corporate team to ensure that the company’s objectives are met in terms of profitability and growth.

Other responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to the store managers in day-to-day operations
  • Manage inventory levels by forecasting sales trends and identifying trends in product mix
  • Maintain regular contact with corporate team to ensure that objectives are met
  • Maintain regular contact with wholesalers to monitor inventory levels
  • Lead store operations team to meet service standards
  • Analyze inventory levels for markdowns or clearance opportunities
  • Develop marketing plans for Gap’s products and services

Is Gap a good place to work?

Yes. Gap gets above-average ratings as a place to work by employees on, a job-search site that allows people to search for jobs and view company ratings.

According to the reviews, all categories score very high, and you can see more information through this link here.

Gap Orientation

The new employee orientation at Gap should last at least one full workday, according to company policy.

If you are an hourly worker, you can wear trendy clothing like the kind you would find at Gap stores to this orientation.

After you learn all there is to know about the company, you will be placed on the sales floor and begin your on-the-job training.

Gap Employee Discount

Gap employees get up to 50% off on all merchandise at all Gap, Inc.-owned stores. If you shop at an outlet store at a store in this company, you will be able to get 30% off.

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