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Being one of the best general merchandise retailers in the United States, there are many Target job descriptions to read through. The company employs over 400,000 employees and is famously known for its tagline, “Expect More. Pay Less.”

They have been using this tagline since 1994, and it’s a good sign for anyone wanting to join forces with a company that sets high expectations.

Requirements to Work at Target

  • Target’s minimum hiring age is 16 years old for store positions
  • You have to be at least 18 years old to work in the distribution centers
  • For non US citizens, proof of authorization to work in the US is a requirement
  • A G.E.D or high school diploma is preferable, but not required
  • For management positions, a bachelor’s degree is preferred but not necessary as long as you have equivalent retail experience

Although many Target team members have graduated from high school or have a G.E.D., the most important skills hiring managers are looking for are:

  • Ability to multitask and pay attention to detail
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Sharp basic math skills

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Target Team Member Job Description

Working as a team member at Target, you are responsible for ensuring an exceptional guest experience throughout all store areas. You are responsible for ensuring that guests can easily find what they are looking for and that the areas effectively maintain brand standards and are available in stock.

Guests are expected to enjoy an incredible experience in the stores, and you’ll help meet their expectations by keeping them engaged and emphasizing the needs of the guests over the tasks. You are supposed to grow sales by using signs, organizing merchandise, and placing proper labels on the sales floor.

Qualifications: Target hires people with incredible attributes, some of which include having a welcoming and helpful attitude towards the guests and other team members. You need to be a person who can adapt to new technologies with ease.

If you’re a quick thinker who can answer guest questions promptly, that’s a major plus. Let the hiring manager know you are a person who can fit in a flexible work schedule like holidays, weekends, and nights and regularly attend when called upon at any time.

You should also be physically fit and able to lift over 40 lbs. with ease. A good candidate for this job is also expected to be comfortable to cross-train and work in other areas of the store.

Target Guest Services Job Description

The guest service attendant position requires you to manage the front end and for that reason, you will be the face of the company. What you’ll be doing is looking for opportunities that are above and beyond the expectations of the guests, and be available to assist the team with any tough questions you may be facing.

You should help guests feel the difference in their Target shopping experience by making it rewarding, inspiring, and frictionless. You are supposed to create an environment that is welcoming and friendly and generates lots of love and loyalty to the customers of this company.

In this job, you’ll welcome every guest in the best way possible, guide the guest to the shortest route to find an item, and be there to respond to any question he or she may have. You should ensure that the service areas never get crowded.

There should be only one person in line waiting and one being checked out. If there is more than one in waiting, make an effort and let the guest know that you are sorry about it, or guide them to the next available checkout lane.

Qualifications: As a guest service attendant, you need to have a welcoming and helpful attitude towards guests and your fellow team members. You are also supposed to be a person who can learn and adapt to different trends of technology.

This position requires a quick thinker who can answer guest questions without hesitating. You should also have a flexible work schedule where you can work on holidays, weekends, and nights without a problem.

People who are physically fit and comfortably lift over 40 lbs. without a problem are preferred for this position. If you have at least 6 months of work experience in a retail department or an equivalent qualification, you’re a great candidate for this job. However, entry-level workers can land this job, as well.

Target Cashier Job Description

What does working as a cashier at Target entail? It requires you to be an enthusiastic person with the willingness to help guests at any time, while at the same time offering an efficient and friendly checkout experience.

You are supposed to help clients feel welcome at the company every time you make contact with them. At the same time, you need to be a multitasker who can converse with guests in a friendly manner and build connections with them.

The ability to serve each customer in a good way with ultimate professionalism is a requirement. You should greet every guest warmly and authentically, maintain eye contact, and smile.

Make sure you acknowledge every guest who has been waiting in line and let them know you appreciate their patience. When those same guests are checking out purchases, tell them they are welcome to shop with the company again.

Complete the transactions accurately and efficiently, while keeping the guests engaged in important conversations when opportunities arise. You should also assist guests by following the proper procedures with heavy and large items, and also while bagging merchandise.

Qualifications: You need to have a helpful and welcoming attitude towards the guests and other team members. You’ll need to be a person who can quickly adapt and learn about current technology needs.

Quick thinkers are oftentimes the best cashiers because they have the ability to spot and answer questions quickly and efficiently. This helps customers become regulars, knowing they can count on receiving accurate information while making purchases.

You should be flexible in that you can meet work schedules that come up during holidays, on weekends, and during the night. You need to be physically fit and capable of lifting 20 lb. luggage with ease. Furthermore, you also need to have the willingness to cross-train and work in other areas if needed.

Target Logistics Job Description

Working as either a reverse/receiving logistic team member, you are assigned the responsibility of routinely working with vendors and making sure the lines of communication are open and effective.

You are responsible for processing anything that is being delivered to or from a Target store. You’ll make sure you capture the right receipts, credits, and other items that may be defective, so you can accurately keep track of them.

Logistics team members play an important role in the (ESIM) environmentally sensitive item management process at the store by making sure that the right procedures are followed per applicable laws and regulations.

At the same time, you’ll deliver an exceptional guest experience by engaging with the guests consistently and prioritizing the needs of the guests before the tasks.

Qualifications: A welcoming attitude towards your other team members and most importantly to the clients, is a must. You have to be someone who adapts to the current technology trends quickly.

If you’re flexible with work schedules that require you to work during holidays, weekends, and at times during the night, you’ll have an advantage. You shouldn’t have any underlying physical conditions and should comfortably lift 40 lbs. You must be open to working in other areas of the store as well.

Target Backroom Job Description

This job requires you to deliver exceptional work by putting more emphasis on the guest experience rather than the task. You are supposed to stock items and pull items from the backroom accurately, while at the same time guarding and preventing the items from any damages.

You’ll be picking up items for guest orders meeting their service levels. You should also maintain a well-organized backroom and location accuracy and be in a position to follow the guidelines of equipment used during your shift.

Qualifications: You have to be a welcoming person who displays a great attitude towards your fellow team members and guests. You must also be a person who is on your toes with the current trends in technology.

An individual who can think quickly and answer guest questions instantly is preferred for this position. You must be comfortable with a flexible work schedule and can show up to work on weekends, nights, and holidays without a problem.

You shouldn’t have any physical issues and be strong enough to lift 40 lbs. with ease. You must also be willing to help out management from time to time and work in different departments of the store.

Target Guest Advocate Job Description

For you to become a guest advocate at Target, you need to have the following traits:

  • Experience in selling and promoting various services, offerings, and benefits
  • Ability to adapt to a variety of guest interactions and situations
  • The skills to solve different problems and make major decisions that will impact the guest experience positively and resolve any issue they may be facing
  • Ability to communicate and interact with different guests and make sure they enjoy their experience while shopping in the company

As a guest advocate, you should be able to create a welcoming experience by greeting every guest authentically and make them feel welcome. Try to connect with the guest by engaging them in a conversation.

Target Team Leader Job Description

A team leader at Target is usually the one responsible for opening and closing the store on the days assigned. He or she is heavily involved in the hiring process of new employees.

This position demands that you create a positive experience for the guests and team members every day. You should guide your team in achieving different goals in sales while at the same time minimizing the expenses involved.

There are a Variety of Team Leader Positions

Target has quite a few team leader jobs available at any given time in different departments throughout the stores. For example, there are team leaders in the following areas, among many others:

  • Food service
  • Logistics
  • Consumables
  • Executive
  • Backroom
  • Asset Protection
  • Presentation

Target Security Specialist Job Description

To become a security specialist at Target, you need to have a certain set of skills. They include the following:

  • You must have experience in safety and crowd management
  • Experience or training in response to disaster and/or crisis
  • Skills in using intelligence-led tactics to keep the guests and members safe at all times
  • You must have the technical know-how of operating the surveillance system of the company
  • Skills to properly document cases using industry case management systems

At Target, you’ll be leading the physical security culture for our team members and guests by assessing and maintaining the safety standards of the store and the exterior property. You must demonstrate a culture of ethical conduct, compliance, and safety.

Target Fulfillment Job Description

To become a fulfillment expert at Target, you must have the following:

  • Experience in executing daily/weekly workloads to support business priorities and ensure that the goals of sales are well driven
  • You must have experience in the fundamentals of business that includes process efficiency and improvement, inventory management, and department sales trends
  • Knowledge of guest service basics and have experience in implementing a guest-first culture

You will constantly be picking items for guest orders, packing and sorting their orders, and meeting productivity expectations.

Managerial Job Descriptions

Target loves hiring its managers from within the store and places emphasis on constantly training its own employees to achieve these goals. Additionally, it hires plenty of managers externally, as long as they meet the requirements. There are opportunities to advance into a management role in just about every Target store.

Here are the Target job descriptions for store managerial positions:

Assistant Store Manager Job Description

As an assistant manager at Target, you are assigned the responsibility of implementing workflow procedures based on the instructions of the general manager. You will constantly supervise store employees on their daily tasks, while at the same time providing customer support in challenging situations.

You’ll be performing many of the tasks a store manager would normally complete in order to prepare yourself to become a store manager someday.

Store Manager Job Description

Working as a manager at Target, you have the responsibility of overseeing stock control and pricing. You will be setting achievable sales targets and help the store in maximizing profitability.

You should also motivate fellow employees and ensure they comply with all the health and safety protocols. You are also supposed to prepare promotional materials and displays.

All in all, you will be the person directly responsible for the store’s successes and failures. It is your responsibility to ensure profitability steadily increases, and your store operates smoothly and efficiently.

If you’d like to see more Target job descriptions, visit the official careers website. For more details on the application process, visit this practical guide, which offers many tips to help you gain an advantage in the hiring process.

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