Costco Job Descriptions

The following Costco job descriptions can help you determine which jobs are a good fit for you. As usual, the following information doesn’t contain any fluff and goes straight to the point, so you can easily reference the details.

Costco is one of a few retail chains commonly referred to as wholesale clubs or warehouse clubs. They deal with bulk quantities of merchandise and sell them at discounted prices to members of the clubs who annually pay a membership fee. For that reason, they are one of the largest retailers in the world.

General Requirements to Work at Costco

The minimum age requirement to work at Costco is 18 years old. Anyone willing to work at this company must submit their application online via the company’s official website. Most positions at the company require you to undergo a background check.

Depending on the position you are applying for, there are some disclosures you will have to sign up for. Additionally, you will likely have to take a drug test as a condition of your employment.

Even though a high school diploma or G.E.D. is preferred by Costco for its hourly employees, it is not required. However, you will have an advantage if you have these credentials under your belt.

Also, solid basic math skills are required for virtually every hourly job available.

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Costco Cashier Job Description

A cashier at Costco performs a variety of tasks. Mostly, a cashier at this company focuses on the needs and wants of the customers.

Their particular duties include greeting customers and ringing up purchases. Additionally, a great cashier at Costco will make product suggestions to go along as an upsell with what the customer is already buying.

The additional duties they perform include answering phone calls, stocking products, and occasionally even retrieving carts and helping to clean the restrooms.

As a Costco cashier, you must:

  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills and cooperate with the instructions of your management
  • Interact with the customers, ensuring that they all are enjoying a great experience at the store
  • Be good at cash-handling and in a position to take payments and process them promptly and accurately
  • Have sufficient knowledge about the products in the store so that they can answer any questions customers may have about them
  • Be an individual who pays close attention to details because you will be handling large sums of money and valuable merchandise
  • Possess the right skills of monitoring the cash register
  • Be computer-literate and have the ability to operate relevant tools such as scanners, POS (point of sale) systems, and general computers
  • Know about how to give good customer care skills because the job involves having positive and direct interactions with customers
  • Be able to work effectively and efficiently under pressure

Costco Cashier Assistant Job Description

Working as a cashier assistant at Costco is one where you will be playing a major role in the checkout process.

You will be:

  • Bagging and packing products based on the requirements of the customer
  • Giving personal attention to each customer without any delays
  • Receiving phone calls professionally and respond to queries with expertise
  • Providing expert assistance to the department’s staff when necessary to enhance customer service
  • Making sure that the register area remains organized and clean
  • Actively participating in the promotional activities and sales events of the Costco stores
  • Taking part in training and meeting programs that are designed by the company

A cashier assistant needs to be ready to perform a variety of tasks throughout the store at any given time. Therefore, this is a job where you need to have the ability to be flexible and adjust to changes whenever necessary in order to get the job done right.

Costco Stocker Job Description

A stocker at Costco is responsible for keeping the store well-arranged and in a presentable manner. You straighten the merchandise available for sale in the warehouse as well as the floor. You should also construct and assemble the display models.

A stocker must also serve as a customer service staff member. Stockers ensure they perform their duties while following the safety protocols put in place by the company.

One must also be willing to work as a team or individually depending on the task being carried out at a specific time.

To become a stocker at Costco, the following fundamental skills and qualifications are necessary.

You need to:

  • Be physically fit to withstand long hours of standing and lifting heavy items
  • Have the ability to work on a flexible work schedule
  • Have sufficient knowledge of maintaining inventory and store records
  • Be experienced in working in a warehouse or a similar environment

The job description of a Costco stocker involves:

  • Working with salespeople on inventory and other order
  • Sharing and promoting information about a product to customers and members while at the same time making personal recommendations to them
  • Following assembling and preparing presentations to ensure the customer remains satisfied
  • Constantly offering customer-friendly services
  • Receiving and responding to customer phone calls and emails
  • Assisting customers in selecting the products that suit them best
  • Accepting and checking delivered packages and confirming they are in their right capacity

Costco Membership Assistant Job Description

To work as a Costco Membership assistant, you need to have a GED or a high school diploma. You will be fulfilling various roles as follows:

  • Providing and arranging prompt and courteous member services
  • Answering phone calls and checking the availability of items, while at the same time directing members to specific service locations
  • Responding helpfully to the concerns of the members and offering assistance to the manager when called upon
  • Welcoming potential members and already established members, answering any questions they may have, and resolving the issues they may be facing
  • Discussing the benefits of a Costco membership by promoting the executive membership and credit card program to already existing and new members
  • Ensuring that departmental goals are met and exceeded
  • Processing new memberships and foreseeing membership maintenance
  • Entering membership information to the PC, keeping logs and paperwork and, also obtaining the approval of your supervisor when necessary
  • Verifying the identity and the business information for all members.

Costco Pharmacy Technician Job Description

A Costco pharmacy technician plays the role of assisting the pharmacist to fill prescriptions for patients. You also help the patients at the counter in processing transactions and retrieving prescriptions.

This position requires you to update patient records and inventory processes, as well as making accounting entries using a system that is computerized. You are also responsible for dispensing prescribed medicine to the customer while still maintaining the pharmacy standards.

Here are the qualifications you have to meet to become a Pharmacy technician at Costco.

You have to be:

  • Good at math and have the required computer skills
  • Experienced in working in a pharmacy setting
  • A licensed pharmacy technician and have all the necessary certifications
  • An applicant who has completed technician certification as well as a pharmacy technician course at a community college and passed your exams

Costco Pharmacist Job Description

As a pharmacist at Costco, you will be completely responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of your pharmacy. You will be delegating responsibility to your staff of employees to fill and dispense prescriptions to clients.

You’ll also assist customers at the counter to retrieve their prescriptions and make recommendations whenever necessary. While ensuring great customer service, you will also be supervising your employees while they place orders and stock drugs, over-the-counter medications, supplies, and many more.

You will be required to have a valid license to practice as well as a degree in pharmacology.

Use this Costco job application guide to help you begin the process of applying.

Managerial Positions

The most important requirement to move up into management at Costco has little to do with educational background. It has to do with proving you are a responsible employee who can lead and delegate tasks, and possess the ability to manage personnel.

Here are the manager positions at Costco and the job descriptions:

Assistant Manager Job Description

As an assistant manager at Costco, you will be overseeing the daily operations, take new employees through training, and schedule shifts. You must have experience working in the retail industry to become an assistant manager at this retail chain.

You’ll mainly be assisting the manager every day and be responsible for verifying store reports and implementing the company’s long-term goals.

Generally, a bachelor’s degree is preferred for this position, but not required as long as you have, in the eyes of Costco, equivalent work experience in retail. Many entry-level employees eventually work their way up the ladder to an assistant manager position after a few years of hard work.

Manager Job Description

A Costco manager will mainly be involved in the supervision of entry-level workers as well as other staff members. As a manager at this company, you must exhibit leadership, reliability, and confidence to the employees at the company.

You will be overseeing the reports of different departments and coming up with a plan to increase the efficiency of each of them. You’ll also have to carry out regular store duties such as building displays, operating cash registers, and take part in other departmental duties.

An immensely important part of your job will be to interview and hire new employees based on the requirements of the company.

The ideal candidate for Costco for this position will have at least a bachelor’s degree, extensive retail experience, and a proven ability to lead and get positive results in profitability and the handling of personnel.

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