Burlington Job Descriptions

Use these Burlington job descriptions to help you decide your career path.

The following Burlington job descriptions will give you an overview of what skill sets and requirements you are expected to have in order to get hired at Burlington.

Burlington Job Requirements

Burlington job requirements don't generally include a high school diploma or college degree. Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels.

Burlington needs people who can work flexible schedules and take care of themselves through their ongoing training. Physical requirements may include the ability to lift up to 40 lbs and move boxes and stand for long periods of time.

Hourly jobs at Burlington do not require a high school diploma. This company prefers candidates with plenty of motivation and excitement to be the best employees that can provide exceptional customer service. They want people who can share and take pride in their own work with other team members.

Salaried positions have assorted requirements, but once again, becoming a store manager at Burlington doesn’t require a college degree, although it would be helpful. It’s more important to have 5+ years of big box management experience in retail!

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Burlington Core Values

Burlington core values include diversity and inclusion. Photo by fauxels from Pexels.

The Burlington core values are a set of guiding principles that help the company to remain true to its original mission of providing high-quality clothing at low prices. They are not just words on paper but have been put into action by the people who work at Burlington coat factory every day.

The core values are:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Focus on the customer
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion

Burlington coat factory’s core values have been used in many different ways to help people find their way through life. The company has been able to create an environment where everyone can thrive and be happy.

Burlington Retail Sales Associate Description

The Burlington retail sales associate is responsible for generating sales. This includes increasing sales and customer satisfaction levels through the shopping process, providing customer service, and delivering a high level of operational excellence.

In this position, you will also:

  • Work with store management to develop a comprehensive daily schedule
  • Ensure store performance meets customer expectations by following up on customer feedback
  • Ensure inventory and product pricing is up-to-date in the store
  • Create effective customer service interactions that create long-term relationships with customers
  • Deliver an exceptional guest experience by providing concise and accurate information, ensuring that guests feel welcome and well-informed, and exceeding expectations of service provided
  • Provide an exceptional guest experience by creating a positive shopping experience for guests which includes the use of effective communication skills including verbal, written, or physical
  • Develop an understanding of the products sold at Burlington stores and provide clear directions to customers about product features or benefits

Some retail sales associates may be assigned or offered the choice to work in the following different departments:

  • Ladies
  • Men
  • Youth
  • Shoes
  • Sportswear
  • Home
  • Baby Depot

There aren’t any minimum educational requirements for this position. However, you need to be able to work flexible hours, usually including weeknights and weekends.

Burlington Cashier Job Description

Burlington cashiers are responsible for greeting customers, accepting payments, and ringing up purchases. They are responsible for providing a high level of customer service to meet the company’s high standards.

They also:

  • Provide a friendly welcome to customers as they enter the store
  • Need to be knowledgeable about Burlington Coat Factory’s products and services
  • Answer questions about products or services from customers
  • Provide accurate information about store policies and procedures
  • Accurately ring up items on the cash register

As a Burlington cashier, you’ll be the last person customers interact with in the stores. It’s your job to create lasting and positive memories for them.

This job demands a positive and professional attitude and delivering excellent customer service that goes the extra mile to meet clients’ needs. You need to make sure that customers are ready to check out of the store quickly and efficiently.

This position has no minimum educational requirements. Candidates should be flexible with work schedules, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Burlington Warehouse Job Description

The Burlington warehouse associate is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the warehouse. This includes receiving, processing, and organizing incoming stock for dispatch to distribution centers, receiving and processing customer returns, packing orders for shipment, maintaining inventory in assigned areas of the warehouse, and ensuring proper storage and protection of inventory.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Process incoming shipments to ensure proper receipt
  • Pack outgoing packages according to shipping instructions
  • Ensure adequate inventory levels in assigned areas of warehouse to prevent stock outs or shortages
  • Ensure that all incoming inventory is properly inventoried and assigned to an appropriate location in the warehouse
  • Clean the warehouse floors including wiping down shelves, removing debris from aisle ways, and sweeping dust from around machinery
  • Adhere to all safety protocols
  • Maintain a professional demeanor at all times
  • Comply with all company policies
  • Requirements:
  • Must be able to lift up to 40 lbs. on a regular basis

In this position, you have to work as a team member. No high school diploma is required.

Candidates must be flexible with their scheduling and have the physical abilities to comfortably lift boxes of up to 50 lbs, and stand for a long time on their feet.

Burlington Assistant Manager Job Description

The Burlington assistant general manager will be responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the store and will share responsibilities in hiring, supervising, and training associates. These workers will also be responsible for marketing and maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers.

Other responsibilities:

  • Manages store operations in a way that meets or exceeds sales goals and customer satisfaction goals
  • Manages inventory to ensure availability, safety and security of products
  • Maintains relationships with vendors, suppliers, and customers on behalf of the company
  • Manages the company’s social media presence
  • Works with the Burlington team to maintain overall brand image
  • Develops marketing plans that meet or exceed sales goals
  • Recruitment and hiring efforts that meet or exceed staffing needs
  • Maintains relationships with all employees in order to build trust among associates

The two biggest requirements for this position are:

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Over 2 years of management experience in a big box retail setting

Burlington Manager Job Description

Burlington store managers are responsible for the overall success of their store and its employees. They are responsible for achieving and maintaining sales goals, as well as creating a high-quality customer experience.

This includes developing and implementing an innovative marketing strategy to drive sales, ensuring the store is clean and well-stocked, and ensuring company standards are met in all areas of the store.

Other responsibilities:

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the store
  • Work with the operations manager to ensure that all company standards are met in all areas of the store
  • Conduct regular audits on inventory levels and customer satisfaction
  • Create an innovative marketing strategy that drives sales
  • Ensure that employees have proper training in all areas of their job duties
  • Develop employee performance reviews and provide feedback on performance at quarterly meetings with each employee

Job requirements include:

  • 5 + years of management experience in a major retail setting
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not necessary

Burlington District Manager Job Description

The Burlington district manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a specific geographic territory. This includes managing the growth and success of the business, maximizing revenue, and being an ambassador for our company.

Other duties and responsibilities:

  • Work with a team of sales managers to ensure that each one is actively selling and servicing customer needs
  • Ensure that each team member is learning new skills every day
  • Set growth goals monthly, quarterly, and yearly
  • Develop a monthly sales plan to meet those goals
  • Develop sales collateral such as brochures, presentations, and proposals
  • Manage training programs for all employees in the territory
  • Conduct quarterly meetings with all team members in the territory to discuss progress and current challenges
  • Provide feedback on performance to both supervisors in order to help them improve their effectiveness

Store managers eventually make the best district managers, so the job requirements are negotiable, based on your work experience, results, and overall job performance.

If you are someone with experience at another company, a bachelor’s degree is preferred as well as substantial major retail management experience.

Is Burlington a good place to work?

According to employees, Burlington scores an average rating as far as retail stores to work at according to Indeed.com.

The company receives very low ratings when it comes to benefits, compensation, opportunities for advancement, and job security.

The work/life balance and culture score of the highest. Management for the company is rated average.

Burlington Orientation

Once you are hired, you will eventually attend an employee orientation that lasts anywhere between 3 to 6 hours. The information you will receive covers everything you need to know about your benefits, paycheck, company culture, how the company operates, and what is expected of you as an employee.

How much is the Burlington employee discount?

As a Burlington employee, you regularly get a 15% discount on in-store merchandise. During the holidays at the end of every year, you’ll have a one-week period where your discount increases to 30% off merchandise.

Featured image courtesy of Xnatedawgx, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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