How Much Does Ulta Pay?

How much does Ulta pay?

Many people who want a career in the beauty retail industry ask “How much does Ulta pay its employees?” Below, you’ll gain an understanding of everything you need to know about hourly pay and salaries, so you can apply and recognize the type of future you can create for yourself with this company.

Ulta Beauty, Inc. is a beauty retailer that offers cosmetics, fragrances, haircare, and skincare products, as well as salon services. It is headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and was founded in 1990 by Richard E. George.

Here’s what you will see:

Ulta Starting Pay

The Ulta starting pay, as well as average hourly pay and salaries for all jobs, is contained here.

One of the main things that set Ulta apart from other beauty retailers is that it offers competitive starting pay rates. In fact, the average starting pay rate is $10.35 an hour. This is generally higher than other similar retailers.

This is likely one of the reasons Ulta has been so successful in attracting and retaining employees. In fact, according to Indeed, it has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor. This is one of the highest ratings among all retail companies in the U.S.

Additionally, according to, Ulta offers flexible hours for full-time employees as well as a discount on salon and retail items. It also offers discounted prices for haircuts.

Ulta Cashier Pay

Cashiers are one of the most important positions at Ulta because they help customers check out their purchases and make sure that their bills are correct. Cashiers work in every store location and usually work under a specific manager.

How much can cashiers make?

The average cashier salary at Ulta is $11.25 per hour. This is slightly higher than the average minimum wage in some states. Keep in mind, however, that this is just an average and not all cashiers earn this amount.

The role played by cashiers at this company is incredibly significant, so they should expect to receive a salary commensurate with their contributions. They are responsible for many retail sales and interacting with customers.

Ulta Beauty Advisor Pay

Another important job at this retailer is that of a beauty advisor. These are employees who help customers select products for their hair, skin, and nails. They also make recommendations on the different brands that Ulta carries.

This job has an average starting pay rate of $12.20 per hour. This is higher than most other retailers in the United States. Advisors usually work between 30 and 38 hours per week and typically receive commissions on the products that they sell.

Ulta Specialty Artist Pay

Another important position at Ulta is the specialty artist. The average salary ranges between $14 to $18.50 an hour. This rate depends on experience level and performance, and on average most specialty artists receive an hourly pay rate of $16.25.

Specialty artists are responsible for providing services such as hairstyling, makeup application, and nail services. They work with customers to provide them with a unique look that meets their needs.

Ulta Warehouse Pay

Also known as Ulta material handler, the main role of an entry-level warehouse worker is to receive and process orders of supplies that are shipped to stores.

A Material Handler’s average salary is around $16 an hour, which is well above the minimum wage in most states. This job requires you to preferably have a high school diploma. One must have skills in math, be able to lift 50 lbs., and have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Warehouse workers typically work between 40 and 44 hours per week and are responsible for ensuring that all stores are well stocked with the products they need.

Ulta Retail Sales Manager Salary

A sales manager at Ulta is responsible for overseeing the sales team in their assigned store. They are also responsible for meeting or exceeding sales goals.

This position gives employees an average hourly rate of $21.95. This is a good rate that matches the average pay rate for other retail sales managers.

However, this job is more labor-intensive because it requires them to work longer than average hours in addition to their managerial duties.

Ulta Assistant Store Manager Salary

An assistant manager at Ulta receives an annual salary of approximately $46,425, on average. An employee who works hard and performs well at this position will have an excellent chance of getting promoted to general manager within a fairly short amount of time.

Assistant managers are responsible for assisting the store manager in achieving sales goals, handling customer complaints, and overseeing the staff. They may also be assigned to specific departments within the store. They must be able to train new hires, schedule staff, and handle cash.

Ulta Retail Operations Manager Salary

The average salary for a retail operations manager at Ulta is $$47,765 annually. This position is responsible for ensuring that all stores are running smoothly and meet the company’s standards.

They develop and implement policies and procedures, handle inventory, and work with the marketing department to create campaigns that will increase sales.

The retail operations manager must have a college degree, preferably in business or management. They must also have several years of retail experience.

Ulta Salon Manager Salary

The average salary for a salon manager at Ulta is $48,345. A salon manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of their assigned salon.

They must be able to meet or exceed sales goals, train new employees, and handle customer complaints. These employees must also have a good understanding of hair, skin, and nail care.

Most salon managers have a degree in cosmetology and several years of experience in the beauty industry. They are also usually required to pass a background check.

Ulta General Manager Salary

A general manager at this company receives an annual salary of about $77,395 per year. General managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of their assigned retail location and must be able to meet or exceed sales goals. They must also create a safe working environment for employees and customers.

Most general managers have a degree in business management or cosmetology, several years of retail experience, and are required to pass a drug test. They must also be able to work flexible hours, handle staff issues, and resolve customer complaints.

Their salaries can range between $51,370 to $98,240 a year as well. They also receive yearly bonuses that amount to $3,000. That makes them among the highest earners in the company.

Ulta District Manager Salary

The average salary for a district manager at Ulta is $83,526 per year. A district manager oversees the operations of several retail locations and must be able to meet or exceed sales goals.

They are responsible for hiring, training, and scheduling employees as well as monitoring staff performance.

District managers must have a college degree, preferably in business management. They are also required to pass a background check and drug test. Their salary may also range between $72,330 to $133,200 a year.

Does Ulta pay weekly?

Ulta pays bi-weekly. Employees receive several benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) plan with company match, paid vacation days, flexible spending account, and more.

In addition, employees are eligible for discounts on Ulta products and services. This is a benefit that is offered to both full-time and part-time employees.

If you are looking for a career in the beauty industry, they also offer plenty of growth opportunities, so those who are ambitious can move up the ladder quickly.

Does Ulta give raises?

Yes, most employees at the company receive a pay raise on an annual basis. Of course, this depends on several factors, including your job performance and reliability.

If you feel like you deserve a raise, and you haven’t received one, it’s important to communicate with your management team. Oftentimes at many major retail companies, employees are overlooked when it comes to pay raises.

What are the Ulta full-time hours offered to employees?

The hours offered to employees vary depending on the position. However, most full-time employees at many locations work for 40 plus hours a week. In other areas, you may see you’re only getting assigned up to 35 hours every week.

Either way, great job performance and communication with your management team is the key to getting more hours.

How many part-time hours are assigned to Ulta employees?

The hours offered to part-time employees vary as well. Their work schedules change based on the needs of their managers and customers. However, a part-time worker covers no more than 20 to 28 hours a week.

Does Ulta schedule employees for weekend shifts?

Yes, both full-time and part-time workers are scheduled to work both weekend days. This is based on the needs of customers and retail locations. Employees can also be assigned to work during major holidays as well.

Employees with much experience may be able to work out a schedule of working Monday through Friday. However, even these workers may have to be ready to fill in for other workers when they call out sick on the weekends.

Examples of Ulta Shift Hours

During weekdays, full-time workers cover shifts from 7 am to 3 pm, 10 am to 7 pm, 11 am to 8 pm, 1 pm to 10 pm, depending on the needs of their managers and retail locations

Full-time workers work for 40 hours a week. On weekends, they work on shifts running from 10 am to 6 pm, 11 am to 7 pm, and 2 pm to 8 pm, respectively.

Part-time workers’ shift hours vary depending on their manager’s assessment of their capabilities as well as the needs of customers.

Ulta Sick Leave Policy

The company allocates 3 sick days per year for full-time employees. Any more sick-off days will require a doctor’s note.

If you’re going to call out sick, make sure you give your manager plenty of notice, so another employee may fill in for your scheduled shift.

Ulta Break Policy

Employees are supposed to get two fifteen-minute paid breaks after working for 7.5 hours, as well as a 30-minute unpaid break. Make sure to check with their direct supervisor for any questions related to this policy.

Some employees say their managers are sometimes inflexible about the breaks and that they are not guaranteed.

Ulta is a great place to work for those who want to pursue a career in the beauty industry. They offer competitive salaries and several benefits that employees can take advantage of. They also offer plenty of growth opportunities, so those who are ambitious can move up the ladder quickly.

In addition, employee scheduling is fairly flexible, even though some employees are regularly scheduled to work both weekend days.

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