How to Get a Job at McDonald’s

Here are some great tips on how to get hired at McDonald's.

With over 35,000 company-owned and franchise locations, many people are thinking of how to get a job at McDonald’s. This fast-food chain is one of the largest employers globally and is the top fast-food restaurant in the world.

The company hires full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers every year. Being a household name, the company is always hiring new employees. Additionally, company-owned locations and some franchises are continually increasing their minimum starting and average pay through 2024.

To be considered for a job at McDonald’s, you’ll simply have to submit your application. McDonald’s accepts both in-store and online applications. There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting a job at this fast-food giant. Let’s go through some commonly asked questions, then see the tips on how to get hired as quickly as possible.

Can you work at McDonald’s at 14?

A fourteen-year-old teenager can work at McDonald’s. They can work as crew members either part-time or full-time. Bear in mind that every state in the United States has different juvenile labor laws.

This means there are restrictions, usually having to do with school days, on how many hours a juvenile can work and the cutoff time late in the evening.

This is important in order to minimize the potential of having a teenager’s job affect their schoolwork. Sometimes, managers at McDonald’s or any other fast-food restaurant will forget this fact and have to be reminded.

Therefore, parents need to stay on top of their state laws as well as be attentive to the needs of a particular teenager.

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Is it hard to get a job at McDonald’s?

The competition for job openings at McDonald’s is extremely high in many locations. If you apply for any job opening at this company, the chance of getting hired is slim and ranges from around 10% to 30%.

The possibility is fairly low because one opening receives so many applications. However, if you come prepared, you will dramatically increase your chances of getting the job!

How to Get Hired at McDonald’s

To get hired at this company, you need to apply either online or in person for the particular store you’d like to work in. If your application is accepted, you will be called for an interview.

You can gain an advantage in the hiring process if you walk into the store dressed nicely and ask to speak with management in order to apply. Some locations allow you to apply with a paper application, and many people report being hired on the spot!

Even if you don’t follow the in-person method, if you get a callback and attend and pass your interview, you will likely be hired for the position you applied for and begin working.

How to Get a Job at McDonald’s With No Experience

Be honest and upfront with your interviewer. Let your interviewer know that what you lack in experience, you more than make up for it with your motivation and people skills.

You can get a job at McDonald’s even without experience. Many entry-level workers are teenagers without any experience whatsoever. You can get hired as a crew member, and you’ll be trained as you go.

You will slowly be assigned more tasks that require skills, and before you know it, you’ll be an expert at how the company operates. You will be on cruise control, but don’t relax! Work hard and eventually you may have a chance to get promoted.

How to Become a Shift Manager at McDonald’s

You become a shift manager by working hard. McDonald’s seldom hires someone as a manager unless they were a manager at the company before.

You’ll have to work hard and get promoted level by level. You will have to receive a ServSafe certification after undergoing training and a test.

You will also have to go through a three-day summit referred to as ITM (Introduction to management). After achieving all that and being verified by your seniors, you will be fit for the shift manager position at McDonald’s.

How to Become a Manager at McDonald’s

To become a manager at McDonald’s, there are certain conditions that you need to meet.

You need to:

  • Have a high school diploma, G.E.D., or even equivalent work experience
  • Be a master at the art of solving problems
  • Have a proper understanding of a fast food service business
  • Be a person who can work under pressure and deliver
  • Multitask with ease
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Have management skills and be able to allocate duties
  • Be someone who is computer-literate
  • Pass your pre-employment test

If you meet all these conditions, you have a chance of becoming a manager at McDonald’s.

How to Get a Maintenance Job at McDonald’s

To get a maintenance job at McDonald’s, you need to have maintenance experience, including sound technical and mechanical knowledge. You should also be physically fit to perform manual labor and lift objects for many hours in a day.

This is a great career opportunity for someone who possesses excellent handyman skills.

Therefore, McDonald’s corporation will consider people who have all the above qualifications for this position. This job allows you to have much freedom in setting your own pace when it comes to maintaining and fixing equipment.

Be ready to travel to different locations during your normal workday.

See how much McDonald’s pays its employees here.

Tips to Make Your Application Stand Out

Though every application process at McDonald’s comes with the same type of questions that the applicant is required to fill, there are a few ways you can make your application to be unique.

Here’s what you can do:

Make Sure You Include All the Information That Matters

Though the application process is lengthy and exhausting, ensure you’ve filled in all the necessary information. Note that questions with an asterisk beside them must be filled.

The decision of whether to provide that information to the company lies on you. However, to get your application noticed by the hiring team, try to include as much as possible to include information about you.

There is a lot you can include when giving information about yourself. It can range from your employment history, your availability, where you reside, your age, and much more. Providing all the information can increase your chances of getting hired at McDonald’s.

Be Open to Relocating to Another Place

If you are a flexible person who is open to relocating, make sure you’ve included that information. That lets the recruiter know that you are flexible and willing to move to a different place in order to land the job.

It means that if there are no job openings in your city, but another city has one, you will stand a chance of getting hired. Being open to relocating communicates a good message to the recruiters, as it shows your willingness to work for the company.

Remain Calm During the Application Process

The application process for a job at McDonald’s is quite lengthy. Every applicant is required to answer a series of multiple-choice questions. There are instances where it may feel like none of the options fit the response you want to give.

In that case, try to go with a response that closely relates to the question and appears to be right. Take your time while completing the assessment process because it is a lengthy one.

Avoid being nervous when you see a series of questions. Answer every question the best way you can without a hurry. Doing that will increase your chances of being hired at McDonald’s.

Check Your E-mail

After completing the application process, McDonald’s will send you a confirmation message. It confirms that the company has received your application. Read the email because it contains the list of locations you’ve applied to and that will let you know whether they’ve received the correct details.

Make Sure You Follow-Up

According to the company’s website, applicants get feedback regarding their application within 10 days. If you’ve not received feedback about your application after 10 days, make a call to the store location you applied for.

It’s crucial to confirm whether they did receive your application. If they received it, they will update you on the progress, and if not, you can re-apply.

Interviewing For the Job

There are a couple of things you can do during the job interview session that will increase your chances of getting hired at this fast-food giant.

Practice How to Answer Some Common McDonald’s Interview Questions Before the Interview Session

There are common questions such as:

  • Why would you like to work at McDonald’s?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Name your strengths and weaknesses
  • When will you be able to start?
  • What days and hours are you available to work?

Being ready with answers to such questions will boost your confidence, and you will be able to remain composed during the interview session.

Dress Well

How you present yourself can have an impact on the chances of being hired at McDonald’s. Make sure you look professional.

Avoid wearing jewelry on your arms and hands. Being well-dressed sends a positive message to the interviewer, and that will play a part in the decision on whether to offer you the job.

Be Punctual and Bring a Hard Copy of Your Resume and References

Make sure you arrive ahead of time for your interview. Bring a hard copy of your resume and references, since the interviewer will look over them as they interview you.

Make sure you have something to write on because you may need to make some notes regarding the job during the interview. By taking notes, you’ll give the interviewer the impression that you are interested and organized.

Place Emphasis on Any Skills You Have That Make You a Perfect Fit for the Job

As an example, even if you don’t have experience, you can talk about how you are a motivated person who wants to achieve success in life.

You can say something such as, “I’m interested in making my team of crew members a success. I’ll do this by providing excellent customer service and working with my peers to satisfy our customers. I also get along well with others, I’m respectful and caring, and I believe my excellent people skills will help me become a shift leader and eventually manager one day.”

You can also tell the interviewer that you have worked in a customer service or restaurant type of business, and you can handle pressure. Talk about your problem-solving skills in difficult situations if you get the chance to.

Be Available and Flexible

Since working at McDonald’s takes up many hours every day, make sure you confirm that you are flexible and available. That will put you in a strong position for the job opening.

Some applicants have family obligations, such as caring for an elderly person or having to care for their children. These are difficult situations, but if you can somehow keep your family safe with someone you can trust while working all available shifts and days, you will have a better chance of getting hired.

See all the available jobs in McDonald’s in your area right now.

How long does it take to get hired at McDonald’s?

The entire process can anywhere from about 2 to 14 days. One should understand that just because you were called for an interview, that doesn’t mean you will be hired.

However, there are many current and past employees who say they were either hired on the spot or at least within a week after applying. This is due to the fact that McDonald’s does not require an extensive background check for entry-level employees.

Aside from that, many locations are constantly looking for applicants due to the high employee turnover.

Despite the stiff competition for positions, there is a good chance of getting hired at this company. If you implement the tips discussed above, I’m confident you will increase your chance of getting hired at McDonald’s.

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