McDonald’s Hiring Near Me – How Do I Apply?

"Is Mcdonald's hiring near me?" is a question frequently asked, and here's the answer.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is McDonald’s hiring near me,” you or anyone else may have a great chance of landing one of their entry-level jobs by filling out online applications. There are usually many openings locally in most cities and by registering online and starting your application, you’ll be able to choose a location near you.

It used to be easy to walk into one of these fast-food restaurants of your choice, introduce yourself, and ask to fill out an application. Modern technology has changed how you can apply.

However, you can make it work in your favor if you fill out a job application online while at home and visit your targeted McDonald’s. Once there, you can introduce yourself to the management staff on duty and since you’ve already applied online, the process should be much easier.

The reason is simple; by presenting yourself in a favorable light and making human contact, management can immediately determine whether or not they see you as a legitimate candidate for a position within their company.

There are always a variety of types of jobs available in this fast-food chain based on your qualifications. It makes sense to apply online, but if you’re looking to become a crew member, you should seek a job with them the old-fashioned way; by visiting the restaurant after applying online!

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Apply to McDonald’s Online the Right Way

Regardless of your age, here are some valuable tips to get an edge over all other crew member candidates filling out a McDonald’s application:

  1. Pick and choose at least two McDonald’s restaurants you would like to work in, and concentrate your efforts on getting hired by one of them.
  2. Give your appearance a check-over; make sure your hair is neat, get a haircut if you need it, trim your nails, and figure out what you will wear when you visit the restaurant to fill out an application. Wear something not too casual but not too dressy; the trick here is to look neat and professional. For men, wear neatly-pressed slacks with dress shoes (black or brown) and a crisply-ironed long-sleeved shirt (tie optional). For women, an understated professional-looking dress with light-colored pantyhose and low-to-medium heeled shoes should do the trick. As an alternative, you can use neatly-pressed slacks and a blouse.
  3. Visit them at either 11:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m., during non-peak hours, to ensure the manager is not too busy.
  4. Ask to speak to the manager. When you walk into the restaurant, don’t just ask for an application.  If you can’t speak with a manager right away, fill out the application, and politely ask once again to speak to the manager. Nine times out of ten, the restaurant manager or assistant manager will take a minute or two to talk to you. Tell them you are highly interested in joining their team and make it sound sincere. Sometimes applicants are asked to go ahead and just fill out an application; this is fine. At least you were able to make contact and they will remember in the short run who you are.
  5. After a few days, you will either get a call back from them or you will find yourself waiting for the call; give them a week, and politely follow up by calling them (don’t visit them just yet) and repeating the fact that you are really interested in a job with them.
  6. If that still doesn’t work after two weeks, visit them personally once again and politely ask once again. If you are turned down, ask the manager or assistant manager to call you should a position become available.
  7. Expand your opportunities and repeat the above sequence until you find the job you want.

Don’t just limit yourself to McDonald’s applications; research and apply at other restaurants in the fast-food industry. You will find a job.

McDonald’s Career Choices – Why They Are So Appealing

There are many reasons why McDonald’s careers are appealing to prospective employees, and many reasons why people love eating at this much-loved fast-food chain.

Employees know their efforts are well rewarded, and for years, customers have come to expect excellent customer service and quality, great-tasting foods. It’s a marriage made in heaven!

These careers are perfect for people willing to put forth great effort while working; this is a fast-paced industry and if you are working as a crew member, expect to have bursts of heavy customer traffic.

Luckily, submitting a job application for McDonald’s means you get the absolute best training in the industry, bar none! When was the last time you visited this restaurant during peak hours?

Didn’t you see all the workers looking like a big, giant ant colony of ants working in excellent sync to provide the best service and food possible?

The history of McDonald’s is etched into virtually every American’s mind and has slowly become a focal point and mainstay in many other parts of the world. Ronald McDonald is still one of the most colorful and instantly recognizable figures in our world history. He has become more than just that famous smile. He signifies quality, fun, and endurance.

By making a career choice with this fast-food chain, you are entering into a world far beyond merely “getting a good job.” You’re stepping into world history, a piece of something to be proud of for generations to come.

Are There Any McDonald’s Jobs Near Me?

If you’ve asked that question, chances are you haven’t bothered to even take a look at this company’s website. It offers a ton of useful information and lists most of the available jobs in your area right now.

McDonald’s is continually hiring due to the high employee turnover which is typical for fast-food jobs. Therefore, find out on the main careers website if jobs are available. Alternately, you can visit each store close to you and ask management, one by one, if there are any job openings.

Is McDonald’s Hiring Near Me?

Chances are, a store is hiring right there in your area. You would think it would be easy to fill out a McDonald’s application and have a great chance of getting hired fairly quickly. This can actually be the case if you follow a few common-sense tips before applying.

It is not as simple as it used to be when it comes to trying to land an entry-level fast-food job. There is a lot more work involved and if you are willing to perform that legwork, you may find yourself happily employed with the restaurant of your choice.

Working as a crew member does not require any experience but you need to play it smart if you want to get hired fast.

Before you start your journey into the fast-food restaurant world, why not take a moment to figure out exactly what you want out of a career in your life? For example, are you a college graduate or professional switching careers who wants a salaried position in either a managerial or corporate capacity?

Are you someone with no experience but true motivation and energy who wants to start somewhere and work your way up? Regardless of where you are in your life, a McDonald’s application form offers something for virtually everybody.

However, you should take inventory of yourself as an individual so you can be far more prepared than the average applicant.

How Do I Qualify for a Job at McDonald’s?

It’s extremely important to try and assess where you are at this part of your life as it relates to your career choices. For example, if you’re looking to get a job in management, what exactly are your qualifications?

Do you have a four-year college degree? Do you have an Associate’s degree? Are you someone with an impressive background that includes having great experience in some type of management capacity at a fast food place?

Regardless of your skills, qualifications, or experience, it all starts with honestly assessing yourself. You know yourself better than anybody does, and this means you should be able to figure out what types of jobs match your qualifications before you turn in your application.

If you’re hoping to get a certain position, figure out what you need as far as qualifications to get there. Set short and long-term goals for yourself which are realistic.

Once you have an idea of where you fit in, then it’s time for the next step.

Apply for McDonald’s Jobs the Smart Way

Before you put the information in this section into play and apply for McDonald’s, hopefully, you will have looked over the official McDonald’s careers website to get an idea. You should be able to see and grasp the concept of where you see yourself in the future with this company.

There are many positions available at this restaurant such as; crew member, assistant manager, manager trainee, shift manager, and host or hostess, to name a few. As a crew member, you’re expected to perform many functions, so the ideal candidate is one that can be versatile and perform any functions expected of them.

As an example, a crew member may be working the cashier for two hours or so and quickly switch to cleaning the bathrooms after that!

Working at any fast food place takes energy and motivation; you simply can’t just expect to get hired, show up to work, and expect just get through the day without any challenges at all. This is a huge part of this job that makes it so fun and exciting!

How to Get Hired Quickly as an Entry-Level Team Member

Tactic #1 – This approach involves visiting the store first and applying in person instead of filling out an application form and doing everything online. When you’re considering what to wear, it’s important to dress in clothes you are comfortable with; the blouse or shirt needs to be wrinkle-free, pants need to be pressed, and you need to have clean shoes.

Do not show up in jeans or sneakers and avoid excessive jewelry or perfume. By the way, dresses are perfectly fine for females as long as they are not see-through and have a longer, conservative cut over the knees.

Next, visit the restaurant of your choice sometime after the morning rush; 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. usually does the trick. At this time you’re more likely to be able to talk to someone in management and apply right there on the spot because they will not be as busy.

Alternately, if you have already filled out a McDonald’s application online while at home, this will give you an advantage when you visit the restaurant.

Since most McDonald’s are franchise-owned you may be able to fill out the application form if you already haven’t online, in the presence of the owner or supervisory personnel. Either way, introduce yourself politely to the first team member or supervisor you see and let them know what you are there for.

Usually, they will be more than happy to assist you and give you a job application so this means that you need to come prepared with all the information required.

Here’s the information you will need:

  • your employment history including the company names, addresses, phone numbers, the names of supervisors
  • how much you were being paid, and the reason for leaving
  • the schools most recently attended
  • whether or not you have been in the US military
  • photo identification including your Social Security card and birth certificate

Tactic #2 – This involves doing anything and everything possible to find out if you have a connection to any of the area McDonald’s employees through your family members or friends. You would be surprised at how many people know somebody who knows somebody else who happens to know another person who works at this fast-food chain!

Before you even think about filling out your McDonald’s online job application form, it’s important to verify if you know someone who can recommend you if you want to get hired as quickly as possible. This not only applies to Mickey Dees but to any fast-food restaurant or company for that matter.

It’s called “networking” and it will always be the quickest route to getting a job interview and ultimately getting hired.

Ask the person who is your connection to politely ask management staff if there are any job openings for crew members or other positions you are looking for. Then, proceed with your application as directed by that specific person.

Tactic #3 – This involves applying online using the application provided on the careers website. While it’s tempting to just go ahead and visit the restaurant without applying yet, you should submit your application online before visiting. That way, they already have your information on file and it could be as easy as seeing and liking who you are in person!

By doing this, you’re giving them much more than a “heads-up.”  You are actually letting them see the person they’re going to hire should they consider you for the open position.

Once there, you should try your best to make contact with the manager on duty or even the owner if he or she is present. Then, politely introduce yourself, and let them know your intentions are to start your career at McDonald’s. Remember, since many of these restaurants are franchise-owned, there is always a chance you may be able to meet the owner.

Many of these people are “hands-on” with the people they hire for their own restaurants.

Thank them for their time and leave your information with them including your name, e-mail address, and a phone number where you can easily be contacted in case a job opening comes up.

After a week or so, make sure you follow up on your online application by coming right back to the same people you met during that first trip.

Do not merely call them on the phone while you are following up. It’s important to show up in person so you can be taken more seriously.

Fill Out McDonald’s Application Online and Follow Up

A huge mistake people are constantly making is not following up after submitting their McDonald’s application form online. This is one of the most important parts of the process and should not be overlooked.

Of course, anybody can get lucky and be hired using minimal effort from time to time due to a particular location desperately needing help right away. However, this is not usually the case.

The king of all fast-food restaurants wants to hire motivated and energetic people who can provide great customer service in order to make the business more profitable. When you are interviewing with McDonald’s, this is the impression you want to give them.

You have to impress upon them that you are committed to working with your team to provide the best customer service possible and ensure profitability for their company!

Prepare yourself for the interview process as much as possible by conducting your own research on this company before you submit your application form. You can use the Internet to get a wealth of information, as well as positive and negative reviews from people who have worked there.

You can also access plenty of information including the benefits you expect from this company by visiting their main careers website. Once you are armed with enough information, then it’s time to proceed with your application while keeping in mind you need to follow up on it every step of the way.

Featured image courtesy of ChadPerez49, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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