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Use the Popeyes job descriptions here to help you decide which job and career path to choose.

Many people are interested in knowing more about Popeyes job descriptions before they apply. This is a smart move because you can study each job and see the requirements and duties associated with them before making a decision on which one to choose.

Popeyes is a fast-food restaurant that specializes in fried chicken, and they have menus that range from large combos of chicken with sides to more limited offerings like the spicy tenders. They are especially well known for their biscuits, which can be ordered on any menu item.

This company is based in Louisiana but has locations across the United States and many other countries around the world. Recently, they have been moving into the European market, bringing their one-of-a-kind flavor to everyone.

Popeyes is changing the world with their amazing chicken at great prices. Today, Popeyes is owned by AFC Enterprises, Inc., which also owns Long John Silver’s and A&W All American Food Restaurants.

What are the Popeyes job requirements?

The Popeyes job requirements include a willingness to work just about any shift on any day. Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels.

There are several job requirements one must meet to be eligible to work at Popeyes. They include:

  • Ability to lift a load of 40 lbs. comfortably without any assistance
  • You must be able to stand for an entire 8-hour shift without sitting down, regardless of the weather outside
  • If you’re applying as a cashier or customer service rep, you preferably need to have at least 2 years of customer service experience
  • A willingness to work weekends and holidays, including Christmas Day and Thanksgiving
  • You are required to be 16 years and above to work there
  • A high school diploma or equivalent to be considered for a cashier position
  • Excellent command of the English language to work as a cashier or customer service rep, since both positions require dealing with people every day and communication is a key part of the job
  • If you’re applying as a cashier, you need to be okay with dealing with rapid-fire questions from customers and making menu suggestions

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What are the Popeyes core values?

This company runs its activities guided by its core values. They include:

  • Heritage. The company emphasizes the heritage that it has inherited from its founders, and that is why they pay homage to the annual Founder’s Day Celebration.
  • Flavor. They seek to create a positive and lasting impression on customers by offering delicious food with distinctive flavors.
  • Value of its fried chicken. The restaurant believes that it has the best-fried chicken around, and they put a lot of effort into making it.

Popeyes Team Member Job Description

A team member at Popeyes is responsible for ensuring food preparation, store cleanliness, and customer satisfaction with the ultimate goal of creating a positive experience for the guests.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Taking orders in a friendly manner
  • Preparing food according to company standards
  • Maintaining food safety standards
  • Working in the back of house area
  • Ensuring appropriate cash control procedures are followed
  • Verifying transactions at POS systems
  • Managing inventory to ensure products are not wasted or expired

To become a team member at Popeyes, you need to meet certain requirements. Team members must be 16 years of age or older and preferably have a high school diploma or GED.

They also need to pass a drug screening, which will test for cannabis, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, and PCP use in the past six months. Other requirements include being able to lift 40 lbs. and standing on your feet for up to 10 hours.

Potential team members should be able to work well with others and have a passion for customer service. They also must have food preparation experience, excellent communication skills, and a professional demeanor when interacting with customers or coworkers.

Popeyes Cashier Job Description

A cashier at Popeyes is a specialized position given to those who are excellent at taking customer orders. Many franchise owners assign specific team members to only handle the cash register because these employees have proven they help generate the highest revenue for the company.

Cashiers at this fast-food chain are not only responsible for taking orders and handling money. They must interact with customers in a friendly manner and make them feel they are being treated with the utmost care and respect.

In addition to that, a cashier must be able to lift heavy boxes and stock food, as well as stand on his or her feet all day, counting out change and handling complicated transactions.

Here are the Popeyes cashier duties:

  • Greet customers with a smile
  • Take accurate orders, including special requests
  • Answer customer questions about Popeyes menu items
  • Process cash register transactions, charge card purchases, and credit card tips
  • Make a change for customers
  • Keep the restaurant clean and presentable at all times by following company cleaning policies
  • Assist with restaurant maintenance, including stocking supplies and unloading deliveries

Popeyes cashier skills and abilities expected:

  • Excellent customer service skills to ensure Popeyes customers leave happy
  • Work well with others to keep the restaurant running smoothly
  • The ability to learn quickly, as new Popeyes menu items are added regularly
  • Physical stamina to stand all day on her feet, reaching for supplies and stocking shelves
  • Strength and stamina to lift and stock large boxes and cases of food
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with frequent interruptions
  • Attention to detail, including the ability to count out change correctly

Popeyes cashier education and experience are:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred
  • Prior cashier experience is preferred

Popeyes Cook Job Description

The Popeyes cook job description reveals how dedicated cooks need to be to be effective and reflect positively on the company. Image courtesy of Pixabay.

The role of a cook at Popeyes is clearly defined. When preparing the various dishes, this employee must make sure they are cooked to perfection. Orders should be received quickly and prepared on time and ready for customers.

This means that these cooks must have time management skills as well as communication skills to coordinate with other staff members. As a general rule of thumb, the kitchen is an organized environment where accidents are kept at a minimum.

The cook must be sure they follow this rule precisely while also preparing the food promptly. Beyond this, one must expect a cook to be motivated and reliable with a good attitude, ready for anything that is thrown their way while on duty. Popeyes cooks work in a fast-paced environment where teamwork is crucial to attaining success.

Popeyes Shift Coordinator Job Description

A shift coordinator at Popeyes is responsible for ensuring that shifts are running smoothly. Specific tasks of a shift coordinator include monitoring product quality, maintaining proper supplies, and taking inventory.

One should also ensure that team members are offering the guests a wonderful experience. The candidate will also need to ensure that the restaurant is operating in compliance with all food safety and sanitation guidelines.

Popeyes shift coordinator job responsibilities are:

  • Excellent guest service skills
  • Good math skills
  • Great verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work as an efficient team member
  • Experience with POS systems
  • Able to work flexible hours
  • Must possess strong computer skills

Popeyes Assistant Manager Job Description

An assistant manager at Popeyes is supposed to control the day-to-day operations of the company by scheduling, training, and overseeing the work of employees for the restaurant. He or she is also responsible for ordering supplies and food products needed.

These workers should monitor the cash register and sales, as well as payrolls, to ensure that all tasks are executed accurately and efficiently. In addition, the job requires marketing strategies and implementations to ensure a profitable business.

The assistant manager helps management in hiring new employees and conducting interviews of applicants. He or she also tests employees’ knowledge and skills while observing and evaluating their performance.

Other responsibilities include setting work schedules and ensuring employees follow safety standards and company policies. In addition to that, they identify ways to improve productivity by the use of technology.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Assisting management in planning, implementing, directing, and coordinating all marketing strategies
  • Developing special promotions based on clientele and market demands
  • Controlling inventory and manages cash and credit/debit card transactions
  • Ensuring that all equipment, instruments, and tools are safe for usage and conform to regulations
  • Establishing working relationships with other company departments and organizations to support the division’s objectives

Popeyes Manager Job Description

A Popeyes manager in most cases plays the role of a brand champion, ensuring the success of the business. This position is critical because these managers are accountable for superior customer service, driving sales and profit-generating behavior. They manage team members to ensure customer satisfaction, control costs, and ensure brand standards are upheld.

The skills required to be a successful Popeyes manager include:

Communication. These employees must have excellent communication skills. This includes good verbal and written communication skills, as well as being a clear communicator who understands the importance of effective customer service.

Teamwork. Managers have to be team players who can motivate others so that the store runs like a well-oiled machine. They can motivate team members who are struggling by training them or coaching them to ensure they improve their work standards.

Time management. They must be good at managing their time so that the business works efficiently. This means delegating tasks, planning for daily activities, and controlling costs associated with labor, inventory, and utilities.

Education. Popeyes managers are usually required to have a high school diploma or an associate degree in management. There is also a requirement of having 3-5 years of restaurant management experience in quick service restaurants or fast-food chains.

Popeyes Manager-in-Training Job Description

A manager in training is chosen by franchise owners or upper management to be groomed for a store manager position in the near future. The MIT at Popeyes assesses the growth and development needs of employees within the restaurant.

This individual defines standards for guest service, leadership, and development of workgroups, evaluation of employee performance, communication with managers, monitoring fiscal responsibility, and adherence to safety standards.

The core responsibilities associated with this job are maintaining a safe working environment, ensuring that management maintains high standards for daily operations within the store. He or she is also responsible for recruiting suitable employees based on job requirements, training the new hires to ensure that they meet business needs, and delivering excellent customer service.

Is Popeyes a good place to work?

Popeyes is a good place to work for those who enjoy long hours and working under pressure during peak times. It is a good place for those who like to provide customer service, as well as people who like to work in a restaurant with great-tasting chicken.

The benefits of working at Popeyes may include an adequate hourly pay rate, flexible hours, and a clean, fast-paced environment. Reviews from past and present employees are fairly good when it comes to the working atmosphere, management, and work culture.

Featured image courtesy of Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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