American Eagle Job Descriptions

See these American Eagle Outfitters job descriptions to help you pick out the right career.

By using these American Eagle job descriptions, you can place yourself in a better position to figure out the best career path for yourself.

Below, you’ll find many positions and a description of what’s expected for each job.

American Eagle Job Requirements

American Eagle is looking for people who are passionate about fashion and want to be a part of something big!

Job requirements for hourly positions include preferably having a high school diploma or equivalent (but not required for many positions), being at least 18 years old, and being able to lift up to 50 pounds.

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What are the American Eagle Core Values?

One of the American Eagle core values is all about innovation.

American Eagle is a brand that has been around for more than 45 years. It’s a brand that is known for its quality and authenticity, which makes it the perfect brand for an organization that values its customers and employees.

American Eagle Core Values:

  1. People—They value and respect all people, from associates to customers to partners. Diversity is an important part of the company’s culture, and having people with diverse backgrounds strengthens their ability to succeed. Of course, they care about their associates. They know they do really important work, and they deserve to be rewarded. The company offers a lot of generous rewards programs to its communities outside of the office as well.
  2. Integrity—Their caring, dedicated and committed staff is responsible and accountable to the highest standards. They understand different levels of risk & take responsibility for managing them. In difficult times, they don’t compromise—they’re always polite & professional while doing what’s right for their clients.
  3. Passion—This word is used to describe how their work makes the people and properties they work at feel. They put some point behind the words and make it a reality by leading with this passion that infuses stores, offices, distribution centers and more with customer delight.
  4. Innovation—As you can see, innovation is a huge part of the retail industry. American Eagle is curious and able to find creative solutions to all the customers’ needs. Their associates also have the enterprising spirit and are always looking for new ways to connect with their clients. They always refine their unique processes and use research & analysis to balance instinct. They leverage these insights to make good decisions, too.
  5. Teamwork—Working together at this company is focused on listening to each other, reaching consensus and supporting group decisions. They also celebrate achievements and are confident in their company’s goals because they trust one another.

American Eagle Sales Associate Job Description

The American Eagle Sales Associate is responsible for selling American Eagle apparel and accessories to customers in a retail setting.

Other responsibilities:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing an excellent customer service experience
  • Promote American Eagle products through interaction with customers, coworkers, and management
  • Deliver sales results in line with company goals and objectives
  • Keep accurate product records in accordance with company standards
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area
  • Follow all company policies and procedures
  • Attend regular meetings
  • Perform other duties as assigned

American Eagle Overnight Merchandiser Description

The American Eagle overnight merchandiser will ensure the company’s overnight operations are running smoothly and efficiently. The person in this role is responsible for a variety of tasks, including having to oversee the preparation of shipments for stores, including packaging, labeling, shipping, and receiving.

Other responsibilities:

  • Supervise all aspects of overnight operations
  • Maintain inventory levels using a computerized system
  • Manage overnight shipments from warehouses to retail locations
  • Manage shipping by hand or by machine
  • Monitor inventory levels on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure all shipments are labeled properly according to American Eagle standards
  • Provide assistance to store managers on product selection and merchandising
  • Assist with replenishing stock as needed
  • Assist with the preparation of new store layouts

American Eagle Material Handler Job Description

The American Eagle Material Handler is responsible for the material handling of product. He or she will coordinate the movement of product from warehouse to warehouse, within and between distribution centers, as well as from truck to truck. These workers will also be in charge of all inventory and order management, including receiving, processing, storing, inventory control, and shipping.

Other responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the movement of product from warehouse to warehouse, within and between distribution centers, as well as from truck to truck
  • Handle all inventory and order management
  • Receive product from suppliers
  • Process incoming orders
  • Store products according to company standards
  • Inventory control products by location/warehouse/customer
  • Manage all shipping processes for the company

American Eagle Stock Associate Job Description

The American Eagle Stock Associate is responsible for the effective execution of all retail operations. This includes providing a customer-focused and efficient shopping experience, ensuring a clean and safe store environment, ensuring the accuracy of all inventory and pricing, providing exceptional customer service, and managing change.

Other responsibilities:

  • Provide customers with an engaging shopping experience
  • Ensure that the store is clean and safe for customers
  • Ensure that all inventory is accurate and priced correctly
  • Set up displays on sales floor
  • Clear stock on the sales floor
  • Keep the store clean by sweeping, mopping, dusting

American Eagle Assistant Manager Job Description

The American Eagle assistant manager is responsible for delivering outstanding service to customers, supporting the store team members, and working closely with the store manager and distribution center manager.

Other responsibilities:

  • Assist in managing the store and guests in a timely and professional manner
  • Work closely with the Store Manager to ensure a high level of service is delivered
  • Create exceptional guest experiences and provide exceptional guest service
  • Work closely with the Distribution Center Manager to ensure smooth fulfillment of orders
  • Achieve sales goals by managing inventory, pricing, promotions, social media, and in-store messaging
  • Actively participate in the planning process for new stores and locations
  • Develop relationships with key suppliers to drive sales through cross promotion opportunities
  • Ensure all store policies are followed by all team members
  • Maintain a positive work environment

American Eagle Store Manager Job Description

The American Eagle store manager is responsible for the operations of the retail store. This includes managing the store’s team members, merchandising, inventory, and product assortment. The store manager will also be responsible for developing and executing the marketing plan for their location.

Other responsibilities:

  • Developing and executing the marketing plan for their location
  • Managing team members including hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluating performance
  • Ensuring that the store is properly merchandised with a variety of product offerings
  • Maintaining inventory levels to ensure that inventory turns are high enough to meet sales goals
  • Ensuring that all sales transactions are captured in order to track performance metrics
  • Developing new products with input from business management and the design team

American Eagle District Manager Job Description

The American Eagle district manager is responsible for managing a group of stores in his or her district. This includes ensuring store productivity and profitability, driving inventory and pricing, and maximizing shopper satisfaction.

Other responsibilities:

  • Manage store performance, including cash flow, merchandise inventory, customer satisfaction, and sales performance
  • Lead the implementation of new systems and processes
  • Provide leadership to team members in order to drive increased productivity
  • Develop relationships with vendors for new product development
  • Develop relationships with suppliers for cost savings
  • Manage vendor contracts and account balances
  • Develop financial forecasts to ensure profitability
  • Manage budgets to stay within budgeted expenses
  • Perform routine tasks such as ordering supplies, ordering food for catered events, assigning staff members to work shifts, providing staff training sessions
  • Conduct regular store visits throughout the year

Is American Eagle a good place to work?

American Eagle Outfitters gets above-average ratings from its employees in many categories, according to The positive working culture leads the list of great things about this company.

Next, work/life balance is said to be good, and management does a great job of taking care of its employees.

The pay for entry-level workers can use a little improvement, but overall, employees say the pay is acceptable.

American Eagle Orientation

The American Eagle Outfitters orientation consists of learning about the company culture and what to expect at work. It also teaches new employees, learning about how to be successful in their new positions.

After its completion, new employees are introduced to their supervisors and learn about how to effectively communicate with them as well as other team members.

Is there an American Eagle employee discount?

American Eagle Outfitters offers discounts to its employees. The discounts vary depending on the number of hours an employee works at the company.

Some employees enjoy discounts of 40%, 60%, and even 80% off at times.

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