Taco Bell Careers and Application Process

Taco Bell careers range from fast food positions to corporate jobs.

If you look on the surface, you would probably not think Taco Bell careers would have much more to offer than the regular 8-hour workday so you can earn an honest living. The truth is, people who can see beyond the normal expectations and apply themselves are the ones who ultimately become very successful.

You can do the same in this company if you keep an open mind while working hard and making a pretty decent living.

A Taco Bell Application For Career Growth

Before you rush off and apply at Taco Bell, keep in mind you are creating your own life path through learning and development. Your career growth depends mainly on your ability to cope and adapt to the fast-changing environment around you.

You need to put forth maximum effort on moving forward by continually learning new skills and applying them. Anybody’s career is dependent on his or her ability to adjust to different situations and conditions, as well as act on their ultimate goals for success.

Taco Bell can serve as an excellent vehicle to place you in the driver’s seat if you are willing to go the extra mile in making it happen!

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Be Your Own Boss at Taco Bell

Today, restaurants, diners, and fast-food chains are business establishments that typically employ a few million workers around the globe. These businesses not only employ workers; these are places for career growth, career advancement, and career opportunities.

Many workers are enjoying the many Taco Bell benefits such as regular health and 401k plans. They are also happy to have the chance to make a great move towards a high degree of success in their chosen fields.

For example, did you know that over 80% of Taco Bells are franchises owned by everyday people just like you and me? You would not believe how many of those people started out as entry-level workers and climbed their way to success by eventually owning their very own franchise.

You Can Become a Franchise Owner

Many of these former entry-level workers will be your bosses someday once you get hired at this fast-food chain! That is, of course, if you are not yet a Taco Bell franchise owner yourself!

As you can see, you can take one of the many Taco Bell careers and use it as your springboard to ultimate success. You may also know this fast-food chain serves American-adapted Mexican foods like tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, salads, chalupas, and gorditas.

This company employs people who love working in a restaurant environment or people who simply like the food industry. Employees here are working in an energetically-driven team and environment since they are serving more than three million customers every day.

If you want to be part of the “sharing the love atmosphere,” you may want to consider joining your local team of employees in this fast-food chain.

Jobs at Taco Bell

Taco Bell positions are almost endless. This company is always looking for extraordinary people to be part of their growing company in the USA and in their branches globally.

Here are some careers worth considering:

  1. Team Member – A Team Member is an individual who is a part of the team as an entry-level worker and works alongside the other team members. The main function of a team member is to help things get done around each fast food restaurant. Their goal is to ensure that customers can enjoy an excellent dining experience. For Taco Bell, this worker is the one who prepares and delivers great-tasting foods to their clients and customers and is, therefore, one of the most important employees they have.
  2. Shift Lead – A Shift Lead ensures the Team Members are well-trained, motivated, positioned, and ever-ready to provide superb customer satisfaction and experience. They are also expected to be responsible for the smooth delivery of services. A good Shift Lead manages employees by using strong, people-oriented skills.
  3. Assistant Manager – This employee supports the manager in the daily operations by establishing true leadership. An Assistant Manager should supervise the employees of the restaurant, engage in the evaluation of their work, and make sure everything is working perfectly. You will be working closely with the General Manager and see to it that the restaurant’s operation is running smoothly. This job title is also your ticket to becoming a General Manager someday.
  4. General Manager – A Restaurant Manager sees the overall function of the restaurant. He or she is responsible for the business, the people, and the whole restaurant operation. He or she builds a team of employees that work together, creating an environment of willingness and hard-working disposition, and most of all, by crafting an atmosphere where customers would love to visit.
  5. Corporate Positions – Positions in different departments such as Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Information Technology, Operations, Marketing, Restaurant Support Center, and Food Innovation and Quality are also career opportunities that you should consider applying for. These positions are available to all those who want to seek growth and progress in their careers.

Is Taco Bell Hiring?

You are likely going to find plenty of Taco Bell job openings in most local areas. The easiest way for you to determine if you have a chance to get hired quickly, you’ll have to visit their careers page and start searching by entering your city and state.

So, the best answer to this question is a resounding “yes” in most areas. However, you need to do the necessary legwork to find a job that’s close to where you live.

Official Careers Website

There are many careers available due to the company actively recruiting workers on a continual basis.

You can use this link to either register or log in and take advantage of the Taco Bell career opportunities at the official careers website.

Don’t forget to look around the website in order to have a better idea of its company mission and values. This will give you a better understanding of the company. It will also help you during the interview process when you are asked certain questions related to the company.

Taco Bell Hiring Process

  1. Visit the official Taco Bell careers website.
  2. Search for jobs by location or by using keywords. You can find a job near you or find a job that suits your qualifications. Either of the two works well to your advantage while applying.
  3. Once you find a position that interests you, click it and you will see a complete and detailed summary overview of the job you are applying for. Follow instructions as strictly and carefully as possible.
  4. Click the button “Apply Now,” register, and fill out the profile information section completely to avoid being rejected. Make sure that your application form is free of mistakes.
  5. Do not forget to include your contact number and mailing address.
  6. Click the “submit” button after you have completed filling out the online form.
  7. Keep track of your online application. Follow-up and update your application frequently.

How Old to Work at Taco Bell?

You must be at least 16 years of age in most states and locations in other countries to be considered for one of the many entry-level Taco Bell jobs. Remember, minors can only work on a part-time basis during school days as a result of federal law in the U.S.

However, it’s interesting to know how many young people who started out working part-time have eventually gone on to eventually own their own franchises! They worked hard and learned the business from within and simply applied their vast knowledge!

How to Apply for Taco Bell Online – The Best Way

To apply online, the method to being successful with your application depends on the types of careers you are interested in pursuing. For example, when it comes to salaried or professional positions, it’s always best to network your way into getting hired by using personal contacts.

You can approach the stores in person before trying to submit a Taco Bell application online.

In fact, I recommend networking before you apply at Taco Bell for any type of job within this company or any other company, for that matter. The reason is simple; people would much rather hire a person who comes with a recommendation. They want someone they have already met rather than someone who comes to them as a total stranger.

It doesn’t matter how qualified or talented you are! It’s the simple truth in the business world, and don’t be fooled into thinking you are going to be hired because nobody will be able to resist your awesome online application.

There are many qualified job applicants who never even get a chance at an interview for one reason or another. However, if you place yourself in a position where they simply cannot ignore you due to your persistence and dedication to finding a job, you will have a great advantage over many other applicants who simply apply online.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get lucky by just applying online, getting a call for an interview, and getting hired right away. It’s just that you will drastically increase your chances of getting the job by systematically spreading yourself out.

I Submitted My Online Application. Should I Apply at Another Fast Food Restaurant?

While the whole point of the information you’ve hopefully read so far is to help you navigate through finding Taco Bell’s careers that suit you, it’s important to realize you should probably consider all of your available options when you are trying to land a job.  

This is why we recommend not just applying to this fast-food restaurant. You can also submit your application to companies such as Mcdonald’s and Starbucks. Research these companies and find jobs that fit you. Spread out your chances of getting hired quickly at a position you like.

Maximize Your Chances of Getting Hired

You can improve your chances to get hired by:

  • Researching the company
  • Applying online for your targeted position
  • Following up on your application either in person or via a telephone call
  • Keeping a log of every job application and staying on top of your appointments
  • Repeating this process with several companies at a time (usually 4 to 5) until you get hired

If you are a motivated and energetic individual, Taco Bell can change your life. It can transform your career development and even your personality.

The culture at this fast-food chain is one of absolute dedication and devotion to providing the best products and customer service possible. This makes working here more than just a job; for some, it can someday turn into a lucrative lifetime achievement.

Does Taco Bell Drug Test?

According to many reviews on Indeed.com, Taco Bell does not usually drug test as part of the hiring process for entry-level workers. However, they can and will perform a drug test on you while you are employed there if you give them a cause for concern while you are working.

An example would be if you are acting erratically or if you are involved in some type of accident at work, usually involving injuries.

Additionally, some past and present employees say that some franchises do test their employees if they are going after a lead shift position and higher, or if they are trying to land a salaried position.

Where Do I Find Taco Bell Jobs Near Me Hiring?

You can find Taco Bell job openings in your neighborhood by visiting the careers page and clicking on the “restaurant opportunities.” This will take you to the “Career Search” page.

For now, don’t worry about placing anything in the “Job/Keyword” or “Career Category” box. Enter your city and state in the corresponding boxes.

Now, scroll down to where it reads “Items Per Page,” and select the maximum, which is “100” listings. After that, you can scroll through the list and find jobs available in your area.

Taco Bell Benefits

Taco Bell offers employees many perks such as 1/2 price meals while on duty for entry-level workers and $300 worth of tuition reimbursement for salaried professionals every semester, among many other things.

Full comprehensive insurance is also available for permanent full-time employees who can prove their worth as well as all salaried personnel after their probationary period.

Once you apply at Taco Bell and get hired, it’s important to let your supervisor know how serious you are about advancing your career. You’ll be able to show leadership qualities by showing up on time ready to work every day. You have to prove you will do everything possible to be a complete team player in order to satisfy the customers.

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