Is Walmart Hiring?

Is Walmart hiring in your area?

The question “Is Walmart hiring?” oftentimes comes up when someone is wondering if there are any jobs available in their specific area at this major retail chain. If you’re thinking about applying, and you want to save time, the following information will be highly useful. You’ll easily be able to find out if there are any job openings near you.

It’s easy to think you can pick out any Walmart location and assume you can apply and get hired quickly. However, to be considered for a job, it all depends on a few factors. This includes whether there are any open positions, as well as how many people are currently applying for those jobs.

Is Walmart hiring near me?

If you’re looking to get hired at a nearby Walmart, you would think the best thing to do is to visit the official Walmart careers website. Once there, you can simply conduct a job search.

You can try that if you want to, but it’s a better idea to dress up in business casual clothing and visit your local store. You need to make a great first impression while trying to inquire about job openings.

By walking into the store and greeting a manager in person to ask if there are any job openings, you’re giving yourself a distinct advantage in the hiring process. You can ask if, when, and where they are hiring.

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You’ll instantly have access to two important details described below:

How to Know if Walmart is Hiring

The first crucial bit of information involves the fact that a manager or other hiring personnel can almost instantly let you know if that particular store is currently hiring.

Of course, you can search online using the career website, but it’s not going to give you any inside and current information. The best thing you can do is get the information directly from the hiring personnel.

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Where is Walmart Hiring?

The second important piece of information you need to know is when and where Walmart is currently hiring. If a manager says you need to apply online immediately, so you can be considered for any of the current openings at that Walmart, you’ll know exactly when you need to apply. 

Additionally, if that store is not currently hiring, you can ask which one in the general vicinity is hiring. A supervisor can easily search for any job openings at nearby locations. They will be glad to do it, as long as you have made a good first impression.

Is Walmart hiring now?

To find the answer to, “Is Walmart hiring now?” use the information contained here.

If you are not able to visit the store in person or if you are not able to get any information once you get to a Walmart store, you are left with the only other option. This will be to apply online at the official career website. 

Once you access the home page, scroll down to your desired section, such as; Walmart Store Jobs, or Walmart Management Jobs (see the picture above). On the next page, click the “See All Openings” button and begin the search in your area. It is not complicated and fairly easy to follow.

Is Walmart always hiring?

It is safe to say that Walmart is always hiring. However, it’s impossible to say that holds true in any particular city or area. This is why it’s so important to use all of your resources. These include visiting your desired store in person and searching online for a job close to you.

Is Walmart hiring part-time?

Various positions are always available part-time, but you’ll have to check with the particular store you are applying to. Some Walmart locations regularly hire part-time workers, while others prefer finding full-time candidates.

Some employees say, even if they are hired part-time, they end up working close to 40 hours a week. These employees say that sometimes they end up working even more than 40 hours. This is usually due to an occasional shortage of personnel.

Is Walmart hiring full-time?

Walmart generally prefers to hire applicants on a full-time basis for various reasons, including the fact that they like job applicants who are trying to find a career for the long term. Many employees start out at the entry level and work their way up to a management position.

Therefore, it’s in Walmart’s best interest to find the best candidates who will dedicate themselves to a career with this company.

Does Walmart have work-from-home jobs?

There are several jobs you can work from home at Walmart. These remote jobs allow you to earn a full-time income without having to appear on-screen from your home computer.

Examples are; call center specialist, online order filling and delivery, pharmacy project manager, and coordinator.

Some positions aren’t advertised as remote jobs and require the company’s approval to be a work-from-home job. 

Does Walmart hire minors?

Yes, they do. These youngsters typically work as stockers, fresh food associates, cart attendants, and regular associates. Although federal law does not require minors to have work permits, many states do. Check with your state laws before you apply, if you are under 18 years of age.

Here’s a great guide to help you through the job requirements for minors.

How many hours can a 16-year-old work at Walmart?

Even though states have different laws regarding this, minors can expect to only be allowed to work from 4 PM to 10 PM during weekdays, and up to 10 PM on weekends. 

Generally, minors can only work around 20 hours a week. Although management at each store tries to adhere to company policy and state laws regarding minors, there are always exceptions and oftentimes, minors work more than 20 hours in any given week.

Is Walmart distribution center hiring?

When you ask this question, simply go to the careers website and click on the “Distribution, Fulfillment, & Drivers” section. You’ll be redirected to a page where you can begin searching for a distribution position at the location nearest you.

Many jobs are offered full or part-time, and they are typically better-paying than the store jobs. Keep in mind, these jobs are usually available, but it’s a great idea to network with friends or family members who already work there, so you can gain an advantage in getting hired.

If you don’t have any “connections” to get hired at a nearby distribution center, then you should either go to the warehouse in person and inquire or submit your job application online.

Are they hiring greeters?

Walmart is still hiring greeters, but be aware these employees are hired as general merchandise associates, then assigned to the greeter positions. Therefore, if this position is what you are hoping for, it’s important to tell your hiring manager this is the position at the store you are interested in pursuing.

Is Walmart hiring truck drivers?

Walmart is looking for truck drivers on a continual basis, and you can use this link to get moving on these opportunities.

Here are the requirements:

  • A Class A Interstate driver’s license
  • You must have a cleared background check on your DL
  • 30 months minimum experience as a Class A tractor/trailer driver during the last 4 years
  • A maximum of two moving traffic violations in the last 3 years, either personally or commercially
  • While operating a commercial vehicle during the previous 3 years, no serious traffic offenses 
  • No preventable accidents as determined by DOT during the last 10 years, especially ones resulting in death or serious injuries

Is Walmart hiring cashiers?

Local Walmart stores usually place ads with job search websites such as, specifically asking for cashiers with or without experience. You can easily find out if your local store has cashier job openings by dressing nicely, visiting the store, and simply asking.

Normally, a general merchandise associate position will result in learning cashier duties if you are not already experienced at this position. 

Is Walmart hiring store evaluators?

These positions, commonly referred to as mystery shopper jobs are not offered by Walmart itself. However, there is a company called “Second to None” that actually pays you to be a Walmart mystery shopper.

These jobs are not full-time, and you won’t make much of a living doing it. However, if you’d like to earn a few dollars on the side, you may want to check it out.

Be careful with these types of jobs because there are many scams littered throughout the Internet.

Is Walmart hiring for the holidays?

The best time to land a full-time job at your local Walmart is during the holiday season. During this time, they hire thousands of workers on a seasonal basis in hopes of helping them get a permanent full-time job.

These jobs are available beginning every September through October of every year. They are average-paying jobs in the $11 to $12 an hour, but they offer a great opportunity to get your foot in the door a lot easier.

You can apply for these jobs by visiting the store and inquiring, by applying online, or using the app called “Me@Walmart.”

Featured image courtesy of MikeMozartJeepersMedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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