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Cellulite can be genetic but there are many other factors potentially involved.

Is Cellulite Really Genetic and Is it Permanent?

Have you noticed any strange dimples starting to appear mainly on your hips and legs? Have those once-awesome-looking smooth legs that used to stop a man dead in his tracks started to look more like the surface of an orange peel? If the answer is …

Can anxiety kill you? The answer may surprise a lot of people.

Can Anxiety Kill You?

Anxiety isn’t dangerous when it only happens occasionally and with good reason. It may feel like something bad is about to happen but it’s mostly psychological. You may have heard someone ask, “Can anxiety kill you?” This may sound like a silly question at first. …

You can boost your confidence level with a few tried and true techniques.

How to Instantly Boost Your Confidence Level in 3 Easy Steps

Have you stopped to think about what you look like to other people when you’re having a conversation, making a presentation, pitching an idea, or during an interview? Imagine if you could boost your confidence level to the point where you could transform your body …

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